ACoAs – EDUCATION Inventory (Part 1)

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What was it all for??

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Whether because of moving, bullying, learning disabilities….  it can be cathartic to do this writing, surprising you about how much pain is still hiding under your mental carpet. This is one way to start cleaning out more of the sludge clogging our mental & emotional arteries – that keep up stuck.

IMP: Moving often meant new schools, which meant being the ‘new’ kid each time. In most cases this was a cause for peer-abuse. The more schools – the more pain! 

a. Some ACoAs only went to 2-3 schools throughout our educational life
b. Others of us moved a great deal & so changed schools often
c. Some have had little formal education, but have learned a great deal on our own, by life experience, reading, unofficial classes….
• some of us did very well & gained a measure of self-esteem & positive feedback away from home
BUT we were abused / ostracized by other students for being smarter, favored by a teacher, getting awards, the child of someone ‘Special’, of a different religion….

• for some it was a relief to away from the chaos & neglect of the home, but for
others it was more of the same – being teased, ignored, deliberately abused….

• for some, we didn’t do so well, not because we were stupid (mentally limited) but because:
— it was too hard to concentrate, worrying about the bad things that did happen or could happen at home while we were away
— of ADD, illness or other personal difficulties
— of having to hide physical, sexual &/or emotional abuse from everyone
— we didn’t fit in to the social setting of the schoolthe scream
— missed school because of illness – ours or family member
— moved often & got out of synch with class level….
— bullied, made fun of… for being different in some way

The QUESTIONS — Use this as a FACTUAL inventory, at first, so you don’t get too overwhelmed. You can add emotions later, or on a separate sheet

SCHOOLS: • how were they paid for?
• every school you went to (Kindergarten thru college)
• dates, location, names — if possible, or approximately
• was there tuition & other costs?

To be more specific: use a separate page for each of your school years & at the top include the year, your age, the grade & school location.  It’s ok if you don’t know or remember – you may eventually, someone else may give you some info or you’ll leave it blank.  Fill in as much of the following as you can for each year.

• what was your parent’s attitude toward school & education?
• what messages did they give you about it?
• how did your home life affect your homework?
• did your parents help with or hinder your schoolwork?
• did you get the clothes, books & other equipment you needed? If not, what happened?
• were they proud of your progress & achievements? Indifferent? Disappointed? How did that feel?

For the grammar school years, do the best you can & ask others for info:
• which subjects did you take?
• did you like or dislike these courses? Why? The subjects you remember most easily tell you how you felt about them

• were there special assignments you did better in? worse? What were the teachers’ reactions?school bag
• were you in any clubs, special groups, cliques?
• were you a loner, disliked, ignored, teased, tortured OR liked, popular…

• were you alert, falling asleep, sick, out a lot? visible or invisible in class?
• did you play sports (group or individual)? Was it a positive or negative experience?

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