Enneagram – 9 LEVELS for Type 3


I want all the attention

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LEVELS by TYPE (cont.)
Healthy Levels – Have Authenticity & Self-Acceptance. Able to inspire others as an example of personal excellence and emotional honesty.
Unhealthy Levels – Psychopathy & Monomaniacal behavior. Blindly pursue success and status.

HEALTHY 3s: “I can effortlessly handle the spotlight.”
The Performer: You are adaptable, attractive, authentic, charming, competent, enthusiastic, inner-directed, a motivator, self-assured
● Truthfulness overcomes 3’s flaw of Deceit, by accurately expressing reality & being down-to-earth. You have grand & successful ideas, but those are earned & reflect reality, & you’re open, generous & warm
● Promoter / good communicator: once given a goal you’ll work tirelessly to achieve it, & so can energize those around you with a can-do attitude. You’re a skilled performer/entertainer, effortlessly handle the spotlight, impressive without being arrogant.

AVERAGE 3s: I desire some level of fame in my community.
The Histrionic: You are a chameleon, calculating, career-focused, competitive, goal-oriented, a social-climber.
● You find it hard to value yourself, so are preoccupied with fame, prestige, social status & wanting others to find you impressive. Not truly aware of how you come across, you’re only focused on how attractive or unattractive you are to others. You treat people as objects – either as being helpful to you or as a barrier to getting the job done – which people resent.

UNHEALTHY 3s: I will do anything for attention, even horrible things.
The Envier: You are arrogant, deceptive, envious, exploiting, immoral, overly competitive, narcissistic, pushy, self-serving, sleazy, superficial, vain,
● You constantly compare yourself to others more accomplished/successful,
longing for what you don’t have. You’re convinced that being ignored is = to not existing, so will act inappropriately to get attention, chasing an idealized image.

Healthy loop: The Basic Desire of ‘Needing to be admired’ pushes 3s to Type 3 LEVELSwork hard to improve themselves and succeed, often gaining admiration. Feeling admired, the need is satisfied & balance is reached.
Average state: 3s don’t work hard to improve themselves, so others admire them less, which increases 3s’ need to be praised. This can spur 3s to make more of an effort, & balance is created

Unhealthy loop : They’re run by the Basic “Fear of being rejected”, causing 3s to be competitive and hostile towards others, as a defense, which makes them even less valued, increases 3s’ basic fear & prevents balance.

you see the world thru: “How can I be successful? How can I accomplish the next goal as efficiently as possible?”

GROWTH: Don’t be competitive but focus on self-improvement instead
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'average' levels
LEVEL 5 in BIZ (Mid-Average)
AS LEADERS – Leadership is a 3’s preferred position.
— are highly functional, with a huge appetite for hard work
— focus on goals & keeping other moving toward getting results
— thrive on measuring their achievements
— can easily adapt or change their style to fit what’s popular or desired – in whatever environment they’re working in, like a chameleon
— compete for titles, & produce for the bonuses
— are acutely aware of differences in status, & want to climb as high as they can
— only see people by appointment, so get on their list! They’re too busy to schmooze

Be well-prepared & get to the point – don’t waste the 3’s time, & don’t interrupt them when they’re going full steam. Do what you say you’ll do. Give a clear outline for success, being explicit about what’s expected in performance & outcome.
— confuse their real self with their work role “I am what I do”
— tend to assume they know more than they do – the ‘instant expert’
— are more likely to focus on quantity rather than quality
— want to be efficient & save time, even of that means cutting corners
— can do several things at once, using shortcuts & filling in details later
— want to know their efforts are valued, & need clear feedback on how well they’re doing
— don’t tolerate criticism, & blame others for any failures
— prefer short-range plans & deadlines, or reasonable stopping-points, so they can get the praise they crave
(From: Global Leadership Foundation)

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