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the better I can communicate

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GRAMMAR has two overlapping meanings:
It’s everything about how a language works, including syntax as a subset (correct order of words in sentences in order to make complete sense)
2. How words are inflected, conjugated & declined – according to aspect, degree, gender, mood, number, person, tense (11 Rules of Grammar)

◆ Word Power affects our role in society, so a limited vocabulary can limit potential opportunities. Learning about & using the concepts inherent in grammar, with their connection to Number, makes it easier to make Sense for ourselves (see Part 1). Behind-the-scenes knowledge can help us grow & prosper so we can make better choices in a world full of confusion & risks.

EXP: Using the CHART ⬇️
For dialogue to go smoothly & with co-operation, speakers need to use one of the 3 verbs, two of the 6 verbal persons (gender, person) & three of the 9 verbal forms (time, mode, voice).
⛔️ If we exclude a category in a communication, or take out a category as part of the information (such as Marxist dialectic = the dogma that everything is thesis, anti-thesis & synthesis), then we destroy dialogue & create dispute.

◆ Here we’re given the Parts of Speech as a tool for growth. Included are key words of each grammatical form, which are related to the Thinking (level 2) function of T.E.A..
Each position is a numerical Fractal (having the property of self-similarity), considered the hidden order of Universal Truth. They are seen as similar but not identical concepts, the repetition of a basic subject applied to different areas of knowledge.

Ennea MEANING & USE of Grammar components:
1. Conjunction – synthesis, for unification & healing.
USE : (and, or) allows us to make connections, tying words or ideas together. It represents both Inclusion (‘and’) & Exclusion (‘or’)

2. Noun – basic drive to creativity & production, to reach physical realization of ideas.
USE : (singular, plural, name, concept) allowing us to make generalizations from the particular
3. Verb – is about understanding, in relation to abstract concepts.
USE : represents awareness of things happening in time, a dynamic process of past, present & future

4. Preposition – symbolizes imagination, the need to fantasize & dream.
USE : the mental/internal image of the personal relationship between oneself & other people, things or ideas
5. Adjective – is about analysis, to distinguish one idea from another.
USE : precisely describes or qualifies the noun. This relates to & allows for refinement of understanding

6. Verbal Persons
 – stands for the drive to communicate, to explain, to relate to & with other people, to improve Self & others.
USE : (the subject) is the ability to make statements, by personalizing a time event or action
7. Pronoun – pertains to initiative, to fight & to start something new.
USE : places nouns in relationship, establishing & modifying them

8. Adverb
 – is about organization, responsibility & duty; to assume responsibility for some social situation or group, problem or opportunity, & to organize or direct it until conclusion.
USE : modifies the verb, explains it through 8 questions that show its circumstances (where, when, how….)

9. Verbal Forms
 – pertains to the impulse to orchestrate, to plan, to invent, to engineer & actualize, based on understanding what’s possible.
USE : place an action in perspective, like a plan (active, indicative, subjunctive) (MORE…. scroll way down)
(Technical parts of each… scroll down to ‘Quality’)

NOTE: The number positions in this chart are in reverse order, to correctly align with ancient Number Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 11.51.27 PMsystems which reflect the dynamics of the Earth’s counter-clockwise daily rotation on its axis – if North is considered the ‘top’ or vantage point, which it usually is.

However, the Enneagram follows a tradition based on the invention of clocks (which occurred in the Northern hemisphere), copying the sun’s clock-wise shadow on sundials. We see the sun that way in relation to Earth’s anti-clockwise rotation – if we were looking down at the North Pole from space.  (More…. slide #4)

◆ Our personal number system is a description of THE creative process – played Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 11.48.56 PMout in cycles of the day, year & precession of the equinoxes.
Looking from above at a galaxy or hurricane’s counter-clockwise swirl, we can superimpose the #6.

The form of the 6 also describes looping backwards on ourselves – the limitations of our mental consciousness, which effects our creative process.
See: Spiral Dynamics, Sept 2009

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