Enneagram WINGS for Types 2, 3


Radar charts show the dimensions-profile of statistically average Types 2, 3 (2022)
This Chart shows how Type 2s score on 14 key traits.
EXP: High on Altruistic & Cooperative, but Low on Suspicious
↗️ This chart shows how Type 3s score on the 14 traits.
EXP:  Very High on Industrious & Competitive.

⭐️ 2 w 1 :  The Servant / Companion
They’re respectful & proper, a little more reserved, quiet & perfectionistic than basic 2s. Also – more reasonable, self-critical & judgmental. While being generous & demonstrative, even self-sacrificing, they can also be possessive & people-pleasing. 

The idealistic 1-wing makes the 2 more disciplined, focused & self-reflective.  2w1s are comfortable holding back in order to improve themself, having high standards for their work ethic, their personal conduct and the behavior of others

Deeply empathetic & caring people, they find fulfillment in others’ happiness & well-being. They can be available to others without forgetting about themself, aware that proper self-care allows them to take better care of others.
These 2s feel less obligated to help everyone, & can focus more on people who actually need help with specific tasks. The 1-wing makes them less afraid to say No.

It’s  important to show them gratitude & attention.
If unhealthy, they can become guilt-ridden, self-critical, controlling, self-righteous & judgmental. 

“ATTITUDE” : I’m a slightly more sensitive moral crusader, existing literally to serve things & causes, rather than to lead.
♥︎   ♥︎   ♥︎

⭐️ 2 w 3The Host/Hostess
These 2s tend to be very helpful, caring & attached to people – charming, outgoing, playful & more self-assured than 2s in general, which makes makes it easier for them to share their emotions & opinions.

The 3-wing also makes them ambitious, determined, flattering & more self-centered. They like to be in the spotlight & tell people directly what they want or what they have to offer in return.

Productive organizers, they thrive on connecting people together & being part of groups. These 2s are more comfortable having a leadership role, who find that being respected by others is just as satisfying as being liked.

Their basic fear is to feel adrift without love & acceptance.  To compensate, they constantly work at developing deep & intimate bonds they can rely on, emotionally dependent but ashamed of their needs.

When unhealthy, they can become deceptive, manipulative, & vain – their image being most important (the 3), for what they accomplish themself as well as for others.

“ATTITUDE” : I’m a pathetic slave to others’ opinions ⭐️ 3 w 2The Star / Enchanter
3s with a strong 2-wing are quite warm & engaging, showing better people-skills that average 3s, with the ability to lead & manage large groups. Their aim is to achieve in competitive & energetic ways, while still focusing mainly on individual self-expression. 

They actively form successful relationships with others as part of their overall program for achievement & productivity. Being very gregarious, they can maintain contact with people way beyond what most other  types can tolerate.  

The problem is that both numbers reinforce a dependency on external approval & recognition, which may lead to being superficial. Their biggest desire is to be worthy of others’ love, so the biggest fear is to not have it. This can make 3w2s ‘Charmers’ powerful individuals, but also troublesome.

Their desperate wish to be liked can too easily lead to losing an awareness of they own personal needs. They find it hard to stop constantly showing off & making a scene – even though it’s not a positive strategy in group settings.

“ATTITUDE” : I need to climb the social ladder, but alternate between doormat & hyper competitive jerk, bringing two-facedness to a whole other level
♥︎   ♥︎   ♥︎

⭐️ 3 w 4The Professional
The 4-wing makes these people more subdued, introspective & emotional, with a strong  imagination, with a tendency to dabble in the arts. It also makes the 3 pay more attention to intellectual information, compared to 2-wings.

They’re driven & organized bosses, always on the go with new business ideas & projects, finding great joy in efficiency & rewards, but will also have a personal agenda in off hours.
At times they’ll retreat from constant busyness to regroup or analyze their options, which may seem contradiction to the outgoing & performance-oriented 4.

These 3w4s have better access to their internal states & moods, but don’t like being used as a shoulder to be cried one, preferring two-way beneficial conversations. The4-Wing can make them more vulnerable as they express themselves openly, & so become more ‘introverted’. 

Under stress, they can be moody, arrogant & pretentious, or suffer from depression

“ATTITUDE” : I need to stand out by achieving things, & I am the definition of ‘stomping on people’s faces’ to get what I want

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