MBTI – UNHEALTHY Functions (N)

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SITE: “Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms of Every MBTI Personality Type”  (How each type tries to defend their ego)



▶︎  Our top 2 functions can manage a lot of stress before they start getting overwhelmed, especially the HERO (Dom). The MENTOR (Aux) function can handle more than the Sidekick (Ter), but at the cost of getting worse at dealing with anxiety. The SIDEKICK can manage anxiety (internal), but struggles most with stress (external). Finally, the RIVAL (Inf) struggles to handle both anxiety & stress. (Code Flow)

▸ When a function is over-stimulated, steadying it with it’s opposite function may help (Intro / Extro)
▸ If a function is under-stimulated, boosting it with it’s inspirational function may help.
Inspirational triggers help boost your function to its max.
EXP: Ne provides patterns, possibilities & ideas – that can be essential to the philosopher’s Nconceptualization.

“I figured out the pattern & it could lead to something great!”

Ni types (INTJ / INFJ) look for meaningful purpose – SO they can react intensely against unpredictable or pointless situations
▪︎ They value a life-calling & long-term implications, SO they’ll react against anyone they see as fickle or short-sighted

Unhealthy Ni – those who’ll have a 2 hour ‘discussion’ with you, mostly monologue, & don’t seem to make a point. They’re excited about anything & everything, but never get specific or say how their experiences turned out.
They not only contradict themselves in a span of a few days, but sometimes even in the same statement. While they often think of themselves as knowledgeable on just about every subject, most of the time its only surface info, based on something they heard in passing

ATTITUDE: “I’ll get to the bottom of this no matter what the cost!”

EXP: all-or-nothing goal setting, dismisses others’ opinions, no spontaneity, obsessive visualization, refuses to back up conclusions with evidence, “all-knowing” attitude, single-minded

As unhealthy DOM  
Ni: Have a bad case of superiority complex, thinking they understand things better than everyone else – when they actually don’t. Stubborn in their ideals & refuse to budge when new information is presented. At the same time, they’re afraid to act if they don’t think they know how to proceed, panic & think they’ll die if they don’t understand everything.

🦋 🦋
HEALTHY Ne: “There are many side to this situation & many solutions”

Ne types (ENTP/ ENFP) look for mental stimulation – SO they can react intensely against repetitive or monotonous situations
▪︎ They value creativity & inspiration, SO they’ll react against anyone they see as narrow-minded or pessimistic

Unhealthy Ne – those who always think they understand stuff better than you, AND that their word is gospel. They effortlessly exude arrogance & superiority without even realizing it. Despite sounding ‘deep’, you still wouldn’t trade places with them, since they never seem to have had one minute of fun their whole life, & their only ounce of contentment is when someone says they were right about something

ATTITUDE: ‘I know I said I was gonna do that, but…. you know, something came up’

EXP: avoids mundane tasks, completely rejects traditional methods, detached from reality, extremely indecisive, commitment-phobic, flaky

As unhealthy DOM
Ne: Easily bored, constantly looking for something new.  Can’t stick with anything for more than a day or follow a schedule. Keep making the same mistakes over & over (maybe they need to be sure it is a mistake??) Often contradict themselves by the end of any pronouncement. Think everything established is old & worn out

🦋 🦋

EXAMPLE : ENFP plus & minus (from Flow Code)


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