MBTI : DOM – AUX Functions (#2)



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can be considered a bridge function that connects DOM with the lower half of the Stack (Tert & Inf)), which represents a more sustainable path to the expansion & integration of one’s type.
In most cases, trying to integrate Dom & Inf without the help of AUX creates an either-or / tug-of-war energy, rather than a symbiotic one. This is because the psychological gulf may be too great without the 2nd & 3rd providing additional personality characteristics.

Also, AUX gives needed Extroversion energy for the Introvert, & provides an Introverted opportunity to process experiences for the Extrovert. Without that balance, a person’s life can become ‘unmanageable’.

EXPs: If an Introvert doesn’t use their Extrovert AUX, they’ll just live in their head, imagining all the things they want to do, talking about them – endlessly, even make plans, but never actually DOing them.

💨 If an Extrovert ignores their I Aux, they’ll rush thru life taking actions without stopping to consider why, & making messes even if their motives are good, ignoring consequences to others, or the effect on their own physical & mental health ….

⛈ People who don’t use each function properly can become incompetent flakes who don’t do anything right (in the extreme, of course 🙁).
EXP: An Introvert who only relies on their DOM will start having unreal ideas of the world, while such an Extravert will be reckless & do thoughtless things….

DOM-AUXILIARY pairs at their MOST UNhealthy:

Te/Si and Si/Te (ESTJ or ISTJ) will completely lose sight of why they do & want the things they do & want, robotically going through the motions of life, checking off boxes, until they wake up one day to realize they’ve been miserable for the last 40 years

Se/Fi and Fi/Se (ESFP or ISFP) will be self-absorbed, caring only about their own experiences. They have a lot in common with ENTJ & INTJ, but those 2 types are more likely to bulldoze others into submission – making everyone hate them, while ESFP & ISFP will neglect people – making everyone just feel indifferent

Se/Ti and Ti/Se (ESTP or ISTP) will become so disconnected from society that their skills & knowledge will lose relevance, but blame everyone else for their problems

Fe/Si and Si/Fe (ESFJ or ISFJ) will be fake & smiley. They’ll do everything possible to keep up the APPEARANCE of having a solid personal life, then let off steam by talking trash behind people’s back. With an unhealthy ESFJ or ISFJ, one can never be sure íf they’re really your friend – or not

Ne/Ti and Ti/Ne (ENTP or INTP) will devil’s-advocate everything into oblivion, never committing to any opinions of their own

Ne/Fi and Fi/Ne (ENFP or INFP) will get trapped between their needs to consider everything vs making the absolute bestest decision, so become paralyzed

Te/Ni and Ni/Te (ENTJ or INTJ) will become very, very selfish, not considering others when pursuing their goals

Fe/Ni and Ni/Fe (ENFJ or INFJ) will view the world through B & W colored glasses, while thinking they know what’s best for everyone. In their own mind, they’re morally superior judges standing above an evil, lazy world. In reality – they are just TREMENDOUS jerks.


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