ENNEAGRAM Basics (Part 2)

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QUOTE:  The Ennead “flows around the other numbers within the Decad like an ocean.” – Nichomachus 0f Geresa

Ancient mathematical philosophers called NINE the “finishing post” and “that which brings completion”.
“The NINE holds within it a powerful resonance of our holo-fractographic, base-10 reality.  It’s the largest number in the decimal system, really the largest number of all, as every other number thereafter is a reflection of the Ennead, expressing itself in scalar expansions & contractions of 10.

TEN is the combination of something with nothing. ’10’ is not a number but more of a concept, or you could say it’s Nature’s way of organizing herself.   The Pythagoreans considered there to be only 7 numbers in reality.  Unity & duality, 1 & 2, were not considered numbers.  Numbers began at 3 & ended at the most auspicious of all, NINE” (MORE…. extensive info)

#1 Reformer / Perfectionist – (Terrier) SELF IMAGE: I am perfect.
• The GOOD person, highly responsible, fixated on improvement : orderly, principled, rational idealist, reasonable, self-righteous.
— Driven to do the ”right’ thing. Often critical of self & others, with an over-developed sense of responsibility, & prone to repressing their anger

#2 Helper / Giver – (Cat) SELF IMAGE: I am helpful.
• The LOVING person, who needs to be needed : caring, concerned, generous, nurturing, manipulative, possessive, well-meaning.
— Will go the extra mile to please others at the cost of self-care. Gives a lot & proud of it, but strings are often attached

#3 Motivator / Performer – (Peacock) SELF IMAGE: I am successful.
• The EFFECTIVE person, focused on looking successful in order to be validated: adaptable, ambitious, arrogant, goal & success oriented, image conscious, pragmatic.

— Efficient, achievers, goal-driven & focused on being a “winner”. Concern is with appearances, style over substance, often refusing to be introspective / self-aware, they crowd out family & friends

#4 Individualist/Romantic – (Basset Hound) SELF IMAGE: I am unique
• The ORIGINAL person, seeking identity, who feel special & different : artistic, aesthetic, depressive, intuitive, self-absorbed, sensitive, withdrawn.
— Crave self-expression & emotional depth. Sensitive to beauty & meaning, prone to melancholy, they feel inadequate & envious

#5 Thinker / Observer – (Fox) SELF IMAGE: I see thorough.
• The WISE person, who tends to withdraw & observe: analytic, cerebral, eccentric, innovative, original, perceptive, provocative.
— Recognize & synthesize information in new ways. Are emotionally detached, protecting their privacy & personal resources

#6 Loyal Skeptic – (Rabbit) SELF IMAGE: I do my duty.
• The LOYAL person, with a major conflict between trust & distrust : anxious, cautious, committed, engaging, hardworking, responsible, traditionalistic.
— A teem-player OR rebel-vigilant, they’re always scanning for threats from the environment. Are loyal & engaging, but full of contradictions, which create self-doubt & indecisiveness

#7 Enthusiast / Epicure – (Monkey) SELF IMAGE: I am happy.
• The JOYFUL person, pleasure-seeking, always planning – something – in search of distraction : accomplished, excessive, hyperactive, manic, uninhibited, versatile
— Having a perpetual surplus of new schemes & goals, they’re eager for experiences &/or material goods. Habitual optimism covers a fear of boredom and pain

#8 Leader / Challenger – (Rhinoceros) SELF IMAGE: I am strong.
• The POWERFUL person, taking charge in order to not be controlled : authoritative, challenging, combative, confident, decisive, determined, executive, powerful, self-sacrificing
— Driven to control self & environment, they’re capable of both domination & protectiveness. Vulnerability & a tender heart are hidden under a tough exterior

#9 Mediator / Idealist – (Elephant) SELF IMAGE: I am content
• The PEACEFUL person, creating harmony : complacent, disengaged, easygoing, optimistic, phlegmatic, receptive, tolerant.
— Good at seeing all points of view, trying to be a peacemaker – while easily distracted from noticing personal needs & priorities. Avoids direct confrontation & can be passive & immovable.

Using the BEST qualities of the 9 Types to form a successful ‘Product’ in business, one would need:

# 8 The Leader / Maverick, with vision and confidence
# 4 The Individualist, for a well-designed product, and a sensitivity to its emotional impact on the public

# 5 The Investigator, for technical expertise and innovative ideas
# 1 The Perfectionist, for ethical standards and quality control

# 3 The Achiever, with promotional and communication skills
# 9 The Peacemaker, to bring the team together by listen to them

# 6 The Loyalist, for teamwork and self-regulating feedback
# 2 The Helper, to serve people and anticipate their needs
# 7 The Enthusiast, with energy and optimism

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4 thoughts on “ENNEAGRAM Basics (Part 2)

  1. Why is it that eeneagram types 1 make almost all OCPD traits and characteristic’s appear to be normal characteristic traits of an unhealthy introverted type 1?

    Could I have been misdiagnosed?


      • What a gem! Thank you so much for sharing with me your contextual knowledge of this blog and your wisdom for showing me such understanding! I know that This one reference will be a go to for myself and others in this journey towards a better mental health and better self. This is an ah ha moment for me!! I truly have hope now and can see a idealistic path to finding my true self…..A self-awareness and faith of my center that I have never known nor even realized I have within me. What a blessing. Thank you again and God bless you!!

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