ACoAs – Fear of Commitment (Part 4)

my whole world collapses

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QUOTE: “Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision & gives us the ‘right stuff’ to turn our dreams into reality.” ∼ James Womack, founder of Lean Enterprise Inst.

c. Fear of being trapped / d. F. of responsibility / e. F. of losing control

f. F of being vulnerable To the WIC, C. to anything is leaving
oneself open to all kinds of danger
. As long as the WIC is in charge of relationships (of any kind), it believes that letting someone in to see the ‘real us’ – leaves us open to being left alone again.

VulnetableOf course the tragedy is that without enough Recovery, it is exactly that ego-state which chooses our relationships – always unsuitable, unfulfilling or outright dangerous – which inevitably does add to our suffering!

This fear leads to over-protecting ourselves, which can create a Double Bind – we’re damned if we pick someone to stay with (symbiosis), we’re damned if we keep everyone away (false boundaries).

g. F of the Truth. To the WIC, C. to our growth & Recovery means admitting we failed – somehow!  Also, it thinks we’ll have to feel all that pain – & then we’ll go crazy or die!
ACoAs are intensely resistant to admitting how traumatic our childhood really was, & how severely damaged we are as a result.
We love our family & don’t want to face how abusive & emotionally unavailable they were. Review DMs re. ACoAs. “Denial is not a river in Egypt!” (de Nile) says the pun. Denial prevents us from healing our wounds, which then keeps us from finding & keeping nourishing relationships.

One way this is expressed is seen in the chart.
When we continually act out either STAYER or LEAVER ‘position’, as a form of false protection, we know that our WIC is in charge. “Leaving” isn’t just about walking away.
stay/leaveIt’s any form of being withholding, distant, ‘cool’, emotionally detached. Both groups are equally terrified of commitment, but it’s more visible in Leavers. C = Conscious // Un = Unconscious // FoA = fear of Abandonment //  FoC = fear of Commitment

h. F. of making mistakes. To the WIC, C. is not possible because we’ll never be able to ‘do it’ perfectly. 
☁︎ Punished / rejected continually, for things we :
— were never taught /  took too long to ‘get’
— simply too young to know / couldn’t possibly have known at any age
— were deliberately left out of /  had difficulty learning …..

So now we can’t take the chance of not knowing everything & being seen as ‘frauds’. If commitment means intimacy, then letting someone inside our defenses means exposing how imperfect we are, & then they’ll punish or leave us!

☁︎ Greed: Being deprives of so much growing up, the WIC now wants everything at once, & can’t tolerate being told NO about anything. So, when there’s a decision to be made among 2 or more options, we want to do them all, afraid to choose one & have to let go of the other(s), afraid of picking the wrong one & being disappointed – again

☁︎ Confusion: It’s not knowing our True Self at all or well enough to choose among options or possibilities – whether picking the right kind of mate, the right kind of career, the ‘right’ spiritual path, even down to the right kind of food, clothing & entertainment. It’s not being allowed to admit what we want or need. So many opportunities for making mistakes!mistakes

☁︎ Failures: Not having a Loving Parent & access to our True Self, we’ve already made many unhappy life choices – of friends, lovers, jobs, homes, hair cuts…. so we’re convinced we’re doomed to never do any better.
We keep forgetting (or don’t know) that our ‘picker’ has been a combination of the WIC & the PigP.
However, when those 2 ego states no longer run our life, we can choose better, & so can commit to safe, suitable PPTs.

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