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Life of an Introvert – illustrated (heart map)

Are an E or an I?


I-ness = Introversion

HELPFUL SUGGESTIONS (modified from Dr Alice Boyes)
Get to know your BIS (Behavioral Inhibition System)
BIS is a brain-based system that prevents a person from moving forward when they have competing needs (achieve success while avoiding all negative outcomes), or conflicting motivations (pleasing a parent vs. pleasing oneself).

• People with a strong BIS tend to be highly anxious – worried about real or potential ‘punishment’ – which can include negative responses (criticism) or something positive taken away (loss of solitude)…… When faced with an internal dilemma, a strong ‘stop’ signal will kick in, OR they may start & then stop – unable to finish.

• Introverts (Is) with a particularly sensitive BIS can stay alert for punishment signals (being judged, ignored, disappointed….) & fend them off before getting run over by their BIS. Look for & accept rewarding opportunities in your daily life (complements, encouragement, praise, a raise…..) & learn to get as much of them as possible. (See post “Resilience – Traits : Positivity ratio“)

Accept & appreciate your Temperament
DEF: Personality is the whole person, & temperament is the basic force that drives a person to behave in certain ways, unique to them.

Introversion is neither a virtue nor flaw – just a natural part of ones personality. Many Is grow up being shamed by family & peers for being ‘different’, leaving them feeling ashamed for being ‘less-than’. That belief can now be corrected. (CHART….)

EXP: It’s normal for Is to be cautious about starting new relationships.
BUT, if you’re also brain-wired or been trained in childhood – to assume negatives first – it’ll slow connections even more. Work on looking for positive opportunities & risk reaching out once you’ve spent a little time observing how someone talks & acts. Trust your instincts.

EXP: It’s normal for Is to be focus inward – on being creative, paying attention to details & knowing things in depth.
BUT if you are also highly ambitious with a strong independent streak, you can become an entrepreneur, create a new product, fight inequality or ‘city hall’….
Identify long-term interests & passions, pursue them & self-correct when necessary. Explain your temperament when you need to, so others can understand your responses. (9 childhood aspects of temperament – some relating to I-ness)

Identify emotions
Is need time to process emotions privately, but also to share them with someone trustworthy. Learn to identify Emotions so you know when you’re experiencing them (no denial). Give yourself permission to experience them all, without judgment, finding healthy ways to handle them internally & then express them safely.

• You can experience emotions without violating your values, & continue pursuing your goals (actions), no matter what your feelings are (emotions). Being able to managing them well can let you do hard things when others might cop out

Know your I variation
<—– Introverts (& Es too) come in different ‘natural flavors’, as well as the way the 4 MBTI levels combine, in different proportions & orders of preference for each Type —–>
EXP: The order of preference for an ISTJ if their ‘stack’, based on the 2 middle levels, from strongest to least ‘natural’ (More….)
And be sure you know the difference between I-ness & insecurity. Confident people are: comfortable with their traits & abilities,  knowing they’re generally liked – which has nothing to do with being E or I

Identify Cognitive Distortions (CDs)
Is are just as susceptible to distorted thinking as Es, which has nothing to do with temperament. If you’re prone to be emotionally flooded because of CDs, such as B & W thinking, personalizing, catastrophizing, over-generalizing… can be held back in life. Learn about them, notice when they crop us, & then correct them, a little at a time

NEXT: I Growth (#2)

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