ACoA EMOTIONS re. Painful Events (Part 1)

  notice feelingsI DON’T WANNA FEEL!
besides, I’m not supposed to

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Q: So – what’s being ignored in this CHART’s equation ⬇️ ? (E + C = A):  ANS: our EMOTIONS! 

Each EVENT (green oval) that upsets us generates several emotions. We can
• be very upset (anxiety or rage) without ‘hearing’ the thoughts behind it (pink circle), OR
• only have ‘squirl-in-a-cage’ mentality (pink) without connecting it to emotions underneath (blank), and
• often not even connect our reaction to an Event (green) that set off the obsession!

Even though something or someone has hurt us, we minimize or deny it. We may not be clear what emotions come up because of a stressful Event, but we certainly don’t want to focus on them. Think T.Cause & EffectE.A. Without doing FoO & emotion-release work, we act out** those Es by:
🌀 constantly complaining, dissociating, districting ourselves, endless worry, (T), forgetting an important appointment (A), getting sick, verbally attacking someone / anyone (T), or just being paralyzed

** ACTing OUT : compulsive behavior (A) (action or non-action) which expresses emotions not consciously experienced at the time

ACoAs were taught from infancy to negate or suppress our Es, especially any that weren’t acceptable in our original home.
⚒ for some – anger/ rage was the norm
⚒ for others – only being emotionally UP was allowed! And,
⚒ for many – having no emotions was the absolute rule – “DON’T FEEL”

So, what Emotions should we be aware of, when something affects us?
If the WIC is the one reacting to an Event, we’re likely to feel the same ones we had as kids – only more intensely, because of accumulation. That’s ok – it gives us important info about our past

What’s important is allowing ourselves to have the feeling, understand what button is being triggered, comfort the WIC, AND practice healthier ways to behave that will benefit us

Re. NEGATIVE THINKING (Parts 1a-b and 2 a-c)
ACoAs are not usually in touch with what’s hiding behind the screen of negative self-talk (pink circle). These underlying emotions (Es) fit into the space between ‘Event’ & ‘Conclusion’ on the chart.

They remain invisible to the person in the grip of a regression – which is when we’re automatically thrown back into our traumatic past, as if we’re still a powerless child in a scary family

Being regressed in the present means the Event touched a hot button of damage that’s still raw.  So when anything or anyone bumps up against a particular wound formed back then, we react with intense anxiety or rage, such as when we’re being:
• ignored, not responded to right away, waiting too long
• accused wrongly – of anything
• stood up, or being let down (we take people too literally!)
• controlled (told what to do)….

EXP: If you’re walking around with a physical sore that’s very painful but not visible, and someone accidentally pushes hard against you in rush hour, aggravating the ache, how do you react?
ACoAs will typically – go into a rage at the person and the whole world, OR apologize to them, OR feel sorry for ourselves, sulk & wonder why this is happening to me!

• The same kind of intensity to certain Events are emotional over-reactions (“If it’s hysterical, it’s historical”). We really hate to be told this, because it sounds like our experience & pain is being negated – just like at home!  This is NOT what is meant.
❥ We can tell the difference by checking our level of awareness when an unwounded part of us is bumped into – we barely notice, or we don’t mind, or just don’t care

• Yes, unpleasant encounters do cause us pain, but it’s often out of proportion to the situation. Any intense reaction to normal, imperfect human situations (not pleasant BUT not really awful) comes from our Wounded Inner Child —
who is not actually living in ‘present time’, has unhealed emotional wounds, is still taking things personally, feels unloved & unprotected – at least about that particular issue.

NEXT: ‘ReACTing Negatively to Events’

2 thoughts on “ACoA EMOTIONS re. Painful Events (Part 1)

  1. I like that you mention about the body and the “ick” factor. But I was wondering what you do if you just are not getting much in the way of body signals? For some of us, I think, it might be hard to notice or feel in our body. Any suggestions? Thanks


  2. Thanks for your question. I’ve given suggestions in various posts – which you can skim thru & pick out. Also, learning to talk with the Little Kid in you – in dialogue, so it can respond. That’s where the bulk of our emotions live. If you are consistent and loving, the kid will let you know how it feels. It won’t be safe enuf to do that if the self-hate is still strong & if the kid still believes everything the bad parent say, so those have to diminish.


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