b) Enneagram STACK : SX/SO Expanded


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SX-firsts aren’t as aware (as SOs) of the practical / literal  interactions between themselves, other people & the environment.
Instead – they’re most aware of the chemistry among those elements. It ASKS :
º Am I close to my mate? to my family?
º How much in common do we all have? 
º Do I really like this situation? Am I attracted to it?
º Is that person attracted to that other person? …..

They very much like being close with intimates, & are generally passionate about things. They fear that chemical bonds could be broken – so when those are, they’re emotionally wounded, with a terrified feeling of literally being ripped away from the important person or object.

(SX/SO) ”The Sensual Player”
 Dom: Sexual, 2nd: Social (blindspot : Self-Preservation)

Mindset: “If I can maintain position & inclusion in the group / world, I can keep up & escalate all this merging intensity.”

☼ They exude raw charisma & sexual energy. Redefine & exploit sexuality to reflect their own colorful understanding of it

☼ Oriented toward people. Want the intensity of having a partner, as well as pursuing social interests. Use the social realm to get what they need out in the world.
But – pulled between intensity & periods of quiet ‘normal’

☼ Identify with what they’re involved with, becoming the symbol of its core essence. Will test boundaries, not content with status quo. Can have a social / spiritual ’cause’

☼ SX/SO is the least sober stacking. SP normally would provide some grounding, so when it’s last , it feels like there’s no place for the to plug into practicality.
Even so, this combo does have some focused drive from its SX-firstness (even perfectionism)

Missing SP‘s physicality of earth, it lacks a dull weight, stick-in-the-mud quality. Butterfly, shimmer & sparkle, unsullied by the seriousness of mundane reality

☼ There’s a practical immaturity, nomadic, no roots – but can have trouble / inability moving forward in certain areas in life

☼ SX/SO is the “social revolutionary” stacking, leaning more toward cultural than political change – although the two are not mutually exclusive

(SO/SP is a bigger player for socio-political / gov. change).
With big ebb-&-flow of attraction & repulsion from SX, SO’s second position makes the social arena ripe for seduction & seizure

☼ This option introduces heat, which causes agitation in social groups, probing & forcing psychological exposure. Without the self-protective ‘pullback’s of SP concerns, it’s “no-holes barred”

☼ So this person’s subconscious attitude is ‘full steam ahead’.  Unfortunately – depending on the Ennea-type – SP-lastness can make SX/SO-almost oblivious to how greatly the revolution they’re causing can threaten their own survival.

☼ SX-first energy is more phallic – a concentrated cluster of nerves leaning forward (SX), poking at the collective emotional space (SO). Picture sticking raw power-lines of SX-first into the electrically-conductive water of the social pool, & stagnant waters have no choice but to start poppin’-&-crackin’.

☼ SX/SO uses exhibitionism.
Other than literal (physical) exposure, unsettling psycho-emotional self-exposure produces an emotionally charged vulnerability in others, reminiscent of genital exposure (displaying what is sensitive).
This can only be experienced as ‘sexual’ in the subconscious of the observer, which is a way to create reactivity into the crowd.
NOTEsee the SO post
When SO is Dominant, the person neglects other things in favor of focusing on making a contribution (workaholic).

▫️They like gossip. Being included is important, the need to be plugged in to something. Knowing what’s going on is a way to uncover how to find their place in the social hierarchy. SOs always asks “What will I get out of this? Is this worth my while? Do I participate or not?”

▫️ SOs can manipulate others to get what they want, to the point of it being narcissistic, but with a danger of over-accommodating.
Focus can be on politics, jockeying for position & an important role. Can become pathological, with a willingness to pay whatever the admission price is. The darker side – issues can turn into warfare

▫️Talk is a SO thing, used as currency. (SP & SX don’t care as much) . Exploring – “How can we bond? Are we on the same team? Who can I trust?”
Healthy SOs ask:  “How can this help everyone??”


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