Mind-Reading vs. INTUITION (Part 2c)

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QUOTES: “The only real valuable thing is intuition….. I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am.”
~ Albert Einstein

• “Insight is not a light bulb that goes off inside our heads. It is a flickering candle that can easily be snuffed out.”
~ Malcolm Gladwell, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking


2. INTUITION (cont.)
Sources that FEED Intuition
: (cont)
• Knowing someone well (friends, lovers, parents…) & observing their recurring patterns. When we ignore this we get involved with their dysfunctional schemes, plans, drama…. and suffer for it!

• Listening carefully to language & logic patterns, we can recognize where a thought or conversation will wind up & we can be prepared – like when we say: “don’t go there!” because we know it won’t end well    (CHART 🔽)

….. FEEL
hopeful, inspired, confident in myself
BELIEVE that I’m a natural winner, in the power to make MY dreams come true, in my capacity to achieve great things
HAVE unconditional self-love, respect for self & others, good health & lots of energy
DO trust my intuition, learn life’s lessons with ease, edit self-limiting beliefs
DO value love, learn to rise above limitations, focus on the possible
DO know & listen to my inner voice, walk through life with dignity & grace, easily manifesting my joy

➼ At the same time, we can NOT possibly know what others think or feel

We’re not meant to be all-knowing, perfect, infallible!  No matter how smart or experienced, there are things we simply cannot know about others – unless they tell us! – especially people we’re not deeply acquainted with.  SO ask question – even when we think we know what’s going on. We may be surprised by the answers!

EXP: Barbara had handed her business card to the leader of a workshop at the break. Later that day he made a disparaging remark about the kind of people she worked with. Barbara was hurt & angry.  She felt the comment was aimed at her & her profession. She thought of all the possible meanings & reasons for his put-down – & fumed!

• At the end of task Qshe event she asked to speak to him.  “Why did you say that _____ are such troublemakers?” He thought for a moment, then said “Last time I did this seminar there were a whole group of them & they were constantly disruptive & argumentative. They ruined the event!”

Barbara thanked him & as she turned away, started to laugh.  His original comment had never been about her at all, AND, even though she was intelligent & intuitive, she could not have possibly guessed his answer! She was glad she’d checked it out.

• It’s arrogant to think we always know exactly why someone is thinking or feeling a certain way. Stay out of their head!  To do otherwise is to be boundary invasive and presumptuous. This doesn’t win friends & influence people.
It’s NOT appropriate to tell others : ✓ what’s wrong with them  ✓  what they mean   ✓ how they’re feeling  ✓ what they should be doing   ✓ how to do things   ✓ when to leave a person or place….

• To be truly respectful we need to listen carefully, and ask – “What did you mean when you said ____?  , Why did you do that?  , What do you need / want / feel? ,  What would you like from me?” ….

➼  The answers may be unexpected, & we can always learn something. It will make us a better parent, friend, mate, employee… and much better liked – even by people who already love us!

REVIEW – Intuition can come from
• years of life experience
• wide variety of reading
• emotional sensitivity
• an observant mind
• trusting that “I know what I know” – based on:
✓ a clear identity of ones own
✓ clear, strong links to the IC & our H.P.
✓ no longer obeying the Negative Introject
✓ strong Boundaries, so we don’t confuse ourselves with any another person, while still being part of the human community

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