MBTI – UNHEALTHY Functions (S)


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▶︎ In MBTI terms, being unhealthy means using a function in ways that harm self &/or other people – because it’s not working well with the rest of our stack, especially its opposite (Ne/Si, Te/Fi…). Tracking our behavior over time will alert us which function(s) are/is causing problems in life. Learning the healthy version of each one & how it applies to our specific Type can be a blueprint for growth.

When stressed:
Extroverts = become fearful & insecure about taking action
Introverts = frequently burn out, because of feeling ‘forced’ to act
Judgers = become passive / apathetic, as nothing ever goes smoothly
Perceivers = get rigid / compulsive, since they keep falling behind
Sensers = will lack confidence in their abilities, despite being talented
iNtuitives = be pessimistic, never imagining a better life
Thinkers = be short-tempered, from constantly being thwarted
Feelers = sabotage relationships by controlling or immoral behavior

HEATHY Si: “I hear your idea. Tell me more & I’ll consider it, even if it’s not for me”

Si types (ISTJ / ISFJlook for material security – SO they can react intensely against disruptive, new, unknown, or risky situations
▪︎ They value authority & precedence, SO they’ll react against anyone they see as unreliable or improper

Unhealthy Si  – never change their mind about anything, always shoot down any kind of alternative or proposal, & love to criticize anything they’ve never even tried. They take everything literally & panic when there’s no plan.
Some will go as far as experiencing progress as The Enemy, so it would take a bulldozer to move them from their comfort zone.
You just want to punch them in the face when they call all excited about a new discovery that you’ve spent 5 years telling them about!

ATTITUDE: “Nope, that’s stupid. I don’t need to consider it – it’s just wrong”

EXP: always plays it safe, completely ignores contradictory information, fixated on the past, obsessed with detail, stagnant, rejects novelty

As unhealthy DOM
Si : Super narrow-minded, doesn’t want to step out of their comfort zone to consider new ways of seeing or doing things. Harshly judges & dismisses as crazy anything not ‘normal’ to them

🦋 🦋
HEATHY Se: “I want to full experience this – it makes me feel alive”

Se types (ESTP / ESFP) look for pleasurable engagement – SO they can react intensely against unsatisfying or tedious situations.
▪︎ They value being bold & adventurous, SO they’ll react against anyone they see as cowardly or passive (a parent?)

Unhealthy Se – they have a very short attention span, everything has to be FUN, & there’s no sense of the consequences of their actions. Always seem to be in trouble – legal, financial, professional….. so if you care about them you can easily get pulled into cleaning up one mess after another.
You’ll scratch your head when they ask to borrow money for the rent, & then buy something expensive, like a designer dress or a vacation trip……
They’re great for a night out on the town, but otherwise, it’s best to avoid them like the plague (from Steve)

ATTITUDE: “I wanna do this NOW. It won’t hit me in the butt later…. right?”

EXP: acts without considering consequences, completely rejects the theoretical, flighty, overindulgent, reckless, physically aggressive, refuses to plan ahead, (from High on MBTI)

As unhealthy DOM
Se: Unnecessarily risk-taking & reckless. Can’t for the life of them think 2 steps ahead, preferring to live all “Carpe Diem”, but at a hefty price. Will try to squirm their way out of every bad situation, rather than sitting back & thinking something through before they act
🦋 🦋

EXAMPLE : INFJ plus & minus (from Flow Code)

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