Enneagram Humor (Part 5)


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Top Ten Signs You’re a TYPE 8 ~ Suzyn Smith

10. People tend to salute you, but you’re not in the military
9. It looked like it was going to be a tough race, but after you ran the smear campaign, you were elected president of the garden club with ease
8. They’re still looking for the last guy who insulted your mother

7. You consider binging on an attractive alternative lifestyle
6. You frequently threaten people with castration (with a look?)
5. You used to pass time in dull classes by arguing with the professor
4. You often talk about having sex in casual social conversation

3. You were captain of your college rugby team (& you’re a girl)
2. Konrad Lorenz’s “On Aggression” reads like your autobiography
1. The #3 sitting over there could get elected, but YOU could run the country

A #5 went for a walk in the park & ran into his #5 friend, riding a bike.
“Hey Joe, good to see ya’. Nice bike you’ve got here. I haven’t see it before. Where’d you get it?”
“Well Sam, you won’t believe it. I met Julia riding this very bike, & when she saw me a strange thing happened. She took all her clothes off & said “Hi Sam, take whatever you want!”
“Wait, she was naked & you took the bike ????”
“Well, yeah…” Joe thought about that and finally said:
“Oh well, I think you made the right choice, her clothes wouldn’t have fit you anyway…”
Post by Mort Sahl (2001)

Two Enneagram drunks go into a bar.
A: “What’a’ya gonna have, Joe?” / B: “Scotch on the rocks”.
A: ” Too 7ish for me” / B: “Lissen bud, scotch is a 6 drink”
A: “Whad’ya mean? I drank that stuff last night, got in my car & drove 95 mph”
B: “I drank that stuff last week & thought the world was out to get me”
Bartender: “What are you guys gonna have?”
A: ” a 7and7″ / B: ” a 6wing7″

Some famous 8s: F. Lee Bailey, Lucille Ball, Bogart, Kirk & Michael Douglas, Indira Ghandi, Saddam Hussein, Queen Latifah, Rush Limbaugh, Grace Slick, Sinatra, Mike Tyson, John Wayne, Debra Winger.
EXP: type 8 cartoon
My ‘growing’ #8 friend who hated his narcissistic abusive boss decided it was best to leave his intense wish for revenge up to Higher Power to dish out, instead of saying what he felt & then get fired!

Twisted Affirmation
When someone hurts me, forgiveness is cheaper than a lawsuit, but not nearly as gratifying.

Fun Quote: Anonymous
Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don’t.

Walking in to a party: Mention a better party down the road, & take everyone there

Some famous 9s:  Loni Anderson, Yogi Berra, Sandra Bullock, Bill Clinton,Kevin Costner, the Dalai Lama, Dan Quayle, Ronald Reagan, Gloria Steinem
type 9 cartoonEXP:
When Terry asked a #9 friend to make her ‘kind, helpful suggestions’ fit with who Terry actually is (a self-aware #8), rather than trying to rescuing or people-please her (“Why don’t you….”),
the #9’s response was “That’s too much work. You’re asking a lot. Now I have to walk on eggshells with you!”

Twisted Affirmation
False hope is nicer than no hope at all.

Fun Quote: Unknown
Dolphin-safe tuna? Yeah, that’s great if you’re a dolphin. But what if you’re a tuna?

Walking in to a party: See that the room is empty & apologize for showing up on the wrong day

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