Enneagram – CHRISTIAN Perspective (Types 5, 6, 7, 8)

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Type 5: Investigative Thinker : from Avarice to LETTING GO
5s are afraid of not knowing everything, of not being enough in themself.  They want to be self-sufficiency, avoid relying on others – and a life free from emotional obligations.

They see what the demands of living with others entails, but feel ill-equipped to meet them. They hope eventually to be able to know enough & have the right resources, but on their own that never materializes. They don’t realize that connecting, emotions & vulnerability are natural parts of a healthy partnership.

Trying to mange all that apart from Christ can lead to being withdrawn, emotionally distant & isolated. They assume they have to know everything before expressing their insights, afraid they’ll look stupid – which overwhelms them, so they retreat.

Fortunately, when their heart & mind are in line with the Gospel, 5s discover that their needs are not a problem because these are fulfilled in Christ. They don’t have to know everything, since that’s not possible – only God is omniscient!

Then they can be more generous with giving what they do have, not just from their head, but with their heart & all the rest. That gift, coupled with a great vision & perspective, reflects the true wisdom of God.

Type 6: Loyal Guardian : from Fear to COURAGE
6s are some of the most reliable, hard working, dutiful & steady people around. Their sense of humor, ability to foresee problems, & fierce loyalty make them incredible team players, holding groups together & generally benefitting the common good.

When they forget the Truth of the Gospel, 6s are plagued with catastrophic thinking, uncertainty, self doubt & worry. It leave them anxious, unable to relax & unable to trust themselves or others.

Their thinking can be skeptical or muddled, hesitating to make decisions. They’ll focus on planning for & trying to control future catastrophes, so they can live in a world that’s predictable & safe.

In relationships 6s struggle with projecting their fears, doubts, & insecurities onto others as a way of protecting themselves. These misplaced fears, suspicions & doubts often erode their trust in God.

However, when their heart is aligned with the Gospel & they learn to take their concerns & anxiety to Christ, they experience a transformation that provides great courage. They can relax in the trust that they’re secure in Him, experiencing “a peace that surpasses all understanding”. which is not available in the world.

Type 7: Entertaining Optimist : from Gluttony to SATIATION
7s compulsively keep themselves extremely busy to avoid dealing with internal anxieties, sorrow & boredom.

They tend to be scattered, uncommitted, & unreliable, hindering development of emotional depth, which requires facing painful emotions & unhappy experiences. These characteristics also cause trouble with relationships, & people close to them get frustrated when they see that 7s value new experiences & things more than them.

The cost – as they chase adventure, pleasure & stimulating experiences – is the inability to enjoy the present, nor feel satisfied with what they already have.
Putting painful things out of awareness, or reframing suffering as something positive without ever dealing with it, show up in counter-productive ways.

However, when their heart is aligned with the Gospel, 7s become more grounded in the present & can taste all it’s flavors with a grateful heart. Trusting that God will fulfill their internal longings, their more receptive & thoughtful qualities emerge. Combining this with their natural creativity & energy inspire others by seeing how they get through the highs & lows of life.

Type 8: Protective Challenger : from Lust to SOBRIETY
In a world full of sin & injustice, where people are taken advantage of & abused, 8s feel an intense need to protect themselves against betrayal & powerlessness – by always having an invincible exterior & minimizing any personal vulnerability.

In relationships, 8s often sacrifice intimacy so their soft side won’t be discovered & used against them. Denying closeness to & tenderness from others, as well as giving or receiving forgiveness – leaves them incomplete, missing out on the
support everyone needs & has a right to.

They try to protect a hidden tender heart by forming thick armor, an outward strength fro prevent loss. While all Types fear people, others become passive, but 8s become aggressive. “I’ll control them before they can control me.”

Their fear produces a thirst for power & control, & ultimate justice. Apart from Christ, it can lead to being too blunt, confrontational, cynical, insensitive, domineering, even vengeful.

When 8s surrender their fear of betrayal, & rely on Christ, they can give up control & let people to see both their endearing vulnerability and a compassionate strength. From that place they can better protect the innocent from injustice, empower others, & use their leadership gift for the greater good.

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