Enneagram Humor (Part 6)


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“EATING” by Rev Liz Stout (ordained Interfaith Minister, active Episcopalian, Buddhism buff, general spiritual scavenger, Evanston, Ill)

1s always chew more than they have bitten off
2s offer a bite to someone else first
3s take a bite of the best-selling, most popular brand

4s take a bite slowly & dramatically, hoping that others are watching
5s hide the wrapper so no one else will know what bites they’re enjoying
6s check the expiration date or read the ingredients before taking a bite

7s do bite off more than they can chew, & then proceed to chew
8s may take possession of someone else’s bite, putting up a fight if necessary
9s can’t make up their minds what to take a bite of – they take a little of everything to show partiality

DE GUSTIBUS NON DISPUTANDUM (Latin for “No Accounting for Tastes”)

‘HUMAN Dinner Party” by Elizabeth Wagele

ennea dinner types














Q: Is the glass is half-full or half-empty? by Cory Caplinger
Enneagram TYPE answers:
#1 – It’s half empty, because I say it is and I’m always right!
#2 – Would you like to have this water? Let me fill it up for you!
#3 – Hmm, I bet I could make a profit selling half-empty glasses of water for full price!
#4 – It’s half-empty…. just like everything else in this miserable world – & I don’t even deserve that! (pouts with a tear in eye)

#5 – Well, after measuring it precisely with my Fleuromaton, I have concluded that the volume of dihydrogen-oxide in this silicon-based vessel is 50.8%, thus qualifying it as roughly Half-Full.
#6 – I’m not drinking it, there’s poison in it!
#7 – It’s half-full!!! (drinks) Ah, FANTASTIC! Can I have another one?
#8 – It’s half-empty… so fill it up NOW before I have to break your neck!!!
#9 – It’s whatever you say it is.

Posted by CosmicDust (2007)
Mama‘s such a One, she can’t accept a birthday card from me without pointing out how bad the handwriting in my signature is.

Mama’s such a Two, she can’t swat a fly without demanding that the fly feel grateful that she didn’t do it the slow, painful way with bug spray.

Dad’s such a Three, she can’t even sleep without finishing a To-Do list in his dreams and boasting about how productive he is every night.

Mama’s such a Four, she can’t cook me dinner without lamenting that nobody understands or appreciates how hard it was to slave over that old stove, as the food became eternally scarred with charcoal, awaiting its ultimate fate to be torn apart in my stomach.

Mama’s such a Five, she can’t give me a hug without expounding and speculating on the origins, methods & meaning of hugs throughout the course of human history and prehistory, all the while mummyforgetting to enjoy the experience of hugging.

Dad‘s such a Six, I can’t throw him a surprise party without him questioning what my hidden agenda for not telling him. Was I trying to give him a heart attack so I could get my inheritance early, or thinking that he wasn’t competent enough to put his own party together?

Dad’s such a Seven, he can’t even channel surf without also checking the Internet, the radio and the voice mail on his cell phone for something potentially more interesting.

Dad’s such an Eight, he’s the only person who can make squirrels get the BLEEP off the road before they get run over, just by giving them that look… but then he runs them over anyway, just because se can.

Mama’s such a Nine, she refers to “Dante’s Inferno” as “Dante’s Inferyes.”

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Enneagram Humor (Part 5)


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Top Ten Signs You’re a TYPE 8 ~ Suzyn Smith

10. People tend to salute you, but you’re not in the military
9. It looked like it was going to be a tough race, but after you ran the smear campaign, you were elected president of the garden club with ease
8. They’re still looking for the last guy who insulted your mother

7. You consider binging on an attractive alternative lifestyle
6. You frequently threaten people with castration (with a look?)
5. You used to pass time in dull classes by arguing with the professor
4. You often talk about having sex in casual social conversation

3. You were captain of your college rugby team (& you’re a girl)
2. Konrad Lorenz’s “On Aggression” reads like your autobiography
1. The #3 sitting over there could get elected, but YOU could run the country

A #5 went for a walk in the park & ran into his #5 friend, riding a bike.
“Hey Joe, good to see ya’. Nice bike you’ve got here. I haven’t see it before. Where’d you get it?”
“Well Sam, you won’t believe it. I met Julia riding this very bike, & when she saw me a strange thing happened. She took all her clothes off & said “Hi Sam, take whatever you want!”
“Wait, she was naked & you took the bike ????”
“Well, yeah…” Joe thought about that and finally said:
“Oh well, I think you made the right choice, her clothes wouldn’t have fit you anyway…”
Post by Mort Sahl (2001)

Two Enneagram drunks go into a bar.
A: “What’a’ya gonna have, Joe?” / B: “Scotch on the rocks”.
A: ” Too 7ish for me” / B: “Lissen bud, scotch is a 6 drink”
A: “Whad’ya mean? I drank that stuff last night, got in my car & drove 95 mph”
B: “I drank that stuff last week & thought the world was out to get me”
Bartender: “What are you guys gonna have?”
A: ” a 7and7″ / B: ” a 6wing7″

Some famous 8s: F. Lee Bailey, Lucille Ball, Bogart, Kirk & Michael Douglas, Indira Ghandi, Saddam Hussein, Queen Latifah, Rush Limbaugh, Grace Slick, Sinatra, Mike Tyson, John Wayne, Debra Winger.
EXP: type 8 cartoon
My ‘growing’ #8 friend who hated his narcissistic abusive boss decided it was best to leave his intense wish for revenge up to Higher Power to dish out, instead of saying what he felt & then get fired!

Twisted Affirmation
When someone hurts me, forgiveness is cheaper than a lawsuit, but not nearly as gratifying.

Fun Quote: Anonymous
Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don’t.

Walking in to a party: Mention a better party down the road, & take everyone there

Some famous 9s:  Loni Anderson, Yogi Berra, Sandra Bullock, Bill Clinton,Kevin Costner, the Dalai Lama, Dan Quayle, Ronald Reagan, Gloria Steinem
type 9 cartoonEXP:
When Terry asked a #9 friend to make her ‘kind, helpful suggestions’ fit with who Terry actually is (a self-aware #8), rather than trying to rescuing or people-please her (“Why don’t you….”),
the #9’s response was “That’s too much work. You’re asking a lot. Now I have to walk on eggshells with you!”

Twisted Affirmation
False hope is nicer than no hope at all.

Fun Quote: Unknown
Dolphin-safe tuna? Yeah, that’s great if you’re a dolphin. But what if you’re a tuna?

Walking in to a party: See that the room is empty & apologize for showing up on the wrong day

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Enneagram Humor (Part 4)


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Enneagram TYPE Humor
❥ Why didn’t the counter-phobe #6 cross the road?
‘Cause she’s not chicken.

❥ How many phobic 6s does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer A: Five people – One to say “OMG the light bulb went out. HELP!,”
One to say “OMG you’re right, this is horrible, we need help!”
One to go consult an expert on how to change light bulbs
One to screw it in
One to stand by the phone ready to call 911 in case the one screwing it in gets electrocuted

Answer B: No, it takes Six people.
❥ One to stand there & grumble, “Rats, I’ve been telling them for ages this frakkin’ bulb was ready to blow, but would they listen to me? Oh noooo! I knew this would happen!”
❥ One to get several references on the proper way to change light bulbs (which he already has on hand because he too was sure the damned bulb would blow at some point & wanted to be prepared when it happened).

❥ One to go get a light bulb from her light bulb stash. (She’d stocked up on light bulbs just in case.)
❥ One to screw in the bulb.
❥ One to stand there and tell the one screwing in the bulb to be careful of X, Y, and Z.
❥ One to stand there ready to call 911 in case the one screwing it in gets electrocuted or falls off the ladder. That ladder doesn’t look too great. He / she’s been telling them for ages they need to replace that rickety ladder before someone gets hurt.

Some famous 6s: Woody Allen, Candace Bergen, Mel Gibson, Hitler, Bob Newhart, Nixon, Julia Roberts, Gen. Colin Powell, Robert Redford, Bruce Springsteen, Bruce Willis
EXP: Type 6 cartoon
Gina’s one-time #6 BFF needed her ‘sacred cows’ to make her feel safe-er. She was outraged when she heard that JFK was a womanizer or that the ‘church’ hid the truth about their pedophiles….

Twisted Affirmation
“Only a lack of imagination saves me from immobilizing myself with imaginary fears”

Fun Quote: Emo Phillips
I was walking home one night & a guy hammering on a roof called me a paranoid little weirdo. In Morse code.

Walking in to a party: Check to see if the chandelier looks like it might fall down & hurt someone

Some famous 7s: George W. Bush, J.F.K., Richard Feynman (physicist), Magic Johnson, Jay Leno, Mozart, Babe Ruth, Barbra Streisand, Robin Williams
type 7 cartoonEXP:
Rita’s #7 husband never shuts up – when he’s upset, when he’s planning, when he’s bragging…. & you can’t stop him – he’s like the Energizer bunny!

Twisted Affirmation
“I am willing to make the mistakes if someone else is willing to learn from them”

Fun Quote: Mayor Marion Barry
Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

Walking in to a party: Puts a lampshade on their head & start telling jokes

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Enneagram Humor (Part 3)

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Top Ten Signs You’re a TYPE 5 by Dave
10. You call your plants by their Latin names
9. The more excited people around you get, the more drained you feel
8. You spend time at a party reading the books in the host’s library
7. You communicate almost exclusively by text
6. Most of your friends are on social media, & you haven’t met any of them face to face
5. You consider it a good vacation if you can stay at home with your computer, books, videos, & garden for a week

4. You would like to do point 5 for a living (or already are)
3. You’ve actually read Darwin’s “Origin of the Species” & think it would make an interesting movie
2. Someone asks you how you feel about someone/ thing, & you say you’ll let them know next week after you’ve had time to think about it

1. You bite into a Snickers bar, immediately seeing the correlation between the dissolving chocolate/peanut mixture
◆ quantum electrodynamics & the potential existence of dark matter in the universe
◆ the association of Mozart’s unfinished symphony & the cryptographic origins of ancient Sumerian linguistics
◆ how the right-handed Cartesian orthogonal system of coordinates aligns with mitochondrial cellular respiration, giving you a new understanding of the role of derivatives in modern financial portfolio analysis
◆ the ennea-grammatic functions inherent in Microsoft’s Windows 98. AND when you try to explain this simple relationship, people have no clue what the H– you’re talking about.

Stype 3 cartoon
Some famous 3s : Truman Capote, Tom Cruise, Cindy Crawford, Anne Coulter, Johnny Cochran, Demi Moore, many CEOs, Oliver North, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods.
Sara’s #3 mother’s only response to her #4 daughter – who was in extreme fear over money worries – was: “Your hair is a mess. Why don’t you fix it?”

Twisted Affirmation
To have a successful relationship, I must learn to make it look like I’m giving as much as I’m getting

Fun Quote: Anonymous
You can’t leave footprints in the sands of time if you’re sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave butt prints in the sands of time?

Walking in to a party: Makes sure everyone knows where they went to college, & that they made a million dollars last month

Some famous 4s:  Marlon Brando, Nicholas Cage, Eric Clapton, Ann Rice & her Vampires, Michael Jackson,
Vincent van Gogh, Dennis Rodman, Thomas Merton, Shakespeare, Allen Watts.
EXP:type 4 cartoon
Mitzu’s #4 girlfriend often rants about how women go out in public without putting their face on! “Don’t they know they’d look so much better with makeup?!!”

Twisted Affirmation
I can change any thought that hurts into a reality that hurts even more.

Fun Quote: Kigichi Ishiritari
If life gives you lemons – make grape juice. Then sit back & let people wonder how you did it.

Walking in to a party: Sit by themselves somewhere, & look mysterious.

Some famous 5s: Buddha, Dick Cheney, Rene Descartes, Joe DiMaggio, Albert Einstein, T. S. Eliot,
Bill Gates, Lenin, Timothy McVeigh, Jackie O., Sartre, Scrooge
Stype 5 cartoonEXP:
Even tho’ Benny knew his #5 father loved his family, dad spent most of his time locked away in his little office writing & studying, rather than talking to or doing things with the kids – or protecting them.

Twisted Affirmation
I have the power to channel my imagination into ever-soaring levels of suspicion & paranoia

Fun Quote: Garrison Keillor
Intelligence is like four-wheel drive. It allows you to get stuck in more remote places.
Walking in to a party: Look for the exit!


Enneagram Humor (Part 2)

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Smiley/Emoticons for Type WINGs (12/2/11)

⬅️World costumes : Phillip Martin


Top 10 Signs that You’re a TYPE 1 (Geenius at Wrok)
10. You consider the word “that” in the above title to be crucially important, so it’s not ok to be left out
9. You’ve forever felt yourself “burning with the fires of righteousness”
8. All your life, you’ve dreamed of being a building inspector

7. All the cereal boxes on your shelf are turned so when you grab one, the opened end of the inner bag will be opposite your hand for easy pouring
6. You express brand loyalty when buying reference books
5. You can’t understand why the deli-man keeps putting the onion on top of the cheese, when putting it between the meat and the bread would keep it from sliding out all the time

4. You actually take your sandwich apart to fix it
3. The Scout Law seems, well, kind of OBVIOUS
2. You read “Walden Two” & thought Skinner was really onto something
1. You actually wrote 57 entries for this list, but the other 47 just weren’t good enough

🕶 A 2, a 5 and a 9 go to play golf & end up queuing behind three men who can’t play well – at all. After 30 minutes they’re so annoyed they decide to complain to the golf course manager, who explains :
“These men are blind but they donated so much money to charity that the city decided to reward them by allowing them to play free occasionally”.

The 9 & the 2 are both emotionally moved: “Sorry, we didn’t know & now we feel bad for getting mad a them”.  The 5, however, gets even more upset: “Then why the hell don’t they play at night ??”

😇 How many feeling types (#2, 3, 4) does it take to change a light bulb?
Five: One to turn on the bulb (#3), while the 2s & 4s to relate to the experience.


type 1 cartoon
Some famous 1s: Hilary Clinton, Tom Brokaw, Harrison Ford, Judge Judy, Martin Luther, Barack Obama, St Paul, The Lone Ranger, Pope John Paul II, Martha Stewart
Zina’s #1 mother often said “Of course I’m perfect!” about herself, AND “Look ashamed!” to her little girl when she wasn’t  (just being a normal kid)

Twisted Affirmation
I am grateful that I am not as judgmental as all those censorious, self-righteous people around me.

Fun Quote: Franklin P. Jones
“The trouble with being punctual is that nobody’s there to appreciate it”

Walking in to a party: Point out to the host that they shouldn’t have put the food so close to the door – it’ll get cold
Some famous 2s : Alan Alda, Barbara Bush, Monica Lewinsky, Madonna, Mr. Rogers, Nancy Reagan, John Travolta
Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 6.47.25 PMEXP:
In her 20’s & 30s Zina (a #8) distanced herself from her unhealthy #2 sister, who would complain to their mother: “Why won’t Zina talk to me? Why doesn’t she love me?”. Now in their 40’s they’re finally good friends.

Twisted Affirmation
As I learn the innermost secrets of the people around me, they reward me in many ways so I’ll keep quiet

Fun Quote: Gordon R. Dickson
Some people like my advice so much that they frame it on the wall instead of using it.

Walking in to a party: Suss out who’s the most influential person in the room & offer to get them a drink


Enneagram HUMOR (Part 1)

school kids laughing
to laugh at ourselves! 


SITEs: Type Comics 
Ennea DOGS

BOOK: “Enneagram Pop! – Fictional Characters” Damian Hospital & Tony Vahl

Enneagram animalsDINNER PARTY, by Elizabeth Wagele

Enneagram TYPE JOKES – gathered from the 4 corners of the earth!
GROAN ALL YOU WANT! Some are better than others!
NOTE: The ‘w’ between numbers means ‘wing’, so 6w7 is a Type 6 with some of the 7’s style. This is an additional feature – the number on either side of your Type – & is more likely to be one rather than the other – 4w3 vs. 4w5….. (Explained in other posts).

❥ How many 1s does it take to change a light bulb?
Only 1, because no one else can do it right!

❥ How many 2s does it take to screw in a light bulb? None.
“That’s all right, I’m fine in the dark. But I’ll do it for you if you need it?”
❥ Why did NASA send a 2 into space?
Because you have to pay a dish-washer

❥ What do you call a 3 who hasn’t moved in 10 minutes? Dead.
❥ How many 3s does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one. They hold the light bulb & the universe revolves around them
❥ How many 3s does it take to change a light bulb?
Two – one 3w4 to buy the best & brightest one, and one 3w2 to screw it in & then take all the credit for brightening up the room.

❥ Why do 4s dress in all black? 
Because any other color makes them look fat and they are very self-conscious about it to the point of crying for hours about how fat they are.
❥ Why did the 4 cross the road?
To write an ode to the roadkill on the other side

❥ What did the male 5 say to the female 5 on their first date?
“ I had so much fun. I’d like to meet you in person.”
❥ Why did the 5 cross the road?
To retrieve the emotions she left on the other side
❥ How many 5s does it take to change a light bulb?
Five: one to change the lightbulb, the other four to stand around pondering the meaning of light, & arguing whether they’re taking the right approach.

❥ How many 6s does it take to change a light bulb?
5! 1 stands on the chair while the other 4 turn it
❥ Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 78(ate) 9
❥ Hey, did you hear about that Six who was afraid of the germs on her counter? She was Counter Phobic!

❥ How many 7s does it take to screw in a light bulb?
None… 7s don’t screw in light bulbs, they screw in hot tubs.
❥ Why are there so many 7w8s on TV?
 Because the murders they commit are big news.

❥ How many 8s does it take to change a light bulb?
None, 8s aren’t afraid of the dark
❥ What did the 8 say to the 1?
“Why are we doing all the hangin’ while 9 does all the sittin’?”
(8s have the power to make someone happy… by staying single) lol

❥ How many 9s does it take to change a light bulb?
None, because they forget about it until someone else does it
❥ What did the 9 say to the light bulb?
Nothing, just threw it out because it wasn’t working.