Double BINDS – Resolving (Part 13)

is scary but liberating!

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Levels: Every person or system has its own built-in self-preservation, & acts to maintain their identity (in unhealthy or healthy ways) – as seen in the family mobile. To do this successfully, the system is able to change at one level (lower) in order to maintain itself an another ‘higher’ level. See DBs, #2.

• However, the same processes that keep a system from dissolving or spiraling out of control can also block, brake, constrain, hinder, inhibit or prevent development & transformation, using BINDS: any repetitive self-preserving pattern which never-the-less is inappropriate or unhelpful, & which the D.Binded person has not been able to change

• The structure of each bind is unique, & can be expressed many ways :
= conceptually – such as the line by Groucho Marx, “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member”
= metaphors: “I’m trying to run round a track to overtake my ideal self twice, and the more I develop the more the gap widens.”
= non-verbally, as multi-layered conundrums, in recursive patterns (indefinitely repeating), as in R.D. Lang’s EXP = a CLASSIC ACoA knot!
(in Modelling Bs & DBs)

Resolving DBs in Therapy
As clients become aware of their binding patterns they’re faced with a hard choice: to be forever trapped in them, OR risk moving into that scariest of places – the Unknown. But as their DBs become clearer, the person may spontaneously reorganize their thinking, which modifies or eliminates their need to DB themselves or others.

PROCESS – See chart
• Name & locate parts of your ideas in metaphoric language = what’s underneath the beliefs, using “Being stuck is like ….. Because …..” statements (in a cave, in mud, chained to a bed…. )
• Clarify the relationships between components (what does a. & b. have to do with each other), & the patterns across ideas / beliefs (the T.E.A.s)
• Once identified, the patterns themselves can be labeled, symbolically represented & explored (ankle chains, bugs in the brain, pressure on chest…… burning, drowning, crushed…. )

• Thus the modeling process (gathering all the elements & then subtracting what’s not relevant) continues at a higher, more inclusive level of organization (One Cognitive distortions inside all Toxic Rules)
The combination of components provides a Metaphor Landscape, a context in which a pattern of the patterns – the larger organization – emerges, which provides the conditions for change

Note: The “Operational Closure” at each level of this procedure occurs when the various components and their inter-relationships are clear enough so that the whole frame is brought into the person’s consciousness.
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