Ennea – 9 LEVELS for Type #1

to be perfect so I’ll be right!

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NOTE: Each type is divided into 9 levels of Psychological Health, 1= highest & 9=lowest. These are grouped into Healthy, Average & Unhealthy. Here is a summary of these sub-groups by Type, in broad strokes, based on Oscar Ichazo’s work.

TYPE 1 – REFORMERS / Perfectionist
Healthy Levels – Characterized by Acceptance & Wisdom. You lead others through integrity & reason.
Unhealthy Levels – Use Condemnation & Punishing behavior. Hindered by perfectionism and resentment.

HEALTHY 1s  “I am hard-working and ethical”
The Upstanding Citizen: accepting, conscientious, ethical, hard-working, objective, responsible & wise. Rational yet idealistic.
Right Action overcomes the 1’s vice of anger & resentment, bringing you closer to your ideal of perfection. You have high standards, integrity, live by your values, are commitment to quality & don’t cut corners. You do more than is expected of you & finish most things you start.

“I maintain my spaces in an orderly way.”
The Perfectionist: clean, conscientious, neat, organized, punctual, responsible & try to live up to good moral standards
● The reformer / crusader ‘high-minded’ idealist – you’re hard on yourself, which ‘leaks out’ as resentment & being critical of people-places-things. Anger at ‘things being wrong’ makes it seem like you’re making headway in advancing what is right, but actually resentment brings yours internal world further from it. This tempting path can lead to an outcome which is unintentional and counter-productive.

: “I am obsessive compulsive”
The Anal-Retentive: closed-minded, inflexible, obsessive-compulsive, overly traditional, self-righteous
● You’re ever more dogmatic, impersonal, intolerant, judgmental, moralizing, & can only see one ‘right way’ – yours.




Healthy loop: The Basic Desire of ‘Needing to be Right’ leads 1s to seeking truth & do the right thing. When they do, the need is satisfied & balance is reached.

Average state: 1s don’t work as much to seek truth, so the need to be right increases. If 1s work hard toward their heart’s desire, balance is created.
Unhealthy loop is run by the Basic Fear of “being condemned”. This can make 1s condemn & correct others first, as a defense, which is not the right thing to do, further adding to their basic fear & prevents balance.

LENS you see the world thru: “I see what’s wrong & how it can be improved. I carry around an internal yardstick I use to measure myself & others.”
GROWTH: Stop correcting others & start examining yourself for ‘truth’.

LEVEL 5 in BIZ (Mid-Average)
At this level – the best ONE leaders are
conscientious & rock solid , having the end goal in mind
• are guided by the idea of quality control, because for them quality & control go hand in hand
• have a clear picture of the ‘correct’ result & the best way to get there
• tend to mandate & prescribe, keeping others on the designated track
• like to plan in detail & to follow it rigidly

• lead by executing this plan & assigning responsibility for each part
• find it hard to delegate responsibility, since they worry about getting the job done right
• have a tendency to correct others & often criticize instead of praise
• have usually risen thru the ranks, & so are able to see who the hard workers & team players are – or not

At this levels, 1s need a plan to work toward, so you can either form a strategy with them or let them make one for themselves – within the context of your project. As a leader you need to play by the rules with 1s & clearly explain what you want.  When you either praise a 1’s performance or discuss their work deficiencies, be specific & detailed
— are very practical, reshaping abstract approaches into step-by-step procedures
— are devoted to being on a schedule, so in dealing with them – be on time. And if you make them late they will not easily forget or forgive
— need specific guidelines, so loopholes can be very disconcerting to them
— prefer DO-ing rather than feeling, & to focus on work rather than relationships
— need a great deal of structure in assignments & reports

As a worker – if your boss is a 1, find out how they like things done & do it that way. It will make your life a lot easier.     From: Global Leadership Foundation

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