Infatuation, Sexual or Romantic Chemistry

But how do I feel?

Review: Relationship Continuum & following posts


NOTE to Readers: If you’re interested in these topics & the other charts from the book “The Love Test”,  you can also do additional book & internet searches to read variations about these issues.  The lists below are only one version – to get you thinking & to give you a place to start from.

You may notice some similar characteristics from the previous 2 posts.

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4 thoughts on “Infatuation, Sexual or Romantic Chemistry

  1. It’s painful to read this post. I was sharing at a recent f2f meeting how all I’ve ever known is a feeling of euphoria and I thought that was love. I have a lot to learn. Thank you for the reminder….


  2. I know what you mean. I decided early in Recovery that anytime I felt that I ‘looooved’ someone It was my kid & she was in fantasy land. I care deeply for come people but I rarely say “I love you” – but definitely to my sister.


  3. That’s interesting, I will try thinking that but it’s hard. I’m handing my days over to God lately. I tried handing over the thoughts as they came into my mind but it got to exhausting as they were always coming so now I’m giving Him the whole day!!


    • Giving God the whole day is wise. When my kid wanted to chase after any unhealthy person – I’d put a mental harness on her (to hold her from doing something self-destructive) & say: “Remember all the other times I let you do this? How bad it turned out? I can’t let you keep hurting yourself!” She would stomp & fight for a while, but eventually she’s agree – with a pout! 🙂


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