Enneagram – Subtype STACKING (#2)


SITE : The Universal Human Condition — instinctual stacking trails…

↗️ This chart is intended as a universal model of the human condition & mind, the way everyone has a connection to all 6 stackings (realms) at a meta-structural level. Each is a reaction, a response or compensation in relation to —-> the next stacking in the flow —->.

★ Dominant instinct – in Part 1

SECONDARY = Neutral, a fallback when the Dom isn’t active. It’s a home base where a person is comfortable, normally the instinct that causes us the least problems, since the stakes are lower when activated. It’s neither an ignored blind spot nor an extremely important drive.

It can be a resource to strengthen the Dom, & provide a sense of satisfaction whenever the Dom’s desire is achieved.
EXP : For an SP/SO, participation in the social structure would feel familiar & safe, but social activity would also be used to satisfy self-preservation concerns.

However, being an instinct – Secondary can sometimes cause problems as well, as an antagonist, if its interests conflict with the stronger ones of the Dom.

Secondary acts as a ‘playground’ of sorts because it allows us to be more flippant & exhibitionistic in its area of interests. Together – 1st & 2nd form the general focus of our life, & accounts for 60 -10% of our activity.



TERTIARY = This instinct encompasses under-used interests & activities, often ignored,
 even to the point of being a person’s blindspot. While the first two take up much of a person’s attention, the 3rd is under-valued, therefore rarely developed.

🔺This aspect of personality is where we find our insecurities & problems – the deepest fears about the Self. There’s enormous shame associated with this variant – a sense of deficiency, of being far behind, less of a person.

You’re not practiced or proficient in this area so there can be a desperate sense of needing remedial help. But there is a tendency to resist working on it, to procrastinate, or make an end-run around it.
Fortunately, addressing our weakest skills brings balance, letting you move faster up the levels of health. You’ll feel much more grounded, like you’ve landed on the earth, getting the support you need – from the ‘right’ people. Go where it’s warm!

EXPs :
☀︎ If you’re blind to your SP instinct —
— you’ll doubt what your body is telling you. Also, you might get impatient with people who fuss about making themselves comfortable, & feel trapped in a conversation about food, home decorations, money….

☀︎ If you’re blind to SO —
— you’ll struggle to find your place in social groups, participation being more of a pressure to perform than fun. And, you might get impatient with “chit-chat”because you want to get down to business.

☀︎ If blind to SX —
— you’ll struggle to start relationships or create chemistry. You may think people don’t like you, or have a hard
time noticing when they do. And, you might get the creepy-crawlies with people making out in public – wish they’d “get a room”.  (See “BLIND-SPOTS” posts)

1st vs. 3rd instinct
Identifying which of these two is active can be confusing if they’re both under-developed. It’s not whether a person is good at using the instinct, but whether they’re  = drawn to it (1st) or = apathetic / blind to it (3rd).

Re. their Dom – out of frustration, a person can temporarily stop trying to activate this instinct, but still long to fulfill it.
Re. Tertiary – a person may not be apathetic, but avoid its interests because those don’t come easily, or become stressed when having to deal with situations that require Tertiary skills.

1st vs. 2nd instinct
While Dom activities make a person feel most fulfilled when they’re  satisfied, when they aren’t – there’s a nagging push to pursue it. Instead, Secondary activities are usually familiar & the most comfortable, so there’s not the same need to push – because they feel much more available.

2nd vs. 3rd instinct
Secondary activity can be an important help in fulfilling Dom seeds, easing our way in life. Tertiary generally doesn’t feel important because it requires extra effort to pay attention to it & use. (Take the instinctual variant stacking test)


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