Enneagram – CHRISTIAN Perspective (Type 9 +)


CHRISTIAN Perspective (Types 5-8)

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Type 9: Peaceful Mediator : from Sloth to ACTION
9s are easy going, non-judgmental, patient people who long for harmony
with others & their environment.
BUT – internally they struggle with conflicts that threaten the comfort they crave. Believing it’s their responsibility to make sure everyone is respected & heard, they ‘manage’ all that pressure by suppressing emotions, giving up on their own dreams & desires, always giving in – to avoid any form of conflict.

9s assume their opinions don’t matter, so they focus too much on others, merging with their agendas to gain a false harmony. While falling asleep to themselves, they’re constantly frustrated & secretly angry about being overlooked.

Sadly, people around them get frustrated by the 9’s seeming complacency, emotional unavailability, passivity or passive-aggressiveness & stubbornness, creating the very conflict they desperately want to avoid.

When trying to satisfy their longing for harmony, connection & comfort – apart from Christ – 9s become self-belittling, indecisive, & easily overwhelmed. This eventually backfires in relationships.

However, when the 9’s heart is in tune with Christ’s Love, they awake up to their pwn convictions & passions, learning that they matter & really can make a difference in this world.
From that place they realize that true peace comes from entering into conflict – not avoiding it. This lets them genuinely engage in their own life & with others, able to bridge differences, bring people together, & achieve true harmony.

Spiritual Practice – Enneagram ARROWS (see posts)
As you seek to follow Christ, be mindful of things you need to leave behind along the way.
a. Use your stress & growth numbers to let go of unnecessary baggage.
(“I now release….”)
b. Follow up with positive affirmation statement for your type from the numbers of your stress & growth arrows (‘I now affirm ….”)

Remember who you are in Christ, holy & beloved, so there is “now no condemnation” (Romans 8 : 1)

I RELEASE – holding myself & others to impossible standards
I AFFIRM – that I can make mistakes without condemning myself

I RELEASE – the fear that I am unwanted & unloved
I AFFIRM – that I am honest & clear about my motives

I RELEASE – my fear of feeling ashamed & being humiliated
I AFFIRM – that I have value regardless of my achievements

I RELEASE – all feelings of hopelessness & despair
I AFFIRM – that I can open myself up to people & the world

I RELEASE – all feelings of powerlessness & hopelessness
I AFFIRM – my life & struggles are meaningful & have purpose

I RELEASE – my fear of being abandoned & alone
I AFFIRM – that I am independent & capable

I RELEASE – all reckless & destructive impulses & actions
I AFFIRM – I can say ‘no’ to myself without feeling deprived

I RELEASE – my fear of ever being vulnerable or ‘weak’
I AFFIRM – that I trust my instincts, & care about the welfare of others

I RELEASE – turning away from what is unpleasant or difficult
I AFFIRM – that I am confident, strong & independent.

(from Don Riso’s Enneagram Transformations.)


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