Enneagram – CHRISTIAN Perspective (Types 1, 2, 3, 4)


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Type 1: Moral Perfectionist : from Anger to SERENITY
Because we live in an imperfect world, 1s often feel assaulted by the flaws they notice wherever they turn. In an attempt to fix this, they feel a personal obligation to correct the errors they encounter in their everyday life. This overwhelming burden leaves them with chronic dissatisfaction, since their task is never finished.

Internally, 1s deal with an harsh critic that’s constantly accusing them. And they’re confused by others who resent them or object to their “helpful advice”, since they’re just trying to be helpful!

They don’t acknowledge their frustration & resulting anger, because that would be “bad”, & their core longing is to be seen as “good”, so it then gets turned into endless resentment.
When trying to satisfy the 1’s longing for everything to be good & right – apart from Christ – they become self-controlling, as well as perfectionistic & critical of others.

Instead, when they learn to take their longings to Christ, they can start letting go of their extremely high, unrealistic standards. Then their principled nature can be used to bring out the best in themselves & others, without having to prove they’re good.

Type 2: Supportive Advisor : from Pride to HUMILITY
The depth of need & suffering in the world is especially burdensome to 2s, who are naturally sensitive & empathetic. They assume it’s their job to alleviate the pain of the people around them, an endless responsibility.

2s try to feel good about themself by being helpful, because deep down they don’t believe they’re loved & wanted by others – apart from the support they offer. The overwhelming burden to care for everyone else’s ‘issues’ is damaging because they ignore their own. In their pride, they assume they know what’s best for others, while denying the care they too need.

Ironically, 2s feel hurt & insecure when they’re not needed, so they double their efforts to win people over, by flattery & gifts. And they don’t understand why others feel crowded by their efforts. Their efforts to fulfill this longing apart from Christ can turn into people-pleasing & being possessive, inserting themselves into other’s lives & violating boundaries.

However, when they learn to take their longings to Christ – 2s start taking care of their own needs, realizing they’re wanted & loved just for themselves.
From that place flows selfless generosity, encouragement, & a  beneficial kindness our world desperately needs.

Type 3: Successful Achiever : from Deceit to TRUTH
The 3’s deep fear of being worthless, a failure or incapable, causes them to put on a false front (deceit), hiding the parts they don’t want others to see, only portraying a successful exterior. In doing so they lose connection with their authentic self & with others.

When trying to satisfy their longing for accomplishment & admiration apart from Christ, 3s can become overly driven & image-conscious.
Believing they’re only as good as their last accomplishment, they’re competitive, self-promoting, constantly comparing themselves to others – running the risk of burnout.

However, when their heart is aligned with the Gospel message, they come to believe they’re already loved & valued for who they really are, not just for their success & productivity.

Then their confidence, enthusiasm & determination can inspire those around them. They become a humble team player & are happy to champion others. Their adaptability, excellence & drive can produce incredible achievements for the greater good.

Type 4: Romantic Individualist : from Envy to EQUANIMITY
Struggling with feeling envy & jealousy, 4s compare themselves to others, believing everyone else has all the things they themselves long for.

When trying to find a unique significance apart from Christ, they can become self-absorbed & temperamental. Painfully self-conscious, they spending a lot of energy ruminating on how different they are from others, turning it into self-hate & shame, wrapped in emptiness & despair.
They feel anxious around others, always wondering what someone thinks about them, forever assuming weakness, never their value.

Because of internal agitation, 4s can get into conflicts with others by being moody, emotionally demanding, withholding, dramatic & volatile, making them self-absorbed & disinterested in others.

However, when the longings of their heart are taken to Christ, 4s are able to step out from under the waterfall of emotions & bring out their gifts in truly extraordinary ways.
They intuit others’ suffering & can support them in their pain without feeling overwhelmed. In fact, it brings them great joy to connect with people on a deep level & comfort them through their sorrows – an amazing gift to the world.

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