MBTI : AUX-TERT Functions


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The TERTIARY function is needed for stress relief, if used in healthy way, to :
— give other overworked functions a break
— as a general support for the AUX & for relaxation

Because the MBTI letter of this function is not part of our type, it represents characteristics that tends to be less interesting to us, so fewer of its skills get developed. It generally starts exerting its influence about midlife, & can then
— be used to guide us toward areas of life that have been neglected or avoided, — & that require skills the person doesn’t feel comfortable using.

EXP:  a Thinking type with N-Tert could start taking a literature course & a Thinking type S-Tert might take carpentry or weaving classes…..

AUXILIARY can be negatively affected by an immature TERTIARY:

1 – Si or Ni dominant
Te-Fi (IxTJ) : If Fi-TERTinterferes with Te-AUX, the person can concoct faulty moral reasons for why they should stick to their beliefs at all costs. The result is manipulative or unproductive behavior, causing self-inflicted disappointment & withdrawal.
They may seem individualistic or principled (mistaken for Fi-Dom), but it’s more like. narrow-mindedness, greatly oversimplifying moral issues into crude B & W judgments (the higher Te), to become self-serving & insensitive (unlike Fi-Dom).
Fe-Ti (IxFJ) : If Ti-TERT interferes with Fe-AUX, the person can come up with faulty logic to neglect / ignore social roles or responsibilities. Their insecure or guarded behavior leads to self-inflicted unhappiness &/or loneliness.
They may seem knowledgeable or analytical, (mistaken for Ti-Dom), but it’s defensive, used to rationalize away mistakes & criticism, or mis-attribute blame (the higher Fe). This creates incoherent / contradictory thinking & cautious behavior (unlike Ti-Dom).

📈 📉
2 – Se or Ne dominant
Ti-Fe (ExTP) : If Fe-TERT interferes with Ti-AUX , the person can rationalize away their mistakes or bad behavior by twisting their perception of social interactions. They react by being thoughtless or devious, ending in self-inflicted isolation.
While they may seem sociable or charming, but have a calculating underside, treating others as tools / objects for self-centered gain (the higher Ti). This creates relationship failure & social discord (unlike Fe-Dom).
Fi-Te (ExFP) : If Te-TERT interferes with Fi-AUX, the person can get an immediate but superficial gratification, leading to immoral or destructive behavior, causing self-inflicted suffering.
They can be determined or commanding, but with a desperate bent. They’re more likely aggressive & controlling, to make up for an underlying sense of inadequacy, or to temporarily soothe emotional pain (the higher Fi). This results in unnecessary setbacks or unintended consequences (unlike Te-Dom).

📈 📉
3 – Ti or Fi dominant
Se-Ni (ISxP) : If Ni-TERT interferes with Se-AUX, the person can make excuses for why they can’t or won’t broaden their outlook. This causes short-sighted or over-simplistic judgments that lead to self-inflicted fatalism or self-defeating thinking.
They may seem serious or brooding, (mistaken for Ni-Dom), but it’s just superficial, carelessly dismissing deeper meaning or potential for growth (the higher Se). So they have a dejected or cynical attitude about what’s possible in life (unlike Ni-Dom)
Ne-Si (INxP) : If Si-TERT interferes with Ne-AUX, the person can get stuck in their old comfort zones or rely only on past knowledge/experience. The result is doubting or stubborn judgments that lead to self-inflicted pessimism or stagnation.
They may seem reserved or proper, (mistaken for Si-Dom), but it has an obsessive undercurrent. They compulsively fuss over trivial details, misinterpret physical discomfort & irrationally magnify painful past experiences, (unlike Si-Dom) which gets projected as negative future possibilities (the higher Ne).

📈 📉
4 – Te or Fe dominant
Si-Ne (ESxJ) : If Ne-TERT interferes with Si-AUX the person can continually make excuses for very sloppy decision making, which ends either in disruptive or micro-managing behavior, causing self-inflicted discord & chaos.
They may seem humorous, positive or clever, (mistaken for Ne-Dom( but there’s a grandstanding element used to cover anxiety, or deflect criticism & mistakes (the higher Si). It ends up in bad ideas that fall flat or make situations worse (unlike Ne-Dom).
Ni-Se (ENxJ) : If Se-TERT interferes with Ni-AUX, the person can selectively only focus on what they wants to see, to justify unsound beliefs, leading to pointless or hasty action that cause self-inflicted failure or defeat.
It makes them seem fun & enthusiastic (mistaken for Se-Dom), but there’s an undercurrent of over-reaction, which makes them irritable & retaliatory when reality crushes expectations (the higher Ni).
They distort / overlook important realistic details, or react poorly to unexpected changes (unlike Se-Dom).(FROM: Type-spotting guide)


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