Positive Character: HUMANITY (Part 1)


makes me a better world citizen

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APPRECIATION of beauty and excellence (awe, wonder, elevation):
The ability to admire the masterful design of a person, place or thing, especially if has many levels to art appreciationit, each layer with a distinct flavor & secret. Noticing & valuing high quality & skilled performances in all areas of life – in nature, the arts, the sciences & everyday experience.
• pause often to take in a view, look at the sky • watch people & animals in motion • be awed by the vastness of nature and the intimate details of life • enjoy good craftsmanship  • understand & appreciate what goes into making artistic things, in any form

CITIZENSHIP (social responsibility, loyalty, teamwork):vote
GENERAL: be an active part of a political community, enjoying its rights & assuming duties of membership, which form a distinct sense of identity
SPECIFIC: work well as part of a group or team, are loyal to the unit, do our share, taking responsibility for our actions
• respect and value diversity  • are troubled by social injustice
• aware of the wider world, with a sense of our role as world citizens
• willing to act to make the world a more equitable & sustainable place

GENEROSITY (liberal in giving)
Carefully managing our resources so we can freely give to those in need.generosity
NARROW: willing to give money, time, energy, info….to help others, or in order to give them pleasure, AND to give more than is expected
BROADER: being sympathetic in the way we deal with people. Tending to see the good qualities of someone or something
• share what we have with others • give of our time and talents  • recycle
• not expect anything in return for our generosity  •  praise the good we see in others

GRATEFULNESS  (is NOT like being indebted)
Letting others know by words and actions how they have improved our life.   An appropriate sense & gratitudevaluing of the benefits we have received, at birth, from family, from our environment.  Acknowledging someone for a favor they have done us. Also, desire to repay advantages we were given.  Focusing on the positives in our life
• show helpful people that we appreciate them  • write “thank you” notes
• take care of our things  • be content with what we have  •  count our benefits / blessings, rather than our burdens

Treating all people the same, according to universal ideals of equality and justice (the same way we want to be treated). Making mental judgements or decisions that do not favor or discriminate against fairothers because of incorrect or inappropriate considerations. To act consistent with rules, logic, ethics, or in a proper legal manner.  Not let personal feelings bias our decisions about others.  Give everyone a fair chance & not take advantage
• willing to give up our share of something for someone who has a lot less    • see everyone as having equal rights  • playing fair  • think about how our actions will affect others

KINDNESS / COMPASSION (amiable, nurturing, gentle)
Showing consideration, personal concern or deep sympathy for others.  The ability to make other people feel comfortable by our attitude of calmness.  Sometimes putting our own need for attention &easy to be with self-esteem second to the needs of others. Sincere sorrow for others stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering
• listen when others want to talk • look for lasting solutions  • show good manners • comfort others without regard to race, gender, faith, age, or nationality • not annoy or irritate people   • doing a good deed for strangers

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