Enneagram WINGS for Types 6, 7


Radar charts show the dimensions profile of statistically average Types 6, 7 (2022)
⬆️ This chart shows how Type 6s score on 14 key personality traits. EXP : High on Suspicious & Altruistic, Low on Self-efficacy.
↗️ This chart shows how Type 7s score on 14 traits. EXP : High on Spontaneity, & Low on Need for achievement (nA).

⭐️ 6 w 5 : The Defender
These 6s are resourceful & dutiful team worker who highly value security, with a great passion for knowledge, whether it’s to feel prepared or just for the sake of learning. They value honesty & clarity, fiercely defending their values in order to keep their honor, & give life a clear frame.

Tending to be serious & studious, they can be original thinkers, quiet, private. Defenders not only use common sense when making decisions – they take the effort to find new and more convenient ways to do it, with a low emotional cost.

The rational and detached Type Five wing makes it easier for Sixes to spend time alone & function independently. They’re often outstanding problem-solvers who care less about what other people think of them, while still comfortable inside predictable & rule-based environments.
They often having a great sense of humor.

When under stress, can become arrogant & reclusive workaholics, image-conscience, dismissive of their own thoughts & feelings.

“ATTITUDE” : If my social group isn’t equal and homogenous i will pick it apart, send a letter of resignation and leave
♥︎   ♥︎   ♥︎

⭐️ 6 w 7 : The Buddy
These 6s are optimistic & fun-loving explorers of life with a (somewhat contradictory) need for safety & comfort. They thrive on creating interesting plans & options, but they also need to know what the limits are.
They take things more lightly, are optimistic, very observant, open to risk & more comfortable with the unexpected.     

The combination of 6’s honorable manners with 7’s optimism makes them very engaging, being playful, relaxed, & find it easier to connect with others. They know the best way to talk to people to get their needs met, conscientious of including them..

The skeptical or doubting mind is still present, but they’re more likely to engage in spirited discussion of ideas & issues. They’re a mix of outgoing & edgy, inclusive yet critical. They want to work things out with people even if that means agreeing to disagree. Group trips, projects & sports are preferred.

When unhealthy, they can overreact, become impatient & materialistic.

“ATTITUDE” : If people look at me enough maybe it will alleviate my paranoia and anxiety about everything as long as i don’t act TOO out there. wait. wait guys where are you going?

⭐️ 7 w 6: The Entertainer
7’s natural optimism & enthusiasm meet 6’s responsibility & seriousness, the 6 giving them more control so the 7 can act deliberately rather than impulsively. They’re excellent problem-solvers because of excellent observation skills, allowing them to anticipate problems before they even happen.

The 6-w gives them more control so the 7 can act deliberately rather than impulsively. Committed & reliable, they’re also more light-hearted. As happy-go-lucky & humorous experience-junkies, they’re always on the search for new projects, easier for them to carry their child-like wonder into maturity.
The combination is a restless person that looks for new & exciting experiences to lift their spirit while taking care of their obligations.

In stressful situations they cab become anxious, fidgety, hesitant & too sensitive.

“ATTITUDE” : I want to be fun & also be liked, but my self-generated conflict threatens me
♥︎   ♥︎   ♥︎

⭐️ 7 w 8: The Realist
These 7s are creative, innovative entrepreneur who enjoys experimenting & creating with new  ideas & mediums. Determined & persistent they often show an almost pure, genuine joy of life, pulled toward more sensate (physical) experiences. 

With the strength-oriented 8-wing, 7s are more assertive  &
ambitious, powerful, & confident.  Their thinking often is strategic & aimed at efficiency, approaching tasks with a more hands-on focus from a desire to make things happen.

The expansiveness of both numbers can take them far in the world. They can be great adventurers, whether in extreme sports, business ventures, travel, partying, or all the above. 

They have to watch out for getting overextended in whatever they do & losing their grounding. They can become self-focused to an extreme, following their own desires or vision of what life should be. While this makes them highly creative, it can also lead to self-absorption.

Under stress, they become impatient, indulgent & narcissistic.

“ATTITUDE” : I am a plague on humanity, burning crops & poisoning the water supply. I’m curious – what are you going to do about it?

NEXT : Wings 8 & 9

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