EnneaTypes – LANGUAGE – INTRO (Part 4)

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Key WORDS for theThinking Level (of the 4 Time functions – Part 3)
use Grammar & Number to bridge esoteric & exoteric knowledge – (Part 1) which express creative principles.
To make sense of life we have to make sense in our speech, so language must be holistic & coherent. Mastery of language allows for mastery of the human faculties they represent, BY learning the concepts, acting on them & then teaching them.
We can tackle any problem asking the following Qs  (Chart in Part 2)

Type 2. NOUN – Creating / adaptation
If the issue is creativity, is it between you & others, or Self & ego? Does the situation involve a limiting polarity (you-me, creator-created, artist-painting)?
ASK: What & where is my creative outlet?

Type 3. VERB – Evolution / archetype (re. cognition, understanding)
If the issue is knowledge, of striving or change – check if you’re stuck between opposites.
The dialectic (two moments that cancel each other) needs to be resolved before progress can be made (Note….)
ASK: What is my situation (past, thesis) vs. my aim (future, antithesis) & my method (present, synthesis) – that will allow me to change?

Type 4. PREPOSITION – Imagining / desire, potential
If the issue is not being clear about your motivations & true wishes, then check if there’s a need to correct an imbalance in the 4 Functions – Feeling, Sensing, Thinking, Willing.
ASK: What do I really want to do? How can I use my imagination?
THINKccommunicationING TRIAD
Type 5. ADJECTIVE – Judgment / norm, qualify (using the body’s extremities)
Whatever the activity or project, consider :
• head: how can I integrate the parts?
• left foot: where do I stand now? // right foot: what is my next step?
• left hand: what is my potential for acting? //  right hand: what can I do?
ASK: Where / when is exact discernment & judgment required?

Type 6. PERSON – Stating / priorities, archetype (how group-action can succeed)
If the issue is communication, then we need to precisely identify & evaluate what’s needed to make the connection.

ASK: What progress can this project provide, how can it further growth? What can our common aim be & how can we progress as a group? What plan or structure does this venture need in order to make sense?
ASK: What is my role in this common venture, & what have I mastered that I can contribute? What should my attitude be towards the others in the group? How should I communicate the project & get support from the community?’

Type 7. PRONOUN – Initiating / asset, individuate
If the issue is about wanting a major change in life, it may or may not be a problem of initiating (fighting for something). The underlying essence is not always obvious – sometimes long reflection is needed to discover the real question or difficulty.
ASK: Where / how can I get the initiative?initiating
Type 8. ADVERB – Responsibility / create structure
If the issue is a problem with responsibility, the very nature of ‘eight’ (structure) tells us that any complex situation we’re in charge of – does not have to be done alone.
We can tune into our Inner & Higher powers, to act in harmony with heaven & earth.
ASK: What is my responsibility?

Type 9. VERBAL FORMS – Structure / vision (‘big picture’)
If the issue is about planning, drafting, solving or inventing a situation / new project, then –
ASK: What are its basic needs & what is their common denominator?

Type 1. CONJUNCTION – Healing / confidence, trust
If the issue is about healing, then what’s the right attitude of our entire being towards life just now?
ASK: what healing / synthesis effect is needed or looked for, as the outcome of solving the issues / problem / project?  (SEMIOTICS @ chanceandchoice)

Enneagram Growth
This diagram shows the positive & negative traits of the 9 Ennea-types, which are only a starting point for self-understanding.

We need to use all 9 of the potentials, both in language & in life, whenever opportunities are presented. Otherwise they remain latent, since they don’t grow automatically. They require choice & intentional effort.

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