Enneagram – 27 Subtype ATTITUDES

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BOOK27 Paths in Life & Subtypes in Relationship ∼ Peter O’Hanrahan

2,3,4s = Grief, Shame // 5,6,7s = Fear, Anxiety, 8,9,1s = Anger, Rage 

Each Type handles it’s primary emotion differently:
❖ The first Type in its triad (blue) is overt & “externalizes” – 2 its shame, 5 its fear, 8 its anger—->

◆ The second Type in its triad (pink) is covert or “represses” – 3 its shame, 6 its fear, 9 its anger

✦ The third Type in its triad (lavender) is neutral or “internalizes” – 4 its shame, 7 its fear, 1 its anger (From : Enneagram Central Blog)

☆ Psychologically – the subtype instincts are closely associated with 3 crucial developmental stages of early childhood . Studying instinctual subtypes can help identify life-long patterns, and recover from early losses & insecurities.
1. Self-Preservation (SP) : infant bonding & grounding = our right to exist
2. Sexual / Intimate (SX) : growing awareness of self vs. other in the first “dyad” (mother or primary caregiver) = our right to be loved
3. Social (SO): entering the larger community of family, friends & peers = our right to belong

☆ Archetypally – subtypes can be described as the central patterns of human consciousness. Each has a special role in our society & in the history of our culture. Each has its major strengths & drawbacks.
For anyone interested in personal or spiritual growth, on the S & I path of “individuation,” it’s vital to come to terms with these powerful archetypes & the part they play in our life.

Enneagram as ONION LAYERS

2Nurturer – feel privileged, & earn approval through caretaking
3Company Man/Woman – achieve success & financial security
4Creative Individualist – reckless in pursuit of authenticity
5Castle Defender – home as refuge, or having a “womb with a view.”
6Family Loyalist – seek safety through kindness & affection
7Gourmand – enjoy fun, food & family
8Survivalist – protect the space & the family
9Collector – appetite for food & possessions
1Pioneer – overcome anxiety with hard work

2Lover – use seduction or aggression for attention
3 Movie Star – have best masculine or feminine image
4Drama Queen or King – beat the competition through power or style
5Secret Agent – keep things confidential
6Warrior – overcome fear by maintaining strength or creating beauty
7Salesman/woman – fascination & suggestibility with ideas, people & products.
8Dictator – drive for possession, & maybe surrender
9Seeker – sexual or spiritual union & the urge to merge
1Evangelist – over-zealous or jealous

2Ambassador – seek recognition thru ambition
3Politician – achieve social success & prestige
4Critical Commentator – overcome social shame
5Professor – use social symbols & systems
6Social Guardian – do one’s duty
7Utopian Visionary – limitations, & make sacrifices for the cause
8Group Leader – fiercely committed to friends & social causes
9Community Benefactor – strengths & problems with participation
1 – Social Registrar – socially correct but non-adaptable
(P. O’Hanrahan)



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