Enneagram – 9 LEVELS for TYPE 9

k13563304I JUST WANT 
everyone to get along!

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LEVELS by TYPE (cont.)
TYPE 9 – Peacemakers/Mediators
Healthy Levels – Self-remembering: Indomitable. Able to bring people together and heal conflicts.
Unhealthy Levels – Self-abandonment: De-personalized behavior. Held back by passivity and stubbornness.

HEALTHY 9s: I have a calming effect on others
The Stoic: Unshakable, self-possessed, they’re quietly strong, a skilled mediator, wise, unpretentious & put others at ease.
Serenity overcomes the vice of indifference, allowing 9s to become more in tune with their inner desires and thoughts. Pleasant & modest, at High Performance they’re accepting, calming, harmonizing, patient, steady & supportive. They build consensus, & can masterfully blend divergent points of view.

AVERAGE 9s: I like to go through life unhurriedly, in a relaxed manner.
The Monk: agreeable, easy-going, grounded, nice, peaceful, placid
● Life corrupts the ideal of love (appreciating self, others) into believing they should focus their appreciation on the external world.
This leads to the idea that the 9’s inner world is dull, because the exterior world is so complex. They rely on indifference to maintain the illusion that their inner concerns aren’t really a problem. Their desire for harmony takes the form of conflict-avoidance, & they can sacrifice their own position for the sake of keeping the peace.

UNHEALTHY 9s: I am lazy, overly relaxed
The Slacker: They’re irresponsible, lazy, lost, overly compliant, passive, spacey, undeveloped
● They become apathetic, disengaged, procrastinating, passive-aggressive, resistant & stubborn

Healthy loop: Run by the Basic Desire of ‘Needing to find union’ makes 9s genuinely open up to others & accept them as they are. This acceptance is welcome & builds strong bonds with others. Thus the 9s’ need is satisfied and balance is reached.
Average state: when Nines’ are less accepting of others or the world, union begin to weaken. This causes the need to increase, which can help 9s make the effort to be more accepting & so create balance.
Unhealthy loop: Run by the Basic Fear ‘of separation’, 9s delude themselves with fantasy unions, sustained by ignoring reality and blindly accommodate others or the world. This insures not achieving true union, which further increases 9s’ basic fear & prevents balance.

LENS you see the world thru: “How can I stay comfortable? Where can I find a sense of harmony?”
GROWTH: To break control of the basic fear 9s must stop indulging in made-up connections, and start to really accept others as they are.
LEVEL 5 in BIZ (Mid-Average)'average' levels
— are inspirational, friendly & non-directive, preferring to operate by consensus
— cannot bear conflict & try their best to avoid it
— can get torn between opposing views, examining alternative at great length, causing them to miss opportunities
— like to have a thorough picture of a situation or project, & then fill others in on the details later
— are process oriented, rather than being controlling
— will want recommendations from every division or shareholder before making a final decision

Look for & recognize the 9’s contributions, & ask them for feedback. Don’t misunderstand 9’s silence for agreement. Put your requirements clearly & in writing, focusing on breaks & deadlines. Don’t be controlling or domineering, rather work toward cooperation & collaboration
— flourish with positive support, energized by productive routine & other people’s enthusiasm for projects
— want recognition but will not ask for it, avoiding self-promotion
— have a natural desire to be responsive rather than pro-active
— prefer to rely on schedules & consistent guidelines to work toward so that they don’t have to make lots of decisions
— will slow down or neglect aspects of their work to show dissatisfaction or unhappiness, rather than speak up


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