Mind-Reading vs. INTUITION (Part 2b)

the better I get along in the world!


SITE : “4 Levels of Intuition” 

2. INTUITION (cont.)
a. MBTI // b. Small Children
c.  Paying Attention
• As ACoAs we were taught to deny or make fun of our natural instincts, so when our gut tells us to do OR not do something, via an intuitive flash, we usually ignore it – to our detriment! Maybe we experience anxiety or a tightening in the stomach & wonder if we should or shouldn’t act on those ‘feelings’, then promptly forgetRemember the ‘ick factor’?

•  Not following our intuition throws us out of alignment with our higher sense of knowing – physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually (PMES). We usually end up compromising ourselves, & are sorry afterwards for getting ourselves into some mess, even though we knew better!  PAY ATTENTION!

d. ‘Otherworldly’
• Intuition can also be an aspect of ‘spirituality’, either in conventional or esoteric forms. Some call it their ‘still small voice’ (not the WIC or PP!).
It’s used in everyday life to solve problems, & receive divine guidance, love, healing, wisdom & inspiration. (TREE, July 2011)

• Very sensitive people have an ability to pick up vibrations (electrical energy) emanating from all living things, including colors & auras. (Science: Human auras // Emotional energy images)
Such people need training, not only to use the ability correctly, but especially to learn shielding, so they’re not constantly flooded by external input

• Intuitive info can also hit us when we’re needed to help a loved one under stress or in danger
• It may be inner wisdom showing a way to solve a problem or heal old emotional damage that surfaces, so it can be processed

❇ If you’re curious about your own sensitivity level, you can take the Empath Quiz.  If you already know you are highly intuitive, you may want to participate in the Empath Community.

Sources that FEED Intuition
• Carefully observing patters of human behavior over the years, for a general sense of what to expect from people
• Paying attention to what people tell us about themselves, especially the negative! so we’re not shocked the next time their damage shows up – in our face!

• Having repeated life experiences with a specific category of people or situations, where the outcome has been consistently the same (with narcissists, active addicts, depressives, ragers … OR if we’re wise, with sane & well-balanced people).  Their style is predictable, whether healthy or unhealthy, so we can trust our intuition about them

• Knowing someone well (friends, lovers, parents…) & observing their recurring patterns. When we ignore this we get involved with their dysfunctional schemes, plans, drama…. and suffer for it!

• Listening carefully to language & logic patterns, we can recognize where a thought or conversation will wind up & we can be prepared – like when we say: “don’t go there!” because we know it won’t end well

REVIEW – Intuition can come from:
• years of life experience
• wide variety of reading
• emotional sensitivity
• an observant mind
• trusting that “I know what I know” – based on:
✓ a clear identity of ones own
✓ clear, strong links to the IC & our H.P.
✓ no longer obeying the Negative Introject
✓ strong Boundaries, so we don’t confuse ourselves with any another person, while still being part of the human community

• BELIEVE that I’m a natural winner, with the power to make MY dreams come true, & the capacity to achieve great things
FEEL hopeful, inspired, confident in myself
• HAVE unconditional self-love, respect for self & others, good health & lots of energy
“I DO….
• KNOW & listen to my inner voice, walk through life with dignity & grace, easily manifesting my joy
• TRUST my intuition, learn life’s lessons with ease, edit self-limiting beliefs
• VALUE love, learn to rise above limitations, focus on the possible


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