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LATEST Self-parenting work book (2021)

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The Solution in the Adult Children of Alcoholics / Dysfunctional Families (ACA and ACoA) program is to become your own loving parent. The Loving Parent Guidebook explores, in practical terms, how to build this healing resource into your life.

The book provides guidance on creating the conditions to reclaim your inner child and reparent yourself with gentleness, humor, love, and respect. You can apply everything you learn in this guidebook to parenting, interacting with children, and interacting with adults. When you become a friend to yourself, you’re naturally a friend to others.

The book is structured to help you access the love inside you and grow the awareness and skills you need to become your own loving parent:

  • In Chapters 1-9, Laying a Foundation for Reparenting, you will awaken your loving parent and identify and connect with your inner family.
  • Chapters 10-16, Deepening Your Reparenting Skills, help you deepen your reparenting skills to protect, nurture, support, and guide your inner family.
  • In Chapters 17-21, Nurturing a Loving Inner Home, you’ll connect more deeply with your inner family to build a loving inner home.
  • Chapter 22, Reparenting as a Way of Life, concludes the book with an example of how to approach reparenting as a way of life.

This guide includes many fellowship shares about reparenting and inner child work. To help you integrate reparenting into your daily life, the guide also includes:

  • Sample loving parent messages.
  • Exercises, questions for reflection, and guided practices.
  • Images by The Loving Parent Guidebook artist team that you can color.
  • The book is a guide for meetings, study groups, and/or one-on-one with a fellow traveler/sponsor.

Bonus Resources Page:

Corrections announcement: The LPG Subcommittee discovered some errors after the guidebook went to print. For example, Appendix D lists “respected” as a feeling, but it should be deleted. Please visit the LPG Bonus Resources page for additional corrections.

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