c) Enneagram STACK : SX/SP expanded




: For 
info on SX as First / Dominant – SEE  “Enneagram STACK : SX/SO expanded” 

Dom: Sexual, 2nd: Self-Preservation, Social (blindspot : Social)

Mindset: “If I can make (us) have an orderly & pleasing lifestyle, I can keep up & escalate all this merging & intensity.”

☼ Searching for missing piece, soulmate, to form a secret bond.
BUT Internally conflicted, inconsistent behavior (brooding, troubled Isolation vs. emerging), SX needs blocked by SP.
When stressed, severe sexual tensions may manifest as erratic behavior

☼ Restless : want the intensity of pursuing personal interests (urge to wander or explore inner meaning) with the stability having a partner & comfort of a home sanctuary.

☼ Theirs is strictly a personal outlook, not concerned with social consensus, oblivious to the collective good. Communications are intimate, personal, no view to wider interests

☼ SX/SP is a lightning bolt captured in a bottle. The energy is always there but contained in a glass jar, & only occasionally breaks free. It’s self-contained, sharp & focused.

☼ This type will often ‘look’ angry even when they are not – a certain quality of emotion they display from being socially oblivious.
However, they’re most likely to get into physical altercations, & may even enjoy fighting. WITH healthy SX/SPs this becomes a playful selfishness.

☼ Most SXs are honest, almost to a fault. SX/SP wants to choose their friends wisely, having a “with me or against me” attitude, similar to 6s and 8s.

☼ SX/SP is the least inhibited of all stackings, with a confidence not usually found in the other combinations, caring less about what others think of them. May be very popular without knowing or putting emphasis on it, unlike SO types.

☼ Their confidence is internal, & may come from simply not paying attention to social rituals at all (weak SO), OR not value their benefits & usefulness.
EXP: Put a SX/SP in a busy bar & they’ll be comfortable in themselves. But make them sit with parents-in-law for a formal family dinner – & you won’t see that same ease.

☼ SX/SP does create a tendency toward isolation, even in Extroverts, an in-their-own-world vibe, sometimes even to the point of obliviousness. They can tune out of conversations, reacting suddenly when something interesting is said, then snap back to their inner focus when it gets boring.

☼ Ironically, they can fall in love with their soapbox, & be extremely insistent & aggressive about issues they feel strongly about.

☼ They can pursue a passion – in a social environment – in such harsh & tactless ways that it makes stronger SOs cringe.
EXP :  They’ll make a crude joke in bad taste, or other faux pas, not knowing it’s the wrong thing to say until afterwards, or may not  care about their effect.

☼ SX manifests as a strong overall drive toward pleasure & spontaneity – being provocative to be in the spotlight, extravagance, flaunting to impress, for new experiences, personal transformations, & unrealistic romantic fantasies and whims.

☼At the same time, SP counters by erecting walls – with fears, worries, practical downers, a need to hide & be secretive, trying to conserve time, space, & energy.

Missing Social, which is fresh air / sunlight – when you take air away you get death. Friend-of-the-dark, accepting corruption & people’s underbellies

☼ Have a shrouded / hooded quality, like a cave dweller. Want to lose self, to die in ‘the other’, in an upward peak of flame & ecstasy

Archetypes: Alchemist, shaman, self-cutter / injurer, tattoo artist

Elements as metaphor: Upward death, rebirth, metamorphosis, burned to death & born again from new elements


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