MBTI – UNHEALTHY Functions (T / F)

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HEALTHY Ti: “Wait, have we checked everything? I wanna make sure it works

Ti types (ISTP / INTP) look for factual analysis – SO they can react very intensely confused or complicated situations
▪︎ They value being skilled & clear-headed, SO they’ll react against anyone they see as ignorant or irrational

Unhealthy Ti – those who think they’ve got it all figured out, yet results prove otherwise. They’re often cynical & smart-assed – & not in a fun way – criticizing & avoiding everything human – like emotions, unity, spirituality….
When Ti goes into “as long as I get when I want” mode, it’s aggressively manipulative, disregarding others’ feelings

ATTITUDE: “Well, it’s logical to me. I don’t care if it doesn’t work for others. They’re just emotional fools”

EXP: extremely skeptical, overanalyzes, obsessively searches for truth, harshly critical, outright rejects group institutions or norms

As unhealthy DOM
Ti: Think they’re the smartest, but can’t actually follow thru. They’d rather pick apart other people’s points endlessly, because they like to. They’re cynical & lack empathy – as an automatic defense to avoid their own emotional shortcomings

HEALTHY Te: “OK, so these are the steps to make this happen. If anyone objects or has a new idea, let me know, because that matters

Te types (ENTJ / ESTJ) look for rational expediency –  SO they can react intensely against ambiguous or disorderly situations
▪︎ They value efficiency & competency, SO they’ll react against anyone they see as lazy or incompetent

Unhealthy Te – those who want everyone to stick to the rules, but are often the first to break or twist them when it works in their favor. Any “sound advice” will be sprinkled with insults about others’ ability to problem-solve, even their entire character. Most frustrating is that when people finally have had enough of them, they just don’t understand why. In their opinion, they’re actually the only rational & responsible ones

ATTITUDE: “I don’t care if you like it or not. That’s how it’s gonna be”

EXP: aggressive, B & W thinking, inconsiderate of/rejects others’ feelings, need for control, need for dominance, ruthless

As unhealthy DOM
Te: Boss people around, shouts judgments & criticism. Harsh & often belittling everyone. Prone to deny mistakes & shifts blame onto others

HEALTHY Fi: “This is deep & personal to me. I want to live by it & lead by example

Fi types (ISFP / INFPlook for honor & integrity –  SO they can react intensely against unethical or infringing situations.
▪︎ They value being just & virtuous, SO they’ll react against anyone they see as callous or corrupt

Unhealthy Fi – masters at justifying everything they say & do. If all else fails, they’ll play the victim, loudly complaining that no one understands them. Their lives are often a disorganized mess, & please don’t offer them sound or logical advice, because that’ll really get them mad. They’ll gladly self-destruct even more – if it’ll get rid of you

ATTITUDE: “I don’t care if this hurts others. I’m gonna do it because it feels right”

EXP: excessively stubborn, hypersensitive, rejects objective decision-making, selfish, self-righteous, ‘special snowflake’ syndrome

As unhealthy DOM
Fi: Do & say whatever they please with total disregard for appropriateness – because that’s just “who they are”. Act irrationally, which they’ve mentally twisted into being the “right” thing to do. Refuse to take personal responsibility when things go south, since they’re convinced they were just being authentic & sticking to their guns

HEALTHY Fe: “I wanna make sure everyone’s OK with this. I win if we all win

Fe types (ESFJ / ENFJ) looks for social harmony –  SO they can react intensely against inequitable or contentious situations
▪︎ They value being considerate & respectful, SO they’ll react against anyone they see as selfish or impertinent

Unhealthy Fe – they know what everyone’s up to, believing they have an ‘uncanny knack’ for knowing what’s best for everyone else. They’re just trying to lift themselves up by knocking others down. This may be gossiping, or judging other’s behavior as if they wrote the “Etiquette” book.
Worst of all, they never seem to realize they can’t take care of themselves without a lot of help from others, which should be their top priority.

ATTITUDE: “If he’s not OK with this it’s HIS problem – the rest of us agree”

EXP: desperate for approval, emotionally volatile, manipulative, obsessed with social standing, rejects logical reasoning,  spineless, self-neglecting

As unhealthy DOM
Fe: Expect everyone to cater to them. Only want to hear what they want to hear. Sacrifice too much for others, then demand constant attention & validation. Publicly ostracize anyone they don’t feel an affinity with.

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