Enneagram WINGS – Intro (#2) + Type 1 Wings

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⬅️ The radar chart shows the dimensional profile of a statistically average Type One re. 14 key personality traits.
All 9 Ennea-scales are derived from “our internal research(2022)
EXP: Ones score high on Perfectionism & low on Spontaneity.

Each Wing influences our core type differently because they’re fluid rather than static, so we can draw from their specific strengths as we become more self-aware & intentional.

Our favorite wing widens the spectrum of possible behaviors for our type, giving us several positive options to act on. When facing a challenging situation or uncomfortable conversation, it will greatly help to draw on what we know about our stronger side-kick to successfully navigate it.
That’s why it’s so important to know the strength & weaknesses of each Ennea-#.

EXPs : 🔹 a 3w2 would focus on getting ahead, aiming to acquire a fanbase or support network // while 3w4 would mainly primarily aim for self-expression & originality.

🔹 Opposites – The 5w6 would place more value on intellectual pursuits, whereas 6w5 focuses actions on trying to eliminate their anxieties.

🔹A Type 7 with a strong 6 Wing will be more caution about making decisions, while those with a strong 8 can be more intense or urgent.
OR – a 7w6 may opt for a career in stand-up comedy to combat anxieties of the Six
AND – a 7w8 could gravitate towards travel blogging & exploring the world while keeping lots of creative freedom.

Because each of us can choose to use specific characteristics of our chosen wing, we may act differently with different people, places or things (PPT) based on whichever one we pick – consistently or at the moment.
☀︎ This helps explain why people who share the same Ennea- type can sometimes seem like different types.

Although wings are commonly referred to as ‘extensions’ or ‘helpers’, they hold great power to unlock our multifaceted personality. By understanding & using them, we can :
☆ form a clearer picture of what our inner motivations look like & how they emerge from our thoughts, emotions & actions
☆ figure out which career paths align well with our interests & talents
☆ explore potential lifestyles & environments / locations we would thrive in, to help achieve long-term career & life goals.
Ennea-Type WINGS

⭐️ 1 w 9: The Idealist / OptimistThey’re practical & meticulous perfectionists, but are kinder to themselves & others (than a ‘straight’ 1) , adding a gentler touch to their need to improve. The peace-seeking 9 wing makes 1s more laid-back & relaxed. They want to be good / right but with a touch of peace.

Also, the 9 wing tends to make 1s more introverted, more objective & more emotionally detached. They find it easier to back down, to listen & explain their ideas, & not be as resentful, but can also be more prone to isolation & procrastination.

They have a knack for catching inconsistencies in others’ reasoning & judgment, but tend to ask others for their opinions about another person before judging them, instead of following their own intuition.

Under stress, they can be impersonal & stubborn. They respond to negativity by either redirecting their feelings or by avoiding them altogether. They may push themself deeper into work (1’s defense) or withdraw from it (9’s protection).

“ATTITUDE” : My morals are better than your morals, & I’m going to nap instead of listen to your criticism. Goodbye.

⭐️ 1 w 2The Advocate / Lawyer. They’re socially aware activists who work tirelessly behind the scenes to uphold high safety standards for others. Being more vocal, they like to accept challenges & do whatever it takes – sometimes even aggressively – to reach their goals. (↙️ Image – scroll down for all 9)

The 2 wing helps the 1 be a bit warmer & somewhat more selfless, giving them more compassion & empathy than other 1s. But it can also increase their need for control, being more manipulative by trying to turn people into who the 1w2 thinks they should be. In times of stress they can become image-conscience, with a need for approval.

They’re more extroverted, more empathetic, fiery, action-oriented, & more helpful than other 1s. Kinder & more generous toward people they love, they’re not as hard on them because of the 1’s too-high standards & ideals. They want to be good /right with a touch of being lovable /wanted. (More…)

“ATTITUDE” : I’m a self righteous moral crusader

Sources : Enneagram Institute, The Enneagram In Business


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