Ennea-Subtype Stacking BLIND SPOT (SX)




NOTE: Blind spots are AREAs ignored in each of the Subtype stacks

(SX) Sexual instinct as Blind Spot – SP/SO (sx) and SO/SP(sx)

🔶Arousal / Repulsion: People who are Sexual-blind aren’t very in-tune with what turns them on energetically. While they can have strong passions & interests, they don’t really immerse their whole Self in someone / something. 

The SX-blind are perfectly capable of having enjoyable sex, but it’s less of a “sacred” activity. Some will not want to have sex unless they’re in “love” (or feel a social bond), while others are comfortable satisfying their sexual urges as a simple bodily function (especially SP/SO). 

This is contrary to the mating dance that SX-Doms perform, the attraction strategy being the things they’re over-identified with, rather than just the physical “doing it” part. 

Everyone is inherently capable of enjoying sex (unless asexual or traumatized). But SX-blinds are slower to notice to be aware of who’s attracted to them, so it may take them a while to figure out if they’re completely interested or drawn to another.
While some can immediately feel a basic arousal when attracted to a new person, many simply aren’t aware of what makes them attractive or engaging that hook people to themselves.

🔶FusionSX-blinds will try to “merge” with people using Social strategies : more interested in finding connections with a stronger sense of reciprocity or that meet a person where they’re at, rather than objectifying someone to get a sexual-energy fix.

They will also lack the psychological androgyny of SX-Doms who have boundaries which they can use to block their “opening” or “penetrating” (female /male) interactions, when needed. Throwing social rules aside & allowing oneself to yield to another  – can seem too much for SX-blinds. 

SX-blinds can feel strongly sexual or romantic toward another, but won’t completely lose themselves as a slave to those attractions. Instead, they may focus strategies on their DOM instinct:
— SP/SO assumes the key to attraction is a fit or thin body
— SO/SP assumes the key is their social display / affiliations / successes / friendliness….

🔶ChemistrySX-blinds are less aware of that energetic chemistry where two people are magnetically drawn to each other like moths to a flame. Actually, humans do not have a choice about intense physical/ sexual attractions, but can be ignored or overridden with ‘Social choice’.

This built-in human power is so scary to many SX-blinds, that they unconsciously suppress awareness of chemical / energetic pulls, their psyche considering it too ‘intense’ or in some way dangerous to their sense of identity.

In fact, they like to believe they definitely have conscious control over who they’re drawn to, rather than being a slave of their own ‘animal’ instincts. So they may try to artificially create the chemistry by using “activities” on dates, such as watching intense movies, drinking alcohol…. 

The main focus of SP/SO and SO/SP:
• Attention is on a combination of survival & society -the structures of & ideas about how we can all live together : cooperation, group affiliations, politics, social contributions…

• There’s a lack of awareness of the body’s own primal urges, what can remove / transform the Self, or to the things that make society fall apart

• The psychological narcotic within can lead to a fear of 1-to-1 or over-personalized interactions, so groups seem safer because there’s less pressure to be interesting or perform

• Focus is on the state of the earth, climate, objects, things that are concrete or man-made : innovations to benefit humanity, building structures for society, & on things that will last, both physical & social monuments

• They outsource or relegate SX topics & activities to vicarious SX books, movies, art, substances…. safely away from themselves. 

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Ennea-Subtype Stacking BLIND SPOT (SP)





NOTE: Blind spots are AREAs ignored in each of the Subtype stacks


(SP) Self-Preservation as Blind Spot for SO/SX (sp) and SX/SO (sp)

🔷Physical Well-Being: SP-Doms know that the body is completely fragile and that their living consciousness depends on protecting it at all costs.  BUT SP-blinds find crafty ways of ignoring that basic survival need. They can have a deep belief that they’ll survive – no matter what. Mentally, they may know that they’re mortal & susceptible to harm, but there’s an immaturity about accepting that their body is a physical vessel & not “them.” 

Some SP-Doms will take care of their body by testing its limits, & strengthening it.  BUT SP-blinds are out of touch with the need to preserve their health. They might have no problem pleasuring their body with food/sex… but there’s a difference between that & actually taking care of it. They’re either less fazed by illness or injuries OR completely shocked that their bodies would fail them, & suddenly stressed by the idea of having to consider it. 

While the idea of being ill is not pleasurable, SP-blinds are blind to the inevitability of illness. Since SP is the most crucial instinct, SP-blinds often find ways to get around this truth so they don’t have to experience the extreme anxiety of -even- thinking about it. 

They might set up life-structures that allow them to skirt it. EXP : a SP-Dom wants the security because they feel it’s safest, so both a SP-Dom & a SP-blind might sell their soul for a boring government job to have security. BUT the SP-blind knows they don’t have the needed survival skills to exist without a safety net, so may decide this is the easiest way cope. 

Since instinct is complicated, the reverse can also be true for some people :
— The SP-Dom might avoid that boring job because they actually feel equipped to survive something more challenging, &
— the SP-blind might avoid that secure job because they have the toddler-style of just not thinking about safety at all. Motivation is key.

🔷 Self-Regulation and Skills: Many SP-Doms enjoy developing specific hands-on skills, & some will see responsibilities as boring. BUT SP-blinds view all effort as “boring & unimportant”, often lacking the ability to build their life piece-by-piece for the long-term, blind to the hard work it takes to get results.

🔷 Resources and FoundationsSP-blinds are the least likely to be hoarders, or in general accumulate “stuff”. There’s a blindness around the physicality of objects & bodies. SP-blinds are the opposite of a ‘natural’ business person, & rarely make the connection between work & money.
Some (like 3’s) will work very hard, becoming rich & successful, but building long-term foundations for themselves doesn’t seem important, so the idea of securing their future is ignored.

Main facets of SO/SX and SX/SO (SP-Bind):
• They want influence. Their social realm is toyed with playfully, focusing on others, with lots of showing off by both types – about who they are, what they’re into, being open but overly personal – one intense connection at a time.

• Not good at regulating themselves re. strong opinions, emotions & impulses. They have an irresponsible attitude about life, ignoring what’s actually needed to survive :“It’ll all work out / who cares.”

SP-blinds consider dealing with health on a daily basis exhausting (healthy eating, working out, making money….), having a strong impulse to just ignore these, & want is all done for them. They just don’t worry about all that “important stuff.” 

• Ironically, it seems that some do get whatever they want in life without trying or considering the hard work it takes to get it. They delegate SP to others, knowing in the back of their mind that someone else will take care of their well-being with practical skills they can’t be bothered to apply, even being their financial safety net.

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d) Enneagram STACK : SO/SX and SO/SP Expanded

Enneagram STACK



(SO/SX) “The Intense Appealer”
Dom: Social, 2nd : Sexual (blindspot : Self-Preservation)

Mindset: “If I can get close to people with merging/intensity, I can be sure of & keep improving my position & inclusion in the group / world.”

☼ Can seem flighty / rootless, willing to adapt & mirror others, to connect. Wide, ubiquitous presence, hard to grasp, up-in-the-air, wishy-washy, wide-ranging passion and interest

☼ There’s a practical immaturity, nomadic, unattached. Aren’t as concerned with having physical roots or ‘important’ material items

☼ Often float from group to group or person to person with grace & ease, feeling close to no one, while inspiring others to feel close to them.

☼ Seem to ‘relax’ around people but are not necessarily engaged, & are uncomfortable in large groups

☼ They have a dangerously magnetic charisma, with an elegant social appearance & competence, making them a pickier person – selective within their social sphere

☼ Have strong 1-to-1 social skills, with an inherent sense of others – understanding them.  Excellent at using communication skills as a tool. Charm & grace comforts people into relaxing & trusting the interactions with the SO/SX.

☼ Want to create lasting connections with those they’re interested in.  Tend to cultivate many relationships, seem involved when around someone they’re interested in, but trouble sustaining these bonds when apart

☼ Are acutely perceptive with emotional ‘people awareness’. SO/SXs truly care about other & share that understanding with gentle connection of mind & heart, so can make spell-binding councilors, life-coaches….

☼ Missing SP earth, lack that dull weight, stick-in-the-mud quality. Butterfly, shimmer & sparkle, unsullied by dirt & seriousness of mundane concerns

☼ Break up the monotony of hardened routines, but have difficulty / inability to move forward in certain areas in life

☼ May be attuned to pop culture or latest trend. Can be political, but are more pragmatic & less partisan than SO/SPs2.

☼ The SO world (culture, media, history….) is asexual (–SX), so when stressed, the SO/SX can struggle to build romantic relationships.
This can confuse others because the intensity of intellectual & emotional connections in friendship seem to lend itself to romance, yet nothing happens

☼ SO/SX is all about narrative & symbiotic needs. Image, theater…. Very clever & hyper-observant, they can be obsessively manipulative, planing & working at getting what they want from others

☼ Networking is on cruise control, happy to tell white lies & bend a
story for a desired outcome. Honesty comes second to their symbiotic needs. 

☼ Anyone having compatible interests & values with the SO/SX finds this types to be one of the most insightful, interesting & entertaining people to talk to.

Archetypes: Regalia, the Mayor, strolling minstrel, jester

🔷   🔶   🔹   🔸


Dom: Social, 2nd : Self-Pres (blindspot : Sexual)

: “If I can establish an orderly and pleasing lifestyle, I can be sure of & keep improving my position & inclusion in the group / world.”

☼ Comfortable in group settings, but can be formal & awkward 1-on-1. May lack warmth & a sense of “individual” identity, which could lead to problems forming relationships outside their shared social interest

☼ Lack psychological transparency. Emotionally unavailable for self-
revelation or dealing with messy personal ‘issues’ – theirs or others

☼ With SX last, intimacy is a weak area, so people with this stacking often struggle with forming & maintaining romantic relationships. Their main focus is on their role within a group.

☼ Natural political type, wanting status in their social sphere. Affiliate with groups / theories that best defend their social / material interests. Pragmatic, they look for resources & political advantage.

☼ Tend towards patriotic / nationalistic interests rather than the needs of the individual. Less likely to mark territory as their own.

☼ SO/SP want to “change the earth with the voice”. (Earth=SP, Voice/air=SO). Since SX is last, focus is on realistic structural change.

☼ Like SP/SO : physical-space SP is the focus of the communal protective drive of SO. Native-land SP combines with social-mores SO creating a ‘righteousness’ & loyalty to higher principals, history, social themes

Missing SX water/fire, they have a sober/ arid quality, not led by fantastical / addictive impulses (not susceptible to impractical highs) – so less likely to flash their eccentricities

Archetypes: The Bishop, witch hunter, ethnic cleanser, culture warrior


b) Enneagram STACK : SX/SO Expanded


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SX-firsts aren’t as aware (as SOs) of the practical / literal  interactions between themselves, other people & the environment.
Instead – they’re most aware of the chemistry among those elements. It ASKS :
º Am I close to my mate? to my family?
º How much in common do we all have? 
º Do I really like this situation? Am I attracted to it?
º Is that person attracted to that other person? …..

They very much like being close with intimates, & are generally passionate about things. They fear that chemical bonds could be broken – so when those are, they’re emotionally wounded, with a terrified feeling of literally being ripped away from the important person or object.

(SX/SO) ”The Sensual Player”
 Dom: Sexual, 2nd: Social (blindspot : Self-Preservation)

Mindset: “If I can maintain position & inclusion in the group / world, I can keep up & escalate all this merging intensity.”

☼ They exude raw charisma & sexual energy. Redefine & exploit sexuality to reflect their own colorful understanding of it

☼ Oriented toward people. Want the intensity of having a partner, as well as pursuing social interests. Use the social realm to get what they need out in the world.
But – pulled between intensity & periods of quiet ‘normal’

☼ Identify with what they’re involved with, becoming the symbol of its core essence. Will test boundaries, not content with status quo. Can have a social / spiritual ’cause’

☼ SX/SO is the least sober stacking. SP normally would provide some grounding, so when it’s last , it feels like there’s no place for the to plug into practicality.
Even so, this combo does have some focused drive from its SX-firstness (even perfectionism)

Missing SP‘s physicality of earth, it lacks a dull weight, stick-in-the-mud quality. Butterfly, shimmer & sparkle, unsullied by the seriousness of mundane reality

☼ There’s a practical immaturity, nomadic, no roots – but can have trouble / inability moving forward in certain areas in life

☼ SX/SO is the “social revolutionary” stacking, leaning more toward cultural than political change – although the two are not mutually exclusive

(SO/SP is a bigger player for socio-political / gov. change).
With big ebb-&-flow of attraction & repulsion from SX, SO’s second position makes the social arena ripe for seduction & seizure

☼ This option introduces heat, which causes agitation in social groups, probing & forcing psychological exposure. Without the self-protective ‘pullback’s of SP concerns, it’s “no-holes barred”

☼ So this person’s subconscious attitude is ‘full steam ahead’.  Unfortunately – depending on the Ennea-type – SP-lastness can make SX/SO-almost oblivious to how greatly the revolution they’re causing can threaten their own survival.

☼ SX-first energy is more phallic – a concentrated cluster of nerves leaning forward (SX), poking at the collective emotional space (SO). Picture sticking raw power-lines of SX-first into the electrically-conductive water of the social pool, & stagnant waters have no choice but to start poppin’-&-crackin’.

☼ SX/SO uses exhibitionism.
Other than literal (physical) exposure, unsettling psycho-emotional self-exposure produces an emotionally charged vulnerability in others, reminiscent of genital exposure (displaying what is sensitive).
This can only be experienced as ‘sexual’ in the subconscious of the observer, which is a way to create reactivity into the crowd.
NOTEsee the SO post
When SO is Dominant, the person neglects other things in favor of focusing on making a contribution (workaholic).

▫️They like gossip. Being included is important, the need to be plugged in to something. Knowing what’s going on is a way to uncover how to find their place in the social hierarchy. SOs always asks “What will I get out of this? Is this worth my while? Do I participate or not?”

▫️ SOs can manipulate others to get what they want, to the point of it being narcissistic, but with a danger of over-accommodating.
Focus can be on politics, jockeying for position & an important role. Can become pathological, with a willingness to pay whatever the admission price is. The darker side – issues can turn into warfare

▫️Talk is a SO thing, used as currency. (SP & SX don’t care as much) . Exploring – “How can we bond? Are we on the same team? Who can I trust?”
Healthy SOs ask:  “How can this help everyone??”


c) Enneagram STACK : SX/SP expanded




: For 
info on SX as First / Dominant – SEE  “Enneagram STACK : SX/SO expanded” 

Dom: Sexual, 2nd: Self-Preservation, Social (blindspot : Social)

Mindset: “If I can make (us) have an orderly & pleasing lifestyle, I can keep up & escalate all this merging & intensity.”

☼ Searching for missing piece, soulmate, to form a secret bond.
BUT Internally conflicted, inconsistent behavior (brooding, troubled Isolation vs. emerging), SX needs blocked by SP.
When stressed, severe sexual tensions may manifest as erratic behavior

☼ Restless : want the intensity of pursuing personal interests (urge to wander or explore inner meaning) with the stability having a partner & comfort of a home sanctuary.

☼ Theirs is strictly a personal outlook, not concerned with social consensus, oblivious to the collective good. Communications are intimate, personal, no view to wider interests

☼ SX/SP is a lightning bolt captured in a bottle. The energy is always there but contained in a glass jar, & only occasionally breaks free. It’s self-contained, sharp & focused.

☼ This type will often ‘look’ angry even when they are not – a certain quality of emotion they display from being socially oblivious.
However, they’re most likely to get into physical altercations, & may even enjoy fighting. WITH healthy SX/SPs this becomes a playful selfishness.

☼ Most SXs are honest, almost to a fault. SX/SP wants to choose their friends wisely, having a “with me or against me” attitude, similar to 6s and 8s.

☼ SX/SP is the least inhibited of all stackings, with a confidence not usually found in the other combinations, caring less about what others think of them. May be very popular without knowing or putting emphasis on it, unlike SO types.

☼ Their confidence is internal, & may come from simply not paying attention to social rituals at all (weak SO), OR not value their benefits & usefulness.
EXP: Put a SX/SP in a busy bar & they’ll be comfortable in themselves. But make them sit with parents-in-law for a formal family dinner – & you won’t see that same ease.

☼ SX/SP does create a tendency toward isolation, even in Extroverts, an in-their-own-world vibe, sometimes even to the point of obliviousness. They can tune out of conversations, reacting suddenly when something interesting is said, then snap back to their inner focus when it gets boring.

☼ Ironically, they can fall in love with their soapbox, & be extremely insistent & aggressive about issues they feel strongly about.

☼ They can pursue a passion – in a social environment – in such harsh & tactless ways that it makes stronger SOs cringe.
EXP :  They’ll make a crude joke in bad taste, or other faux pas, not knowing it’s the wrong thing to say until afterwards, or may not  care about their effect.

☼ SX manifests as a strong overall drive toward pleasure & spontaneity – being provocative to be in the spotlight, extravagance, flaunting to impress, for new experiences, personal transformations, & unrealistic romantic fantasies and whims.

☼At the same time, SP counters by erecting walls – with fears, worries, practical downers, a need to hide & be secretive, trying to conserve time, space, & energy.

Missing Social, which is fresh air / sunlight – when you take air away you get death. Friend-of-the-dark, accepting corruption & people’s underbellies

☼ Have a shrouded / hooded quality, like a cave dweller. Want to lose self, to die in ‘the other’, in an upward peak of flame & ecstasy

Archetypes: Alchemist, shaman, self-cutter / injurer, tattoo artist

Elements as metaphor: Upward death, rebirth, metamorphosis, burned to death & born again from new elements


a) Enneagram STACK : SP/SO and SP/SX expanded


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SP as dominant – are the grounded version of their type.

Think – comfort & survival, habits & routine, a determination to take care of one’s needs. EXP : Setting up little homes for themselves wherever they go.
PROBLEM : Easily thrown into compulsions, becomes neurotic when fear & bad habits distort the instinct. (eating disorders….). Then the person has “issues” that drain energy & cause them to lose Presence with True Self. When called on unhealthy behavior, they get angry – not wanting to hear about Presence.

DOM = 
Self-Preservation, 2nd = Social (blindspot = Sexual)

Mindset: “If I can maintain position & inclusion in the group / world, I can be sure of & keep my orderly, pleasing lifestyle.”

☼ SP/SO people have a sense for being appropriate in social situations. Find ways to make contributions to (or oppose) their community – without being conspicuous or crossing the line.

☼ Don’t fluctuate widely in their personal energy, keeping even, consistent & stable.

☼ Reserved & serious, without social warmth – they have a direct, blunt communication style. Protect themselves by following & insisting on civility, general politeness, or professional norms.

☼ Lacking in psychological transparency, they’re emotionally difficult to get through to. They don’t let themself get involved in anyone’s messy personal/ emotional ‘underbelly’, including their own

☼ Have a tracking instinct for ‘shadow side’ of society & government, about financial & resource mis-managements. Have a more refined sense of implementing reverse crowd psychology than SP/SX.

☼ They can be selfish, making useful connections that support their goals of gaining material security.
OR – just be connected & appealing enough for everyone to leave them alone – to “get out of their hair’

☼  Loyalty is important, drawn to groups with like-minded people. Their choice of dress in inconspicuous, appropriate to match their status in life.

☼ Tend towards patriotic / nationalistic interests rather than the needs of the individual. Less likely to mark territory as their own.
Have a more refined sense of implementing reverse-crowd psychology than SP/SX.

☼ Physical-space SP is subject to communal-protective drive of SO.
Native-land SP combines with social-mores SO, to form : righteousness & loyalty to higher principals, history, social themes

☼ Savers & collectors. Being pragmatic, they look for resources & for political advantage. What they take in through their senses (SP) gets filtered through cynicism.

☼  Because of SO-second, are less likely to flash around their eccentricities, or be susceptible to impractical highs

Archetypes: The Land Surveyor, farmer, patriot, businessman

☼ Missing SX water/fire, they have a sober even arid quality, not drawn to addictions or the fantastical

🟢   🟠   🔴


(SP/SX) Self-Preservation dominant,
Sexual 2nd, (Social blindspot)

: “I can have merging / intensity without having to leave my orderly & pleasing lifestyle.”

☼ Earthy, mysterious, quietly intense, they seem oblivious to the greater social world around them, favoring personal interests. Therefore, can be oblivious to the collective good

☼ They withdraw when the safety of imagination, safe people & relationships are challenged

☼ Can attach to others at a root level, contrasting with a surface
formality. They’re slow to commit, but when they do – it’s with an
impermeable bond & life commitment

☼ Want to live in secure comfortable environment where they can pursue their private interests in depth

☼ Sanctuary of home & decorate spaces reflect their taste & depth. Communications are intimate & personal, rather than public

☼ Psychic visibility / revelation threatens the SP/SX personal or at least social self-destruction, all part of the distilling process toward the desired one-to-one bond.

Missing Social means : Shrouded / hooded quality, cave dweller, lack of fresh air / sunlight

☼ As with SP/SO, they’re a “friend-of-the-dark”,  non-judgmental about people’s underbellies & corruption

Elements as metaphor: carcasses recycling into earth, decay / destruction, downward death, fertilizing, undertow

☼ The Molten fire of SX in earth’s core combines with S’s volcanic threat of eruption

☼ Archetypes: The Grave Digger, pirate, voodoo fetishist


Enneagram – Subtype STACKING (#2)


SITE : The Universal Human Condition — instinctual stacking trails…

↗️ This chart is intended as a universal model of the human condition & mind, the way everyone has a connection to all 6 stackings (realms) at a meta-structural level. Each is a reaction, a response or compensation in relation to —-> the next stacking in the flow —->.

★ Dominant instinct – in Part 1

SECONDARY = Neutral, a fallback when the Dom isn’t active. It’s a home base where a person is comfortable, normally the instinct that causes us the least problems, since the stakes are lower when activated. It’s neither an ignored blind spot nor an extremely important drive.

It can be a resource to strengthen the Dom, & provide a sense of satisfaction whenever the Dom’s desire is achieved.
EXP : For an SP/SO, participation in the social structure would feel familiar & safe, but social activity would also be used to satisfy self-preservation concerns.

However, being an instinct – Secondary can sometimes cause problems as well, as an antagonist, if its interests conflict with the stronger ones of the Dom.

Secondary acts as a ‘playground’ of sorts because it allows us to be more flippant & exhibitionistic in its area of interests. Together – 1st & 2nd form the general focus of our life, & accounts for 60 -10% of our activity.



TERTIARY = This instinct encompasses under-used interests & activities, often ignored,
 even to the point of being a person’s blindspot. While the first two take up much of a person’s attention, the 3rd is under-valued, therefore rarely developed.

🔺This aspect of personality is where we find our insecurities & problems – the deepest fears about the Self. There’s enormous shame associated with this variant – a sense of deficiency, of being far behind, less of a person.

You’re not practiced or proficient in this area so there can be a desperate sense of needing remedial help. But there is a tendency to resist working on it, to procrastinate, or make an end-run around it.
Fortunately, addressing our weakest skills brings balance, letting you move faster up the levels of health. You’ll feel much more grounded, like you’ve landed on the earth, getting the support you need – from the ‘right’ people. Go where it’s warm!

EXPs :
☀︎ If you’re blind to your SP instinct —
— you’ll doubt what your body is telling you. Also, you might get impatient with people who fuss about making themselves comfortable, & feel trapped in a conversation about food, home decorations, money….

☀︎ If you’re blind to SO —
— you’ll struggle to find your place in social groups, participation being more of a pressure to perform than fun. And, you might get impatient with “chit-chat”because you want to get down to business.

☀︎ If blind to SX —
— you’ll struggle to start relationships or create chemistry. You may think people don’t like you, or have a hard
time noticing when they do. And, you might get the creepy-crawlies with people making out in public – wish they’d “get a room”.  (See “BLIND-SPOTS” posts)

1st vs. 3rd instinct
Identifying which of these two is active can be confusing if they’re both under-developed. It’s not whether a person is good at using the instinct, but whether they’re  = drawn to it (1st) or = apathetic / blind to it (3rd).

Re. their Dom – out of frustration, a person can temporarily stop trying to activate this instinct, but still long to fulfill it.
Re. Tertiary – a person may not be apathetic, but avoid its interests because those don’t come easily, or become stressed when having to deal with situations that require Tertiary skills.

1st vs. 2nd instinct
While Dom activities make a person feel most fulfilled when they’re  satisfied, when they aren’t – there’s a nagging push to pursue it. Instead, Secondary activities are usually familiar & the most comfortable, so there’s not the same need to push – because they feel much more available.

2nd vs. 3rd instinct
Secondary activity can be an important help in fulfilling Dom seeds, easing our way in life. Tertiary generally doesn’t feel important because it requires extra effort to pay attention to it & use. (Take the instinctual variant stacking test)


Enneagram – Subtype STACKING (#1)


PREVIOUS: Enneagram

EMPATH Survival Guide & Ennea-Types”

SITE: re. INTEGRATING the 3 Drives



“STACKING” =  Sequencing the Instinctual Variants / Drives :
Self-Preservation, Sexual 1-to-1, and Social – into 6 possible combinations. (SEE charts in Part 2)

Instinctual Drives arise from the body, experienced physically through sensation. When put through the filter of Personality Type, they get structured in order of priority.
These drives motivate us to meet specific biological & emotional needs, so the stack determines where we put our energy, & which needs are given more priority or psychological weight.
Each Instinct has distinct qualities of attention, boundaries, & excitation – which encourage tracking & meeting its specific needs.

Developing the Dominant Instinct actually indicates a personality imbalance, which is at the core of egoic identity (self-image) & narcissism. Although everyone has a Dom preference, we do have access to the other 2 options, but at different levels of intensity or priority of use.

BASICS : Stacking is listing the 3 instinctual subtypes in oder of personal preference, independent of a person’s Enneagram Core type.

Stacking designations are indicated by writing the Dominant instinct first, followed by the 2nd, with a slash between them. Tertiary is not included, as its characteristics tend to be ‘invisible’.

▪️SubTypes & Stackings are combined :
Listing a Dom & 2nd together (“sp/sx”….) only looks at the preferential order of a person’s instincts, but including it with their Core Type provides a rounded picture.
EXP : An Ennea #9 with Social as their dominant subtype (SO), & Self-preservation as Secondary /neutral (SP), will have Sexual / Intimate (SX) as the blind spot. Their designation is : E9-so/sx  (Others)
🔹 two people can be contrasted by variant stacking apart from their Enneagram number, so a E2 – so/sp will have a different approach to relationships than an E2 – sp/sx

🔹two people can have the same stacking order, such as sx/so, but be 2 different core Ennea-types =  E3-sx/so and E5-sx/so, so their approach to work with be different (sociable vs private)

Generally, our stacking stays the same throughout life, but there can be some shifts between instincts, depending on circumstances.
EXP : Your Neutral variant (Secondary) might kick in during a particularly stressful time, temporarily over-riding the Dominant. (Neutral sp/so —-> briefly replaces so/sp, as in “freeze” mode)

NOTE : The developmental-growth goal is to bring all 3 instincts into balance. A personal effort to be fully present includes acknowledging & then integrating our (ignored) Tertiary instinct. We can express & develop it for its own worth, on the inside, not just artificially copying how others use their Dom version of our blind spot.

Incorporating those Tertiary qualities we habitually forget to pay attention to – will reveal how enlivening, powerful & satisfying our ‘weak’ instinct can be. Breath, physical & sensation-based practices are useful ways of deepening connection to the signals, energies & feedback within the body.

the characteristics we’re most focused on, an over-awareness or preoccupation with & desire to achieve what’s important to the Dom instinct. It’s the one where our buttons get pushed & we start decompensating, causing sleepless nights, maybe taking us on an elevator trip to a lower level of mental health.

A lot of Dom behavior is unconscious. It can seem so obvious that its needs & wishes are the most important ‘stuff’ to us, so it’s hard to imagine not going for it.
And some people may think their Dom is their blind spot (Tertiary) because it produces such automatic reactions / actions that it can feel like they’re separate from who see ourselves as.

EXP : 🔔An SP-first will have a strong focus on satisfying self-concerns, overriding the desires of the other 2 instincts
❣️ For a SX-first – when activated – their ‘object of interest’ (lover, BFF….) becomes the main focus in life
📣 With SO-first, participating in & fulfilling the expectations of their social environment – is the pull.

The DOM tendency is used most often throughout life. Self-growth shows when we can stay awake / aware at those times we act from the instincts, & can modify behavior when needed. The Dom accounts for 40-90% of our activity.

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🔴Enneagram : Subtype Details (Types 7, 8, 9)

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SITE: “The Enneagram System’s 27 Personality SUBTYPES” (Types & counter-types) by Beatrice Chestnut

REVIEW: The content of the 27 subtypes highlights the reasons why two people of the same type can look very different, & clarifies the impact of the operation of biological goals that drive our


COUNTER instinct of TYPE 7 – Sacrifice
Social 7s go against ‘normal’ gluttony from a conscientious efforts to be of service to others. Deliberately wanting to avoid exploiting others, they need to feel ‘pure’, sacrificing their own needs in support of others – & passionately want to be seen as ‘good’ for it.
Their ascetic ideal is expressed by making self-deprivation into a virtue.
Their idealism & enthusiasm becomes a way of making themselves feel active & valued in the world.


COUNTER instinct of TYPE 8 – Solidarity
Social 8s express lust & aggression – but mainly in the service of others. A social-antisocial person, the helpful 8 appears less aggressive & more loyal than the other two subtypes. The name “Solidarity” emphasizes their tendency to offer protection whenever it’s needed.


COUNTER instinct of TYPE 9 – Participation
Social 9s fuse with groups. An internal laziness makes them work hard at being part of the different groups in their lives – fun-loving, sociable & congenial.
Externally – they can be workaholics, prioritizing the group’s needs above their own. This high level of activity makes them the 9’s countertype.


🟠Enneagram : Subtype Details (Types 4, 5, 6)

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BOOK : The Complete Enneagram : 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge by Beatrice Chestnut


COUNTER instinct of TYPE 4 – Tenacity
Self Preservation 4s are long-suffering, stoic in the face of their inner pain, not share it with others as much as the other two 4s. They learn to tolerate discomfort & ‘do without’ – as a way of earning love.
Instead of sitting in their envy, SP 4s act it out by working hard to get what others have & they lack. More masochistic & less melodramatic, these 4s demand a lot of themselves, have a strong need to endure, & have a passion for effort.


COUNTER instinct of TYPE 5 – Confidence
Sexual 5s have a romantic streak. The most emotionally sensitive of the type, they suffer more, resembling 4s that way, & have more visible desires.
They express avarice (greed) by searching for fantasy-images of absolute love, with the need to find a partner who fulfills an ideal of trust. They have a vibrant inner life that may be expressed through artistic creation, but are still cut off from others in many ways.


COUNTER instinct of TYPE 6 – Strength/Beauty
Sexual 6s express fear by going against it – by becoming strong & intimidating, trusting themselves more than the other two subtypes. So when they’re afraid, their inner programming follows the idea that “the best defense is a good offense”.
They take on a powerful stance both in what they do & how they look, as a way of holding the ‘enemy’ at bay. Their anxiety is quieted through skill & readiness in the face of real or potential attacks.

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