d) Enneagram STACK : SO/SX and SO/SP Expanded



(SO/SX) “The Intense Appealer”
Dom: Social, 2nd : Sexual (blindspot : Self-Preservation)

Mindset: “If I can get close to people with merging/intensity, I can be sure of & keep improving my position & inclusion in the group / world.”

☼ Can seem flighty / rootless, willing to adapt & mirror others, to connect. Wide, ubiquitous presence, hard to grasp, up-in-the-air, wishy-washy, wide-ranging passion and interest

☼ There’s a practical immaturity, nomadic, unattached. Aren’t as concerned with having physical roots or ‘important’ material items

☼ Often float from group to group or person to person with grace & ease, feeling close to no one, while inspiring others to feel close to them.

☼ Seem to ‘relax’ around people but are not necessarily engaged, & are uncomfortable in large groups

☼ They have a dangerously magnetic charisma, with an elegant social appearance & competence, making them a pickier person – selective within their social sphere

☼ Have strong 1-to-1 social skills, with an inherent sense of others – understanding them.  Excellent at using communication skills as a tool. Charm & grace comforts people into relaxing & trusting the interactions with the SO/SX.

☼ Want to create lasting connections with those they’re interested in.  Tend to cultivate many relationships, seem involved when around someone they’re interested in, but trouble sustaining these bonds when apart

☼ Are acutely perceptive with emotional ‘people awareness’. SO/SXs truly care about other & share that understanding with gentle connection of mind & heart, so can make spell-binding councilors, life-coaches….

☼ Missing SP earth, lack that dull weight, stick-in-the-mud quality. Butterfly, shimmer & sparkle, unsullied by dirt & seriousness of mundane concerns

☼ Break up the monotony of hardened routines, but have difficulty / inability to move forward in certain areas in life

☼ May be attuned to pop culture or latest trend. Can be political, but are more pragmatic & less partisan than SO/SPs2.

☼ The SO world (culture, media, history….) is asexual (–SX), so when stressed, the SO/SX can struggle to build romantic relationships.
This can confuse others because the intensity of intellectual & emotional connections in friendship seem to lend itself to romance, yet nothing happens

☼ SO/SX is all about narrative & symbiotic needs. Image, theater…. Very clever & hyper-observant, they can be obsessively manipulative, planing & working at getting what they want from others

☼ Networking is on cruise control, happy to tell white lies & bend a story for a desired outcome. Honesty comes second to their symbiotic needs. 

☼ Anyone having compatible interests & values with the SO/SX finds this types to be one of the most insightful, interesting & entertaining people to talk to.

Archetypes: Regalia, the Mayor, strolling minstrel, jester

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Dom: Social, 2nd : Self-Pres (blindspot : Sexual)

: “If I can establish an orderly and pleasing lifestyle, I can be sure of & keep improving my position & inclusion in the group / world.”

☼ Comfortable in group settings, but can be formal & awkward 1-on-1. May lack warmth & a sense of “individual” identity, which could lead to problems forming relationships outside their shared social interest

☼ Lack psychological transparency. Emotionally unavailable for self-
revelation or dealing with messy personal ‘issues’ – theirs or others

☼ With SX last, intimacy is a weak area, so people with this stacking often struggle with forming & maintaining romantic relationships. Their main focus is on their role within a group.

☼ Natural political type, wanting status in their social sphere. Affiliate with groups / theories that best defend their social / material interests. Pragmatic, they look for resources & political advantage.

☼ Tend towards patriotic / nationalistic interests rather than the needs of the individual. Less likely to mark territory as their own.

☼ SO/SP want to “change the earth with the voice”. (Earth=SP, Voice/air=SO). Since SX is last, focus is on realistic structural change.

☼ Like SP/SO : physical-space SP is the focus of the communal protective drive of SO. Native-land SP combines with social-mores SO creating a ‘righteousness’ & loyalty to higher principals, history, social themes

Missing SX water/fire, they have a sober/ arid quality, not led by fantastical / addictive impulses (not susceptible to impractical highs) – so less likely to flash their eccentricities

Archetypes: The Bishop, witch hunter, ethnic cleanser, culture warrior


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