MBTI : DOM / INF in Combination


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Synthetic social networks were identified by assigning human Personality Types to the nodes, then adding links between nodes based on the compatibility of those Types

Probability Search (PS) & Compatibility-Degree Matching  (CDM) were used (More….)

INFERIOR reaction BLOCKED by its DOMINANT Counterpart ⬇️ :

2 kinds of Perceiving:
a. Sensing
  – the ability to perceive details, & go for the fullest possible experience through the 5 senses
b. iNtuition – seeing the big picture, chasing the furthest reaches of the possible & the imaginative

2 kinds of Judging
a. Thinking – being objective & deductive, looking for rational order thru the impersonal logic of cause & effect
b. Feeling 
stepping in to the situation, being empathetic, & looking for rational order in accord with key values

 🗺 🗺 🗺

When a function is misused or misapplied, the person’ll have problems & setbacks.
🔸 SP = Sensate Perceiving 🔸 NP = Intuitive P
🔸 SJ = S Judging  🔸NJ -Intuitive J

Se-Ni (SP): When well-aligned, you pursue goals assertively, & are great at working around minor setbacks or environmental obstacles

WEAKNESS: You enjoy things so much you forget to stop & plan stuff out

FAIL: When misaligned, you tend to overlook or misunderstand the deeper meaning & implications of events / behavior, prone to aimlessness or impulsivity, with harmful long-term consequences

Ne-Si (NP): When well-aligned, you’re able to carry out your good ideas, making progress in the world, very resourceful in turning around problems or setbacks

WEAKNESS: So many ideas, but you can’t just pick one, shut up & stick with it

FAIL: When misaligned, you tend to be too idealistic / impractical, very careless about details, sometimes too scatter-brained to succeed, or keep repeating same mistakes

Si-Ne (SJ): When well-aligned, you reliably carry out tasks & duties in a detailed, thorough way, knowing the best methods for handling & implementing logistics

So comfortable with routine but a new idea freaks you out

FAIL: When misaligned, you tend to be too stubborn, narrow-minded, or risk-averse, unable to discover new / better ways accomplishing goals, because you can only see / accept one pre-existing or ‘correct’ way

Ni-Se (NJ): When well-aligned, you have ambitious & lofty visions for self &/or the world, very focused in pursuing an ideal

WEAKNESS: Your head’s in the clouds so much, you forget to stop to enjoy things

FAIL: When misaligned, your vision is too limited, or you have unrealistic expectations, too blind to see what you’re chasing is not workable, or that won’t have a positive outcome (maybe blind to important external changes)

🦋 🦋 🦋
TJ = Thinking Judging …..

Te-Fi (TJ): When well-aligned, you’re determined & competent at setting goals & reaching them, very good at leading, & efficient at eliminating obstacles or solving problems

he facts are the facts are the facts  – & you don’t care if someone’s feelings get hurt

FAIL: When misaligned, you tend to be too hasty / aggressive in how you try achieving goals, believing the end justifies the means, even trampling over others

Fe-Ti (FJ): When well-aligned, you can accurately assess the needs of everyone involved, & very compassionate in how you resolve interpersonal problems or social issues

WEAKNESS: You want to make everyone happy even if it means ignoring giant internal problems

FAIL: When misaligned, you tend to be socially insecure/inept, easily misunderstanding others (even tho’ you believe you’re great at reading people). You try to influence social situations but choose ineffective strategies that are likely to blow up in your face later

Ti-Fe (TP): When well-aligned, you’re knowledgeable & self-sufficient when trouble-shooting problems, very skilled at resolving whatever issues come your way

WEAKNESS: You want to get to the bottom of what makes the world ‘tick’ & don’t care if it makes society freak out

FAIL: When misaligned, you tend to have poor judgment, worsening rather than solving problems, by being unable / unwilling to see (human) complexities, or by dismissing other people’s valid viewpoints

Fi-Te (FP): When well-aligned, you confidently influence the world to become more moral & just, very passionate about creating opportunities for everyone to flourish

You spend so much time in your own world, to the point that facts aren’t important to you

FAIL: When misaligned, your evaluations tend to be too self-centered / subjective, & you keep wasting time on futile action that get negative results – not knowing the best way to produce lasting change in the world.


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