Enneagram – 9 LEVELS for TYPE 8


& I want to protect the ‘weak’

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LEVELS by TYPE (cont.)
TYPE 8 – Leaders/Challengers
Healthy Levels – Self-surrender: Magnanimity. Able to be a powerful magnanimous leader.
Unhealthy Levels – Antisocial behavior. Tries to control and intimidate others.

HEALTHY 8s: I am a powerful leader.
The Leader: Heroic, self-surrendering, they’re assertive, dominant, fearless, powerful
Magnanimity = nobility, willingness to face danger, are beyond petty anger, —> overcomes the vice of lust (to taste/ indulge in everything), having required the 8 to develop as a person, & bring True strength.

They make sure they’re empowered, as well as empowering those around them. Champions of the underdog, they protect those in their care, are courageous, magnanimous, pragmatic & self-assertive.
They take charge, can stand the heat, & make sure they can make a difference.

AVERAGE 8s: If someone angers me, they will hear about it.
The Challenger: They’re intimidating, prone to anger, provocative, sarcastic, will not back down
● Life corrupts the ideal of Truth into the delusion that no one is innocent, so they rely on lust to give the illusion of survival.
Conflict is seen as natural & acceptable, because everyone must understand conflict on some level.
They can become blaming, boastful, excessive, have black-&-white thinking, & can throw others off balance

UNHEALTHY 8s: I’m a rage-aholic.
The Bully: abusive controlling, raging, violent
● They use their considerable strength to protect themselves by being combative, intimidating, a bully

Healthy loop: Run by the Basic
Desire of ‘Needing to be self-reliant’ makes 8s become stronger & more able to defend others. When 8s are Type 8 LEVELSindependent, their need is satisfied& balance is reached.

Average state: when 8s aren’t building their strength enough, they get more dependent on others for certain needs. This increases the impulse toward self-reliance, encouraging 8s to work harder to get strong, creating balance.

Unhealthy loop: Run by Basic Fear of ‘Submitting to others’ which can cause 8s to lash out and try to control others, as a defense. Unfortunately – & ironically – this make them more dependent on others, increasing the basic fear & prevents balance.

LENS you see the world thru: “Who has the power? Who might be trying to influence me? How can I make an impact?
GROWTH: To break control of the basic fear 8s have to stop controlling others, & start to strengthen themselves instead.
LEVEL 5 in BIZ (Mid-Average)
AS LEADERS – Are direct & assertive – what you see is what you get.'average' levels
— prefer to be the one in charge instead of delegating, wanting full control
— keep a close eye on everyone under their supervision
— don’t usually give compliments, so ‘no news is good news’ from them
— hate being blindsided by incorrect or incomplete information
— react best to honesty & transparency from co-workers. The don’t demand agreement, only truth & clarity

Show that you’re in charge – right from the beginning. 8’s become aggressive or go on the offensive when they feel insecure because things are out of control, or are unjust. If they confront you, make sure you stand up to them. Don’t ever tell an 8 what they can’t do – unless that’s exactly what you want them to do!
— assume their own opinions & approaches are the correct ones. It’s “My way or the highway”
— expect their boss to take command & be self-assured
— expect competency in a leader, & don’t respect wimps
— will take over leadership if they think no one’s in charge
— react badly to being controlled or treated unfairly
— prefer to be told bluntly when they’re messing up or making you mad
— don’t automatically follow the rules, which they will bend to suit themselves, or in order to improve the system – based on their own evaluation
— need clear boundaries from management, & will confront a boss any time they overstep the mark
(From: Global Leadership Foundation)


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