MBTI : DOM-AUX Functions (#1)



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DOMINANT needs AUXILIARY to stay balanced – for both making decision and taking action.

Since the STACK is made up of our Type’s 2 center levels, it shows how we –should– gather new information (Perceiving – S or N), then process it & come to some conclusions (Judging – T or F), so we can make decisions that best suit our needs.
EXP:  someone with am E Dom will have an I as AUX to help, & vice versa.

To be psychologically healthy – mentally & emotionally – we all need to be able to move into action by paying attention to our outer world, AND to step back, pause & reflect on our experiences.

AUX’s  ‘nature’ is always different from, but not antagonistic to, our DOM : either of the irrational functions (S/N) can be auxiliary to one of the rationals (T/F), & vice versa.

So, Thinking & iNtuition can easily pair up, as can Thinking & Sensation, since neither N & S are by their nature opposed to the T function. Also,
— S can be bolstered by T or F auxiliary
— F is supported by S or N
— & N goes well with F or T.

EXPs: logical T succeeds with concrete S, speculative T forges ahead with imaginative N, artistic N can choose & present its ideas with the help of F-values, philosophical N systematizes its vision into comprehensive thought by a powerful T intellect …..
(from “General Description of the Types”)

NOTE: People who have not yet explored & developed their AUX may find it harder to identify their type. So, while an INJ may be confident about being an N type, without knowing their AUX they won’t be able to tell if they’re an INTJ or an INFJ.

Also, people ignoring their AUX will act very differently from those who incorporate it in daily living, although this may not always be deliberate, perhaps influenced by unconscious, environmental or other influences. (MORE…. )

♥️ The following info indicates the effect a HEALTHY Auxiliary can have:
🔹With Si or Ni dominant:
Te-Fi (IxTJ): AUX Te can make an Introvert more competent & goal-oriented, to help quickly correct faulty thinking & irresponsible behavior when needed, for better results

Fe-Ti (IxFJ): AUX Fe can make an Introvert more sociable & compassionate, to help them better integrate into social situations, & accept feedback when change is useful 

🔹With Ti or Fi dominant:
Se-Ni (ISxP): AUX Se can make an Introvert keen to explore new first-hand or hands-on experiences, to broaden their outlook on life & make better judgments 

Ne-Si (INxP): AUX Ne can make an Introvert keen to imagine new possibilities & make improvements to their life.
🗝 🗝 🗝
🔹 With Se or Ne dominant:
Ti-Fe (ExTP): AUX Ti can make an Extravert more analytical, to correctly calculate which decisions are most likely to produce beneficial results for everyone  

Fi-Te (ExFP): AUX Fi can make an Extravert more ethical & honorable in their decision-making, to avoid unhealthy behaviors that will sabotage themself 

🔹With Te or Fe dominant:
Si-Ne (ESxJ): AUX Si can make an Extravert more careful & thorough in their approach to people/problems, to help manage situations more effectively

Ni-Se (ENxJ): AUX Ni can make an Extravert more nuanced & thoughtful in their approach people/problems, to help carry out their vision successfully
(FROM: Type-spotting guide)
⬇️ 2 CHARTS by Eric Bolden : http://www.erictb.info/temperament2.html




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