a) Enneagram STACK : SP/SO and SP/SX expanded


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SP as dominant – are the grounded version of their type.

Think – comfort & survival, habits & routine, a determination to take care of one’s needs. EXP : Setting up little homes for themselves wherever they go.
PROBLEM : Easily thrown into compulsions, becomes neurotic when fear & bad habits distort the instinct. (eating disorders….). Then the person has “issues” that drain energy & cause them to lose Presence with True Self. When called on unhealthy behavior, they get angry – not wanting to hear about Presence.

DOM = 
Self-Preservation, 2nd = Social (blindspot = Sexual)

Mindset: “If I can maintain position & inclusion in the group / world, I can be sure of & keep my orderly, pleasing lifestyle.”

☼ SP/SO people have a sense for being appropriate in social situations. Find ways to make contributions to (or oppose) their community – without being conspicuous or crossing the line.

☼ Don’t fluctuate widely in their personal energy, keeping even, consistent & stable.

☼ Reserved & serious, without social warmth – they have a direct, blunt communication style. Protect themselves by following & insisting on civility, general politeness, or professional norms.

☼ Lacking in psychological transparency, they’re emotionally difficult to get through to. They don’t let themself get involved in anyone’s messy personal/ emotional ‘underbelly’, including their own

☼ Have a tracking instinct for ‘shadow side’ of society & government, about financial & resource mis-managements. Have a more refined sense of implementing reverse crowd psychology than SP/SX.

☼ They can be selfish, making useful connections that support their goals of gaining material security.
OR – just be connected & appealing enough for everyone to leave them alone – to “get out of their hair’

☼  Loyalty is important, drawn to groups with like-minded people. Their choice of dress in inconspicuous, appropriate to match their status in life.

☼ Tend towards patriotic / nationalistic interests rather than the needs of the individual. Less likely to mark territory as their own.
Have a more refined sense of implementing reverse-crowd psychology than SP/SX.

☼ Physical-space SP is subject to communal-protective drive of SO.
Native-land SP combines with social-mores SO, to form : righteousness & loyalty to higher principals, history, social themes

☼ Savers & collectors. Being pragmatic, they look for resources & for political advantage. What they take in through their senses (SP) gets filtered through cynicism.

☼  Because of SO-second, are less likely to flash around their eccentricities, or be susceptible to impractical highs

Archetypes: The Land Surveyor, farmer, patriot, businessman

☼ Missing SX water/fire, they have a sober even arid quality, not drawn to addictions or the fantastical

🟢   🟠   🔴


(SP/SX) Self-Preservation dominant,
Sexual 2nd, (Social blindspot)

: “I can have merging / intensity without having to leave my orderly & pleasing lifestyle.”

☼ Earthy, mysterious, quietly intense, they seem oblivious to the greater social world around them, favoring personal interests. Therefore, can be oblivious to the collective good

☼ They withdraw when the safety of imagination, safe people & relationships are challenged

☼ Can attach to others at a root level, contrasting with a surface
formality. They’re slow to commit, but when they do – it’s with an
impermeable bond & life commitment

☼ Want to live in secure comfortable environment where they can pursue their private interests in depth

☼ Sanctuary of home & decorate spaces reflect their taste & depth. Communications are intimate & personal, rather than public

☼ Psychic visibility / revelation threatens the SP/SX personal or at least social self-destruction, all part of the distilling process toward the desired one-to-one bond.

Missing Social means : Shrouded / hooded quality, cave dweller, lack of fresh air / sunlight

☼ As with SP/SO, they’re a “friend-of-the-dark”,  non-judgmental about people’s underbellies & corruption

Elements as metaphor: carcasses recycling into earth, decay / destruction, downward death, fertilizing, undertow

☼ The Molten fire of SX in earth’s core combines with S’s volcanic threat of eruption

☼ Archetypes: The Grave Digger, pirate, voodoo fetishist


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