Enneagram – 9 LEVELS for TYPE 7

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LEVELS by TYPE (cont.)
TYPE 7 – Enthusiasts
Healthy Levels – Assimilation: Gratitude. Able to become highly accomplished & spirited
Unhealthy levels – Hysteria: Panicked behavior. Misled by impulsiveness and impatience

HEALTHY 7s: I live fully in the moment.
The Adventurer: Satisfied, appreciative, they’re curious, endlessly optimistic, fearless, full of energy, improvisational, lives fully in the moment, with excellent fine-motor skills
Sobriety (in all forms) overcomes the vice of gluttony (for every experience), returning to the original awareness of the ‘holy plan’ (the path to tranquility), creating inner peace. Busy & fun-loving, they can take any situation as it comes & find a way to make the best of it. They’re buoyant, charming, enthusiastic, joyous, multi-talented, optimistic, playful, resilient, spontaneous.

AVERAGE 7s: Fun is the most important thing in life
The Thrill Seeker: They’re exciting, exploratory, fun, life of the party, spontaneous, very talkative
● Life perverts the ideal of the Holy Path, which is corrupted into sampling everything in life. They rely on gluttony for the illusion that they’re satisfied with the world, hoping to find a substitute for inner tranquility. Instead – they become chronically unsatisfied, scattered, & have trouble following through on commitments

UNHEALTHY 7s: I seek pleasure and avoid responsibility
The Hedonist: They avoid responsibility, are escapist, prioritize pleasure-seeking above all else, substance abuse & have health problems as a result of lifestyle
● They tend to be impatient, impulsive, with a short attention span

Healthy loop: run by the Basic Desire of ‘Needing to be happy’, making Type 7s explore the world & genuinely appreciate what they find. Their great happiness satisfies the need & balance is reached.
Average state: when 7s aren’t exploring & appreciating everything, they become restless and unhappy. The the need to be happy increases, which can make them want to reach out & find things to appreciate, creating a balance.

Unhealthy loop: Run by the Basic Fear of ‘being deprived’ they can compulsively, numbly seek new sensations and adventures without truly appreciating the experiences.They get little happiness from all the highs, increasing 7s’ feeling of emptiness and basic fear, preventing balance.

LENS you see the world thru: What’s the next interesting, stimulating, fun thing to do? What can I plan next?
GROWTH: To break control of the basic fear 7s cannot keep jumping into one activity after another, but rather appreciate deeply what they do experience.
LEVEL 5 in BIZ (Mid-Average)'average' levels
At this level visionary 7s tend to lead by wandering around, communicating with charisma. Their strength comes from being able to correlate a variety of info into a coherent pattern.
— are at their best in a fast-changing, fast-paced environment that depends on planning & data-synthesis
— are usually good at empowering others, helped by being friendly & fun
— like to have several projects going at one time, or involved with several parts of one large assignment

Share your business concerns with a 7 because they like to be a part of things. What you see as a problem they may see as an interesting opportunity, so let them share their vision & enthusiasm. You’ll get the best out of them by encouraging their social skills or inventiveness, so don’t judge them or focus on pesky details. Be sure to put them in a non-boring position & don’t expect a commitment to ‘closure’.
— prefer ideas & theories rather than do-ing/implementing them
— will create new ways of doing something out of boredom with routine
— feel supported when others make use of the 7’s individuality, creativity & experimentation
— need reasonable & clear deadlines since follow-thru is not their forté
— are hard-working as long as their tasks are stimulating & varied
— need supervision to ensure a project gets finished, since they can easily get distracted & go off in another direction
— can easily get enraged when getting a negative review. They react better if given an opportunity for a ‘fresh start’  (From: Global Leadership Foundation)

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    • Yes, the small chart showing “mid-average” is there for each type as a reference point. It is meant to be the same. Levels are general, not about the Type itself.
      Thanks for writing.


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