Ennea-Subtype Stacking BLIND SPOT (SO)



(SO) Social instinct as Blind spot – SP/SX (so) and SX/SP (so)

• Connection / Care: The connections made by the sexual instinct (SX ) do not involve bonding or reciprocity. While they can feel love, the instinctual drive itself is more concerned with connecting chemically, like getting a drug fix, & keeping that high locked in.

Once the energy of attraction wears off, they nay not bother keeping the connection – as they search for a new energy fix because the people in their life are less of a ‘big deal’ or not that important. They can make friends or have other relationships, but are not “close” than they seem. 

They also have less of a “screening process” regarding others. SO has a sense of “good & bad people” built in, innately knowing who has the same moral values or sees the world as they do.
BUT SO-blinds don’t pay attention to others’ typical characteristics. They ignore what’s obviously dysfunctional or ‘blind’ to personality flaws in others, to their detriment.

• Mind-readingSO-blinds are often unaware of certain social cues, without meaning to rebel, cues generally part the great lattice-work of the unconscious collective – but unavailable or muted in favor of SP & SX.

SO-blinds may create beautiful art or have great ideas, but lack the superb communication skills of SO-Dom – a clear awareness of being received by others, & can respond appropriately. Lacking this natural instinct, SO-blinds may behave in ways that seem autistic, but is not the same thing.

• Harmony / RoleSO-blinds forget to present a sense of “me” beyond just as an attraction-object. They’re less concerned with how others see them & how they fit into the greater context of society, or even their own small circle.

In a sense, they lack an identity “genre,” which SO-Doms have so strongly. SO-blinds take little pride in being part of any team, of being from a particular city / place, of having a “crew” or group….

The main facets of SP/SX and SX/SP:
• Attention is on the Self & its needs, objectifying others for sex / arousal, or gathering personal resources

• Little attention is paid to presenting oneself properly / successfully in ways that could show who the person actually is

• Lack awareness of what created the bonds already present, who they are in relation to others, nor how they reciprocate

• They’re not bonded by communication, don’t talk just for the sake of it, or try to connect based on shared interests. They may feel a connecting on somethings, but don’t identify with the ‘space’ between people that the connection brings.

• They don’t seem to have a sense of social order, of what it means to be “human” (SOs can rebel too, but it’s deliberate)

• They outsource social ‘knowledge’ to others, who will keep them in the loop. (From the “Enneagram Dark Arts Academy

SP/SO – Potential  –> Mechanical
Focus is on fitness, on the interaction of people /places / things (PPT), & how those interactions affect their fitness. Therefore they’ll be more business-like. EXP : “If I take that offer, it might help me more”

SP/SX – Potential  –> Chemical
Focus is on their fitness, the chemical bonds they’ve developed with others, & how their chemistry affects their own fitness

SX/SO – Chemical  –> Mechanical
Focus is on the chemistry of PPT, & how their “mechanical energy” influences connections with others. They may rely on SO to help keep those bonds stable EXP: asking a friend for relationship advice, offering the right kind of gifts….

SX/SP – Chemical  –> Potential
Focus is on their personal fitness, the strength / health of their chemical bonds with others, & what they can do to make them “fit-er”.

SO/SX – Mechanical –> Chemical
(–> = then)
Focus is on interactions of PPT, & how their own “chemical energy” influences these activities. They use it to help them interact better, wanting to bond with everything they deal with.

SO/SP – Mechanical -> Potential
Focus is on their own fitness, the interaction of PPT, & how ‘healthy’ those are. They may use their fitness to reinforce the strength of the interactions. EXP: “I’ll do better at work if I’m well-suited”
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