IDENTIFYING Emotions (Part 2)

 catch a feeling by it’s show!

Part 1: Plutchik’s Emotion Wheel

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: Getting to our Emotions – OVER


This CHART, by W. G. Parrott, is another way of grouping emotions – a general guide you can agree with in whole, in part or not at all. The more Es you can identify in yourself & others, the better. One reason I’ve added it is that it includes the Es of Shame & Guilt, which Plutchik does not.

One thought on “IDENTIFYING Emotions (Part 2)

  1. I really enjoyed the part 1 of this article, identifying emotions is vital to personal healing and having a good conceptual framework is essential. We built an emotion wheel that’s based on a different emotion list than the one presented here, but hope you and your audience may find it useful.


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