Enneagram Type 5 – Flaws in us ALL

type 5

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Type 5 COWARDICE because of CDs (#6)
• re. intrusion: Think that others are going to invade your time, space & privacy
• re. feelings: Fearful of expressing emotions in real-time, & highly uncertain about what you do feel or even how to know it
• re. attachments: Believe you must not be attached to anything or anyone, because if you are, your energy will be sapped & your autonomy threatened

Type 5 FLATTERY (#2)
• Think there’s something wrong with you for not liking “small talk” when others seem to like it just fine (like there’s something “right” with others)
• Continue a conversation about a topic you have little interest in
• Decide to not share information you actually do have, being sure you don’t know enough about the topic, yet still listen to others who know a lot less than you about it

Type 5 LAZINESS / Indolence (#9)
• Confuse thinking with feeling, so you don’t pay much attention to your emotional life
• Don’t consider your emotions much at all. In fact, think that they have limited value, & that it takes too much energy to figure them out
• Believe that only your mind matters, so ignore (be indolent about) physical sensations that are a source of important information

Type 5 MOODINESS (melancholy & resulting separation) (#4)
• Think you’re depleted, drained of sufficient resources & life force
• Believe you don’t have truly deep relationships like others seem to
• See yourself as an island adrift from the major continent of people

Type 5 PLANNING – as compulsion (#7)resources
• Plan how to prevent draining situations by limiting intrusions, demands on your time & energy, or emotionally charged interactions
• Strategize ways to overcome potentially dangerous situations

Type 5 RESENTMENT (#1)
• Focus on the intrusiveness & aggressiveness of others
• Imagine / assume harmful actions you think others are up to
• Wonder why someone has the right to make demands on you for personal information, your time….

Type 5 STINGINESS (#5)
• with resources & knowledge: Think the world has limited resources, so you have to conserve almost everything
• with interpersonal engagement: Believe you don’t need or want to fully engage with others because they’ll drain you or want too much
• with sharing: Believe you have to withhold info about yourself with almost everyone (except a few you trust), otherwise your privacy will be violated

Type 5 VANITY (#3)
• Think that others are inferior for having too many needs, being dependent & not autonomous (like you)
• Believe you have a superior intellect
• Think that others’ expression of emotions is inferior to your own reliance on reason, logic, emotional self-containment & detachment

Type 5 VENGEANCE (#8)
What sets you off is thinking someone has –
• violated your privacy, such as breaking a confidence
• kept information from you, especially if it’s important to you
• lied, such as said they’d deliver work on time and then didn’t
• made unreasonable or not-agreed-to demands on you

REACTION: think & plan how to neutralize that person or keep them at a distance
• strategizing how to get that person removed & harmless (if they’ve really scared you or violated a deeply held value)
GROWTH: Ask “ Am I expressing my real feelings in the moment?”

Too far: missing the nuances of what’s close up
Lesson: When we create too much distance, we don’t see the finer detail, including ourselves & how we interact with a situation

Hold on to:
• to being autonomous, needing too much privacy, using up limited space and resources
• and under-explore feelings & needs

: to maintain your ‘sense of self as a person who’ doesn’t need to rely on anyone or anything other than yourself
Let go of: your false belief in scarcity (of energy, resources….)

Type 5 put OFF-BALANCE by:
• someone standing too close for too long
• having to put out energy & effort when already feeling depleted
• expecting to share personal information when you’re not clear why this matters or what don't feelsomeone will do with it

Type 5 MAYA (delusion)
You think that you either don’t know or don’t experience your emotional states, when in fact your emotions are extremely pure

Type 5 WORRY
“What do they want from me? How can I get away from this? Why am I feeling so drained and depleted? Why can’t I express myself?”

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