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The same way they made me suffer!

Post: ANGER CATEGORY #12 – Retaliatory

POSTS: Parents Blaming Us / ‘Shame’ / ‘Guilt’

, Vengeance, Retribution, – injury inflicted as punishment in return for one received
• To plot revenge – the bitter desire to injure another for a wrong done to oneself, a loved one or others like oneself
• To avenge – exact satisfaction for a sense of injury, following a wrong received. Any form of personal action against an individual, institution, or group for some perceived harm or injustice.

😡 Many of us hated one or more parents for their neglect & cruelty – but that was to-o-o dangerous to admit! We wished they were dead or that we were.
BOOK: “So the Witch Won’t Eat Me” by Dorothy Bloch (NY psychoanalyst) gives an excellent explanation in her intro.

a. External CAUSES – Growing up, our parents & other adults:
• neglected, attacked & humiliated us, assumed the worst of us… blamed us unfairly for everything
• AND didn’t allow us to defend ourselves, never bothered to ask for our side of a situation, didn’t believe us, weren’t on our side nor defended us

b. Internal –
All children:
• are vulnerable to & at the mercy of their caregivers
• think in B & W, simple cause & effect, so a believe in JUSTICE – that the world SHOULD be fair
• AND, assume they’re the center of everything, therefore everything that happens to them is about them (good or bad)!
It makes sense to a kid’s mind that, when our parents hurt us —
• they were justified in what they were doing to or not doing for – us
• somehow we caused it, even if we couldn’t figure out what we did wrong

• we deserved whatever was dished out: “The gods punish us for our own good (a lesson) & because we deserve it (being bad)!”
• we were in constant, intense pain.  Even though we had no choice but to accept blame, still – we wanted it to STOP! Of course.
• no one else seemed to notice or care – no one helped (maybe someone did try, but it didn’t work out & we stayed trapped)
• we couldn’t get any justice from them (they didn’t care how their abuse effected us)
• they got away with it – were never held accountable! UNFAIR

• we tried & tried – to figure it out, to change ourselves and get them to change, to protect ourselves & others in the family
• but nothing got better, so we got more & more frustrated and hopeless
• failing to MAKE adults stop hurting us, our sense of danger never left
whivoodooch led to getting angrier & angrier.
Being powerless in an unsafe family, especially one that was actually life-threatening – will always generate RAGE
• and after all – fair is fair – eventually we began to have fantasies of REVENGE, to even the score, so the world would be in balance again.

Without help, comfort or a way of escape, we had to suppress the pain as best we could, but our fantasies scared us.
We could’t attack our parents directly, because —
– we were too dependent on them
– they had some positive qualities we used to deny the bad ones
– it wasn’t safe to rebel outright

We needed to deny our fury at them. We weren’t big or strong enough to punish ‘those mean, stupid adults’ the way they deserved, so we did the next ‘best’ thing :

• Masochism, Revenge in REVERSE – some took it out on ourselves (self-mutilation, fantasies of being hurt/ tortured, tried suicide either directly or by dangerous activities….) as a way of punishing our abandoners

Sadism: As kids, some of us hurt smaller, younger, weaker things, such as:
— an older child hurting or even killing a new baby in the family
— bullying (in person, on line….)
— physically torturing birds, cats….
— stealing, hiding or breaking other’s toys & possessions
— making fun of someones disabilities…

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SELF-HATE & ACoAs (Part 3)

the only ‘truth’ I know



FoO = Family of origin

🔻 “I won’t sleep if that’s what it takes to not wake up as myself”
Casey Renee Kiser, Hold Me Under: Poems to Drown to
🔻 “To keep my mind occupied when I can’t sleep. Some people count sheep. I self-loathe.”  ― Rainbow Rowell, Attachments

🥶 “Hostility, malice, and sadism are the result of helplessness and self-loathing; that they are all produced by adaptation to a hypercritical social reality and are not attributable to innate aggression.”  ― Arno Gruen

of S-H is TO:
• protect our fantasy of having good, loving, safe parents
• protect us from feeling the reservoir of old abandonment pain
• keep from risking any change via S & I (letting go means we’ll die)
• keep us attached to the family (stave off deep loneliness)
• prevent us from dealing with ‘ugly emotions’ like our rage, envy, longing, hopelessness….
• protect us from Growing up, taking care of ourselves (we want to be taken care of! no matter what the cost is)


The above reasons are all part of the answer, but the MAIN one is that: It gives us a FALSE SENSE of POWER! How?
Since every child is self-centered, which is normal, they think everything is about them – whatever happens in or around them has to do with them.

The child’s logic says: “I’m in pain, so I somehow caused it. Therefore I CAN/must stop them from hurting me, if I can just figure out how!”

• Then we spend the rest of our childhood (& well into adulthood, until Recovery) trying different ways to FIX whatever the problem was & may still be – re:
US – by re-inventing ourselves (must be the origin of this USA craze) by trying on different ‘personae‘ (be the perfect kid, the trouble maker, the helper, get good grades, be invisible, don’t have any needs, be funny…)
AND re.
THEM – by trying to make our parents see reason, get sober, get help, leave the marriage, get taken care of by us, cover up for them, fix their ‘craziness’, cater to their every whim….

Unfortunately NONE of our EFFORTS WORKED! In most cases ‘they’ didn’t change, didn’t listen, wouldn’t stop – drinking, raging, being unsuccessful, molesting, beating us, leaving, cheating, berating….!
But we kept trying, always asking: What’s wrong with ME?

• Even if some of our parents did stop drinking, very few were willing to do the deeper work to become healthier human beings, & mostly were just “Dry Drunks”. We assumed their ‘sobriety’ was because we were extra good, prayed really hard or badgered them into it. BUT they still kept hurting us. The result for us as kids was an intense feeling of failure!

• This is why so many ACoAs believe we’re FRAUDS – that people will eventually, inevitably FIND OUT.
Q: Find what out?
A: “Since I couldn’t make my parents/ family get well, be happy & be there for me – I’ll NEVER able ably to succeed at anything else!” (WIC logic)

It’s a belief / assumption ACoAs are not usually aware of, and is equally believed by the less accomplished AND the most outwardly successful ACoAs, pre-FoO Recovery. Unfortunately what we don’t realize is that the fundamental premise is false: no child was ever responsible for adult messes & were never supposed to be responsible for making them better!

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