Enneagram – 9 LEVELS for TYPE 5

k13563297THE MORE I KNOW
the safer I feel

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LEVELS by TYPE (cont.)
TYPE 5 – Investigators/Observers
Healthy Levels – Clarity: Esoteric knowledge. Able to demonstrate visionary intellect and inventiveness.
Unhealthy levels – Psychotic states: Annihilating behavior. Becomes increasingly eccentric and isolated.

HEALTHY 5s: I like to master knowledge and share it with the world.
The Innovator: They’re visionary & participatory. Discover/develop new technologies or systems of thought which are useful to others
● Detachment overcomes the vice of Avarice (the illusion of retention). As they become more confident in their knowledge, they can be bolder & more assertive, like an 8 (one of their Arrows). Intense and intellectual, they’re analytic, insightful, inventive & extremely perceptive. Deeply curious about the world, they find their own answers & explore uncharted territory. They make remarkable mental leaps & connections, valued as sources of considerable wisdom.

AVERAGE 5s: I find analytical living rewarding.
The Intellectual: They enjoy philosophical discussion/debate, endlessly curious, love to learn, thoughtful
● They’ve lost the original knowledge of omniscience (unified, limitless knowledge). This has been corrupted into the belief that the self must divide from the world to acquire this knowledge so they won’t “lose themselves” existentially. This leads to holding back, disliking intrusions on their time and space

UNHEALTHY 5s: I struggle with the meaningless of existence.
The Nihilist: They’re cold, devoid of feelings, detached, hermetic, struggle with the meaninglessness of existence
● They become arrogant, detached, eccentric. preoccupied, reclusive.

Healthy loop: Run by the Basic Desire of ‘Needing to understand the world’, making 5s observe and analyze the world. When they’ve reached that understanding their need is satisfied & balance is reached.
Average state: When 5s do less of observing and analyzing the world, they have trouble understanding it. This increases their need & may push to study more, creating a balance.
Unhealthy loop is run by the Basic Fear of ‘being overwhelmed by the world’, causing 5s to become detached from the people & world around them, as a defense. This leads to understanding the world even less, increasing the basic fear & prevents balance.

LENS you see the world thru: “I’m detached from the situation, & I step back to analyze and understand it.”
GROWTH: Breaking control of the basic fear comes from not detaching and start to actively observe and analyze the real world more.
LEVEL 5 in BIZ (Mid-Average)'average' levels
5s like to be in charge, & at this level can be ambitious, restless & intimidating in the pursuit
of control & rewards. The best 5 leaders make you feel ‘inside’ a group of special initiates who
have access to special knowledge which you’re responsible for nurturing & refining.
— are capable of high-level abstract thinking, easily reducing a great deal of info into a core proposition
— can wait patiently for results, not panicking as long as the basic necessities are on hand
— attract followers because of their knowledge worth having – the most sophisticated, profound or cutting edge, & they know how to use it

Remember that THEY:
— love inside information, looking for that specialized knowledge to give them an edge or provide a useful insight
— love details – what might be too trivial to others may be a central fact for the 5
— like to think about info which has been requested or a problem posed to them, so they can be sure to give the right answer
— like their privacy, generally avoid conflict & value un-emotional decision-making
— usually see thru flattery or charismatic leadership (manipulations)
— respond well to being asked for help in solving problems, since it encourages their self-esteem
— may seem uninterested in their environment because of being quiet but in fact are absorbing everything
— notice all the subtle expressions & characteristics of others in meetings, even as they’re paying attention to any information being presented. This combination allows them to give a brief but accurate summary of the proceeding.   (From: Global Leadership Foundation)


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