Ennea-Subtype Stacking BLIND SPOT (SP)



NOTE: Blind spots are AREAs ignored in each of the Subtype stacks


(SP) Self-Preservation as Blind Spot for SO/SX (sp) and SX/SO (sp)

🔷Physical Well-Being: SP-Doms know that the body is completely fragile and that their living consciousness depends on protecting it at all costs.  BUT SP-blinds find crafty ways of ignoring that basic survival need. They can have a deep belief that they’ll survive – no matter what. Mentally, they may know that they’re mortal & susceptible to harm, but there’s an immaturity about accepting that their body is a physical vessel & not “them.” 

Some SP-Doms will take care of their body by testing its limits, & strengthening it.  BUT SP-blinds are out of touch with the need to preserve their health. They might have no problem pleasuring their body with food/sex… but there’s a difference between that & actually taking care of it. They’re either less fazed by illness or injuries OR completely shocked that their bodies would fail them, & suddenly stressed by the idea of having to consider it. 

While the idea of being ill is not pleasurable, SP-blinds are blind to the inevitability of illness. Since SP is the most crucial instinct, SP-blinds often find ways to get around this truth so they don’t have to experience the extreme anxiety of -even- thinking about it. 

They might set up life-structures that allow them to skirt it. EXP : a SP-Dom wants the security because they feel it’s safest, so both a SP-Dom & a SP-blind might sell their soul for a boring government job to have security. BUT the SP-blind knows they don’t have the needed survival skills to exist without a safety net, so may decide this is the easiest way cope. 

Since instinct is complicated, the reverse can also be true for some people :
— The SP-Dom might avoid that boring job because they actually feel equipped to survive something more challenging, &
— the SP-blind might avoid that secure job because they have the toddler-style of just not thinking about safety at all. Motivation is key.

🔷 Self-Regulation and Skills: Many SP-Doms enjoy developing specific hands-on skills, & some will see responsibilities as boring. BUT SP-blinds view all effort as “boring & unimportant”, often lacking the ability to build their life piece-by-piece for the long-term, blind to the hard work it takes to get results.

🔷 Resources and FoundationsSP-blinds are the least likely to be hoarders, or in general accumulate “stuff”. There’s a blindness around the physicality of objects & bodies. SP-blinds are the opposite of a ‘natural’ business person, & rarely make the connection between work & money.
Some (like 3’s) will work very hard, becoming rich & successful, but building long-term foundations for themselves doesn’t seem important, so the idea of securing their future is ignored.

Main facets of SO/SX and SX/SO (SP-Bind):
• They want influence. Their social realm is toyed with playfully, focusing on others, with lots of showing off by both types – about who they are, what they’re into, being open but overly personal – one intense connection at a time.

• Not good at regulating themselves re. strong opinions, emotions & impulses. They have an irresponsible attitude about life, ignoring what’s actually needed to survive :“It’ll all work out / who cares.”

SP-blinds consider dealing with health on a daily basis exhausting (healthy eating, working out, making money….), having a strong impulse to just ignore these, & want is all done for them. They just don’t worry about all that “important stuff.” 

• Ironically, it seems that some do get whatever they want in life without trying or considering the hard work it takes to get it. They delegate SP to others, knowing in the back of their mind that someone else will take care of their well-being with practical skills they can’t be bothered to apply, even being their financial safety net.

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