EnneaTypes – LANGUAGE – INTRO (Part 3)

all aspects of human beings

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SITE: Unlocking the Secrets of Sacred Geometry: Understanding the Meaning and Benefits of Mystical Symbols

BOOK: “Sacred Number & the Origins of Civilization ~ Richard Heath

QUOTE: ‘Your Enneagram number is not for mere self categorization, but for your enlightenment, to help you recognize your addictive patterns of seeing & thinking’ ~ Richard Rohr, Christian viewpoint

language WHEEL

THE WHEEL = States of Consciousness
◆ The basic components of the Thinking Mind (in Part 1) can be reduced to 3 space-like realms + 4 time-like functions of language = the 12 basic areas of the mind-map called ‘The Wheel’ – which is the basic gestalt of our mind, & a sound outline of Reality.

The Wheel is our tool to make sense of the world (chart below), & to clear the path to growth.…  It’s a weapon to open the gate to inspiration for anyone willing tor divest themselves of the false “I.” Anything not tested by the Wheel has no permanence .
EXP: The Wheel will subtly smash False seriousness with a joke.

NOTE: The Enneagram TIME terms are at points 963.
SPACE terms at 124578 – (conjunction, noun, preposition, adjective, pronoun, adverb) are complements, & can be added at will.

The FOUR (time) FUNCTIONS with Brain Parts
is right brain, metabolism.
Emotions (fun, joy, love, passion, humor…), moods, drives, imagination, impulses, dreams, force, power, strength
is left brain, 5 senses, sex, excretion. Direct, immediate & waking consciousness, sense-data.
Unprocessed, information, intake

is hind brain, breathing.
Language – both analytical & analogical Reasoning, deliberate, conceive, connect, enumerate, reflect.
is fore-brain, deep sleep, yes-no, on-off.
Attention, action of all kinds, carrying out, controlling, determining, ordering, working.

The THREE (space) REALMS with Ennea-Numbers
the brain stem, cerebellum, reptilian brain.
Mass, particle, physical, solid, space.
Conditioned learning
❤️ Assertions (Affirm) = Body Willing  ///  #2 Noun = Body Sensing
#7 Pronoun = Body Feeling  / #9 Verbal Forms = Body Thinking

SOUL – the middle link between Body & Spirit : Bio-plasma, limbic system, mammalian brain. Being, instincts, people, psyche, vital force.
Ego-self, social entity
💙 Verbal commands (Lead) = Soul Willing ///
#8 Adverb = Soul Sensing
#4 Preposition = Soul Feeling
#6 Person = Soul Thinking

SPIRIT (mind) – Neo-cortex.
The Animating vital principal, sentient part of a being, incorporeal, space-time continuum
Abstract, intellect, ideas, ideal, gestalt, quality, meaning
💛 Questions (Inspire) = Spirit Willing  ///  #5 Adjective = Spirit Sensing /
#1 Conjunction = Spirit Feeling / #3 Verb = Spirit Thinking

CHART: Grammar & Consciousness 
◆ The Wheel is the archetypal symbol that combines language Functions & Realms, separating software (language, science, religion) from hardware (structure of our mind).

Its basic components are deduced from the Mandelbrot vector 0 -> : Z -> Z + C, with 1 -> 9 as the fractal scaling.
This simple formula, discovered in 1962, identifies the structure for all complex geometric forms existing in nature.

The circle connects Universal Wisdom with the 9 points of the Enneagram, wisdom being the ability to live well in a chaotic world, & requires ‘inside information’ about how things really work.

◆ The Wheel, in some form, can be found in all anthropology studies of the world, which makes its philosophy one of tolerance – clearly showing us the common denominators underlying all social & religious traditions, based on their conscious experiences & underlying mathematical criteria.

√ Its information can be used as a tool for finding a deeper connection to ourselves so we can follow our life path.
√ It can help us understand the connection between Science & Religion, our left & right brains, put us in tune with history, & help us think & act globally. (More…..)

“There are 12 fields of civilization. This is to be expected because they naturally follow the forms of language, consciousness & personality.  In the field of human creativity you can use language & life to transform the animal-human body from physical to spiritual. You tune into & integrate your various personalities & develop your capabilities, using ego as a tool “ (More….)

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