EnneaTypes – LANGUAGE – INTRO (Part 3)

all aspects of human beings

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SITE: Unlocking the Secrets of Sacred Geometry: Understanding the Meaning & Benefits of Mystical Symbols

BOOK: “Sacred Number & the Origins of Civilization ~ Richard Heath

QUOTE: ‘Your Enneagram number is not for mere self- categorization, but for your enlightenment, to help you recognize your addictive patterns of seeing & thinking’ ~ Richard Rohr, Christian viewpoint (posts – Nov 2022)

language WHEEL

THE WHEEL = States of Consciousness
◆ The basic components of the Thinking Mind (in Part 1) can be reduced to 3 space-like realms +
4 time-like functions of language
= the 12 basic areas of the mind-map called ‘The Wheel’ – which is the basic gestalt of our mind, & a valid outline of Reality.

The Wheel is a tool to help make sense of the world (chart below), & to clarify the path of growth.…  It’s a weapon to open the gate to inspiration for anyone willing tor divest themselves of the false “I.” Anything not tested by the Wheel has no permanence.
EXP: The Wheel will subtly smash False seriousness with a joke.

🔸TIME terms are at points 963.
🔹 SPACE terms at 124578 – (conjunction, noun, preposition, adjective, pronoun, adverb) are complements, & can be added at will.

The FOUR (time) FUNCTIONS with Brain Parts
is right brain, metabolism.
Emotions (fun, joy, love, passion, humor…), moods, drives, imagination, impulses, dreams, force, power, strength

is left brain, 5 senses, sex, excretion. Direct, immediate & waking consciousness, sense-data. Unprocessed information, intake

is hind brain, breathing.
Language – both analytical & analogical Reasoning, deliberate, to conceive, connect, enumerate, reflect.

is fore-brain, deep sleep, yes-no, on-off.
Attention, action of all kinds, to carry out, control, determine, order, work.

The THREE (space) REALMS of Ennea-Numbers
• BODY – 
the brain stem, cerebellum, reptilian brain.
Mass, particle, physical, solid, space. Conditioned learning

❤️ Assertions (Affirm) = Body Willing
#2 Noun = Body Sensing
#7 Pronoun = Body Feeling
#9 Verbal Forms = Body Thinking

SOUL – the middle link between Body & Spirit : Bio-plasma, limbic system, mammalian brain. Being, instincts, people, psyche, vital force.
Ego-self, social entity

💙 Verbal commands (Lead) = Soul Willing
#8 Adverb = Soul Sensing
#4 Preposition = Soul Feeling
#6 Person = Soul Thinking

SPIRIT (mind) – Neo-cortex.
The Animating vital principal, sentient part of a being, space-time continuum, incorporeal
Abstract, intellect, ideas, ideal, gestalt, quality, meaning

💛 Questions (Inspire) = Spirit Willing
#5 Adjective = Spirit Sensing
#1 Conjunction = Spirit Feeling
#3 Verb = Spirit Thinking

CHART: Grammar & Consciousness 
◆ The Wheel is the archetypal symbol that combines language Functions & Realms, separating software (language, science, religion) from hardware (structure of our mind).

Its basic components are deduced from the Mandelbrot vector 0 -> : Z -> Z + C, with 1 -> 9 as the fractal scaling.
This simple formula, discovered in 1962, identifies the structure for all complex geometric forms existing in nature.

The circle connects Universal Wisdom with the 9 points of the Enneagram, wisdom being the ability to live well in a chaotic world, & requires ‘inside information’ about how things really work.

◆ The Wheel, in some form, can be found in all anthropology studies of the world, which makes it a philosophy of tolerance – clearly showing us the common denominators underlying all social & religious traditions, based on conscious experiences & underlying mathematical criteria.

√ Its information can be used as a tool to find a deeper connection to ourselves so we can follow our life path.
√ It can help to understand the connection between Science & Religion, our left & right brain sides, putting us in tune with history, & helping us think & act globally. (More…..)

“There are 12 fields of civilization, which naturally follow the forms of language, consciousness & personality.  Human creativity can use language & life experiences to transform the animal-human body from physical into spiritual.
tune into & integrate the various aspects of your personality to develop your abilities, using ego as a tool “ (More….)

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EnneaTypes – LANGUAGE – INTRO (Part 2)

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.17.29 AM

the better I can communicate

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GRAMMAR has two overlapping meanings:
Everything about how a language works, including syntax as a subset (correct order of words in sentences in order to make complete sense)
2. How words are inflected, conjugated, declined according to aspect, degree, gender, mood, number, person, tense (11 Rules of Grammar)

◆ Word Power affects our role in society, so a limited vocabulary can limit potential opportunities. Learning about & using the concepts inherent in grammar, with their connection to Number, makes it easier to make Sense for ourselves. Behind-the-scenes knowledge can help us grow & prosper by making better choices in a world full of confusion & risks.

EXP: Using the CHART ⬇️
For dialogue to go smoothly & with co-operation, speakers needs to use one of the 3 verbs, two of the 6 verbal persons (gender, person) & three of the 9 verbal forms (time, mode, voice).
If we exclude a category in a communication, or take out a category as part of the information (such as Marxist dialectic = the dogma that everything is thesis, anti-thesis & synthesis), then we destroy dialogue & create dispute.

◆ Here we’re given the Parts of Speech as a tool for growth. Included are key words of each grammatical form, which are related to the Thinking (level 2) function of T.E.A..
Each position is a numerical Fractal (having the property of self-similarity), considered the hidden order of Universal Truth. They are seen as similar but not identical concepts, the repetition of a basic subject applied to different areas of knowledge.

Ennea MEANING & USE of Grammar components:
1. Conjunction – synthesis, for unification & healing.
USE : (and, or) allows us to make connections, tying words or ideas together. It represents both Inclusion (‘and’) & Exclusion (‘or’)

2. Noun – basic drive to creativity & production, to reach physical realization of ideas.
USE : (singular, plural, name, concept) allowing us to make generalizations from the particular
3. Verb – pertains to understanding, in relation to abstract concepts.
USE : represents awareness of things happening in time, a dynamic process of past, present & future

4. Preposition – symbolizes imagination, the need to fantasize & dream.
USE : the mental/internal image of the personal relationship between oneself & other people, things or ideas
5. Adjective – pertains to analysis, to distinguish one idea from another.
USE : precisely describes or qualifies the noun. This relates to & allows for refinement of understanding

6. Verbal Persons
 – stands for the drive to communicate, to explain, to relate to & with other people, to improve Self & others.
USE : (the subject) is the ability to make statements, by personalizing a time event or action
7. Pronoun – pertains to initiative, to fight & to start something new.
USE : places nouns in relationship, establishing & modifying them

8. Adverb
 – pertains to organization, responsibility & duty; to assume responsibility for some social situation or group, problem or opportunity, & to organize or direct it until conclusion.
USE : modifies the verb, explains it through 8 questions that show its circumstances (where, when, how….)

9. Verbal Forms
 – pertains to the impulse to orchestrate, to plan, to invent, to engineer & actualize, based on understanding what’s possible.
USE : place an action in perspective, like a plan (active, indicative, subjunctive) (MORE…. scroll way down)
(Technical parts of each… scroll down to ‘Quality’)

NOTE: The number positions in this chart are in reverse order, to correctly align with ancient Number Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 11.51.27 PMsystems which reflect the dynamics of the Earth’s counter-clockwise daily rotation on its axis – if North is considered the ‘top’ or vantage point, which it usually is.

However, the Enneagram follows a tradition based on the invention of clocks (which occurred in the Northern hemisphere), copying the sun’s clock-wise shadow on sundials. We see the sun that way in relation to Earth’s anti-clockwise rotation – if we were looking down at the North Pole from space.  (More…. slide #4)

◆ Our personal number system is a description of THE creative process – played Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 11.48.56 PMout in cycles of the day, year & precession of the equinoxes.
Looking from above at a galaxy or hurricane’s counter-clockwise swirl, we can superimpose the #6.

The form of the 6 also describes looping backwards on ourselves – the limitations of our mental consciousness, which effects our creative process.
See: Spiral Dynamics, Sept 2009

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EnneaTypes – LANGUAGE – INTRO (Part 1)


by the language you use

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BEFORE listing the characteristic language style of each Ennea-type, it may be helpful to consider Language in the larger scheme of physical/spiritual reality. As we know, most people function from a ‘False Self’ imposed on us by parents, friends, job & society. This mask has little to do with innate capacities, & blocks personal energy, making us internally weak.

👀 ‘Waking up’ (personal growth) comes from self-awareness – observing the False Self in action, then developing our compassionate & non-attached Inner Observer, which connects us to our Core.

The goal is to gradually outgrow our specific defensive pattern – as well as any minor others – to become a more well-rounded, whole person. Then we can use the energy & qualities of whichever of the 9 types is needed in the moment, while letting our True Self shine thru.

Language : a union of Sacred & Secular
TRUE Communication is based on Eternal Principles with its own set of laws, which is shared among intelligent beings, via the ADAMic ‘original’ language spoken with God in the Garden, a physical mechanism used by our soul’s spirit to express original thought, ie. the Essence of the Eternal.

In this chart Language is presented as both Divine & mundane attributes of Human Character. This same process also defines the circulation of light, growth of plants, the development of society & human conduct…. sacred communication

Communication is much more than a mechanical activity via sound waves, or the connection between two or more people, no matter how deep or productive.

Communication includes
Speaker and b. Listener AND c. ‘Common thinking / understanding’ of both people / groups, which represents Consciousness, seen at the base of the 9-6-3 triangle.

√ Without it, thoughts expressed in language would not be possible
√ With it, we have human understanding & the spiritual benefit of two-way communing with the Divine.

Using the concepts in the above chart allows us to analyze & improve the process of “truly conscious communication”. It reminds us to pay attention to what we think about & say, so we can be better understood – to ourselves & by anyone willing to listen.

◆ The structure of all languages is naturally shaped by the basic form of the physical brain – which molds speech.
In turn, speech shapes the basic patterns our mind, forming the way we make sense of the world. A unifying feature of all languages is the child’s process of learning to speak.

Mastery of all languages develops in seven stages, using system & method:
1 – Sensing = Affective gestures
2 – Thinking = Exploring acoustic potential
3 – 
Feeling = Brain lateralization
4 – 
Willing  = Grammar
5 – Body = Word power
6 – Soul = Communication
7 – Spirit = Poetry (Each explained )

 👄 Coherent language (point 4), formed through grammar, represents a higher order of thinking. The “Grammar of Man” – the structural common denominator of language – unites the thousands of spoken languages on our planet, allowing for translation.

◆ The Enneagram’s 9 categories of grammar (in Part 3) are based on Sacred Number. In ancient Greece, Pythagoras discovered that universal “Number” leads to structure, & that the structure of the mind is also the structure of the world.

In essence, all is Number & therefore the key to wisdom – the ability to live well in a chaotic world – by having internal / intuitive information about how things really work.
(SeeThe CODE” , with Marcus du Sautoy, math prof – re. how significant numbers appear all over the world, governing all life. 2011, Netflix)

◆ The relationship between Number & Grammar (in Part 2) is the bridge between esoteric & exoteric knowledge, which indicates that Quantity / Number = Quality / Meaning, which then can lead us:

beyond Meaning (external source), when life’s meaning (always subjective) comes from a pre-existing order or plan, imposed from the outside (God)

into Sense (internal source) – where we are the one making sense of our own life. We decide the substance of it, limited only by math & grammar (Objective Truth), & then determine whether it makes sense – to us. (MORE….)

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