Enneagram WINGS for Types 4, 5


Radar charts show the dimensions profile of statistically average Types 4 & 5 (2022)
This chart shows how Type 4s score on 14 traits.
EXP: High on Complexity & Low on Principled
↗️ This chart shows how Type 5s score on 14 traits.
EXP : High on Complexity & Self-efficacy, Low on Team-oriented.

⭐️4 w 3 : The Aristocrat
They are charismatic & individualistic artists with a sense of wonder about the underlying beauty in nature as well as the spectrum of human emotions.

The ambitious, goal-oriented 3-wing makes Fours more willing to put themselves out there, work on their skills, & learn to market them. They’re better at dialing back their emotions in order to be productive & efficient, often having more energy to pursue their ideas.

A 3-wing helps turn their attention to the external world. It tempers the Four’s self-absorption from a desire to prove their specialness through achievement, making these 4s more task-focused. It also tailors their dramatic style to be more socially-acceptable while still being distinctive.

They will put aside much of their individualism to blend in, while keeping some personalized touches in style or presentation. They’re good at “feeling out” & meeting others’ expectations, but with some tension between their public or social image vs their inner life. 

They can be impatient with superficial activities, going after things that offer more depth. This can either make them just complainers, or actively pursue excellence in whatever they do. In stressful situations they may become attention-seeking & elitist.

“ATTITUDE” : I don’t know what I want (sitting in a corner rocking back & forth)
♥︎   ♥︎   ♥︎

⭐️4 w 5 : The Bohemian
These intense creators are on a mission to use self-expression to highlight the universality of the human condition. They’re more contemplative, objective, quiet & unconventional, such as artists, writers, musicians & scholars

With a 5-wing, Fours become more analytical & intellectually observant about themself, not getting as quickly overwhelmed by their emotions, so find it easier to stop, focus, listen & concentrate.

If 4w5s stop chasing the ‘universal Ideal’, they can fall into hopeless defeatism. Despairing of being understood & accepted, they can retreat into themself, appearing almost stoic despite swirling emotions under the surface. If this happens, they come across as aloof, eccentric, or avant-garde.

Under stress, they can detach from themself & be withdrawn or pessimistic.

“ATTITUDE”: I want to stand out by not standing out. Also, I’m a tool ⭐️ 5 w 4: The Iconoclast
 The 4-wing helps these 5s either be artists, doing their ‘normal’ work in creative ways, or generally have an appreciation for the arts. They’re often very interested in unique & creative ways to use their minds, & like to tinker with objects.

Idiosyncratic (& often self-taught) lone rangers, they deeply value autonomy & mastery of a subject. Both 4s & 5s are introverts, so when combined these 5s can easily disconnect from the environment.

However, the emotionally expressive 4-wing does help Fives better identify & communicate emotions, instead of just analyzing them, allowing deeper intimate connections with partners & close friends.

While the 4-wing may support greater interpersonal warmth, it can also lead to a more erratic or disjointed style. Their challenge is to integrate thinking & feeling so they aren’t being pulled in different directions, or creating conflict. 

When unhealthy, they can become moody, melancholic, and self-absorbed.

“ATTITUDE” : See how smart & passionate I am while standing out. But please don’t actually pay attention to me because if you look too hard I’ll shatter. WAIT – why are you looking at me? Stop. Please!
♥︎   ♥︎   ♥︎

⭐️5 w 6 : The Problem Solver
These 5s are detached & curious researcher who gather energy from digging into fascinating topics, under the radar. Having scientific or intellectual interests makes them more logical, analytical, & hard-working.

The 6-wing reinforces the activity of the mental center (5,6,7). A strong focus is on technical data, systems of information & knowledge – as a solution to life’s challenges.

Their intuition comes naturally through instant social processing, rather than from intense thinking & information about people & situations. 5s combine their observing skills with the foresight of 6s, while the suspicion & deep observation of 6 is added to the 5’s natural logic.

The 6-wing helps make these 5s excellent team players. They’re more social, finding it easier to contribute to group efforts. Their thinking is practical & problem-oriented, with social instincts that are more family-oriented, on the lookout for stability.

If unhealthy, they can be anxious, skeptical & afraid of intimacy.

“ATTITUDE” : I’m paranoid about being paranoid

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