Ennea-Subtype Stacking BLIND SPOT (SX)



NOTE: Blind spots are AREAs ignored in each of the Subtype stacks

(SX) Sexual instinct as Blind Spot – SP/SO (sx) and SO/SP(sx)

🔶Arousal / Repulsion: People who are Sexual-blind aren’t very in-tune with what turns them on energetically. While they can have strong passions & interests, they don’t really immerse their whole Self in someone / something. 

The SX-blind are perfectly capable of having enjoyable sex, but it’s less of a “sacred” activity. Some will not want to have sex unless they’re in “love” (or feel a social bond), while others are comfortable satisfying their sexual urges as a simple bodily function (especially SP/SO). 

This is contrary to the mating dance that SX-Doms perform, the attraction strategy being the things they’re over-identified with, rather than just the physical “doing it” part. 

Everyone is inherently capable of enjoying sex (unless asexual or traumatized). But SX-blinds are slower to notice to be aware of who’s attracted to them, so it may take them a while to figure out if they’re completely interested or drawn to another.
While some can immediately feel a basic arousal when attracted to a new person, many simply aren’t aware of what makes them attractive or engaging that hook people to themselves.

🔶FusionSX-blinds will try to “merge” with people using Social strategies : more interested in finding connections with a stronger sense of reciprocity or that meet a person where they’re at, rather than objectifying someone to get a sexual-energy fix.

They will also lack the psychological androgyny of SX-Doms who have boundaries which they can use to block their “opening” or “penetrating” (female /male) interactions, when needed. Throwing social rules aside & allowing oneself to yield to another  – can seem too much for SX-blinds. 

SX-blinds can feel strongly sexual or romantic toward another, but won’t completely lose themselves as a slave to those attractions. Instead, they may focus strategies on their DOM instinct:
— SP/SO assumes the key to attraction is a fit or thin body
— SO/SP assumes the key is their social display / affiliations / successes / friendliness….

🔶ChemistrySX-blinds are less aware of that energetic chemistry where two people are magnetically drawn to each other like moths to a flame. Actually, humans do not have a choice about intense physical/ sexual attractions, but can be ignored or overridden with ‘Social choice’.

This built-in human power is so scary to many SX-blinds, that they unconsciously suppress awareness of chemical / energetic pulls, their psyche considering it too ‘intense’ or in some way dangerous to their sense of identity.

In fact, they like to believe they definitely have conscious control over who they’re drawn to, rather than being a slave of their own ‘animal’ instincts. So they may try to artificially create the chemistry by using “activities” on dates, such as watching intense movies, drinking alcohol…. 

The main focus of SP/SO and SO/SP:
• Attention is on a combination of survival & society -the structures of & ideas about how we can all live together : cooperation, group affiliations, politics, social contributions…

• There’s a lack of awareness of the body’s own primal urges, what can remove / transform the Self, or to the things that make society fall apart

• The psychological narcotic within can lead to a fear of 1-to-1 or over-personalized interactions, so groups seem safer because there’s less pressure to be interesting or perform

• Focus is on the state of the earth, climate, objects, things that are concrete or man-made : innovations to benefit humanity, building structures for society, & on things that will last, both physical & social monuments

• They outsource or relegate SX topics & activities to vicarious SX books, movies, art, substances…. safely away from themselves. 

NEXT :  SO as Blind Spot

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